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Ultimate Fist
10-29-2006, 02:46 PM
Kundalini Yoga is a meditation and yoga system created by members of the Sikh religion. Through its practice, it is said that God (who lies within) reveals to us what we need to learn. Today is my first day practicing it. I practiced a basic meditation called Universal Wisdom for a mere 3 minutes and I already feel different.

Sikhism began with Guru Nanak who went on a retreat to discover what was the proper religion for mankind. He meditated for so long that some speculated he was dead. Then one day he returned and said nothing but "I am not muslim I am not hindu" (the two biggest religions in his area) for weeks. Eventually he came back fully to the real world and out of religious ecstasy and began teaching. His teaching was simple and expanded on the earlier traditions of Sufism in Islam and Yoga in Hinduism. Man does not have an inherint religion. If he did, God would have made him do it automatically. Indeed many religions teach man had a certain way of life at birth that he lost later. Muslim teach that everyone was a muslim at birth but became something else later. Judaism teaches that righteousness is inherint to man and that there are 63 (many) religons besides Judaism that can lead to God as they have the same essence. Taoism teaches we lose the Tao by forgetting our essence, as does Buddhism. We have a natural way we lose at birth whether we call it Islam, Judaism, Sikh, or Tao. The science of Kundalini Yoga is meant to restore that natural way, regardless of our religion or lack there of. When our natural way is restored, it does not matter what we call it as it is the same regardless. We regain contact with God and/or union and we live a righteous life. In the most basic form, we all know what is righteous. Muhammad said show your love for God by loving your brothers. Jesus and Rabbi Hillel broke down the laws to "Love God and love your brother." Sikhs believe all of the above and say it in this way, "Love one another that is what Guru (God) wants. What more can you do?"

Five percenters have a special interest in learning the science of Kundalini Yoga, I believe. Much of what your teacher Clarence 13X taught seems to be a black nationalist interpretation of Sikh doctine. For example:

5%: Men are Suns, Women are Moons, Children are Stars.
Sikh: Men are the Sun, Women are the Moon.

5%: THe black man is God. Take "righteous names" often involving "God" or "Allah" Sometimes take the last name X to seperate from slavery name.
Sikh: God lies within. Name their children "God" in Hindi very often to show this. Change last name to Singh to seperate from caste system.

5%: Son of man affects the world with his mind causing snow, earthquakes, etc.
Sikh: People's minds can alter events when in tune with God.

So I encourage 5% to go out and get books and take classes on Kundalini Yoga. This is the other 240 degrees that makes your cipher complete. I believe Clarence gave you the lessons to empower you and help you escape mental slavery. This is what lies beyond that. Truly, if Nation of Islam members are Black muslims, you are Black Sikhs.

Here is a link with free lessons. The information is basic and I encourage you to get the book Kundalini Yoga by Shakti Para Khalsa to learn more:

Sicka than aidZ
10-29-2006, 06:12 PM
i believe there'z millionz of wayz the mind and body stay in harmony with the universe, like how u said there was a way we were when we were young(that'z alotta "W"'z)that we lost as we got older.we dont really gotta do shit cuz everything is one, were all made outta the same stuff. i think we basically have no control over where were evidently gonna go so like there'z no point in worrying about it. we're just energy, its easy to see beyond that, there'z nothin truly goin on^O^