View Full Version : Anybody want to battle?

07-13-2005, 01:02 PM
I'm down. Just hit me back and we'll set up rules.

07-13-2005, 01:45 PM
Im Down For Watever

07-13-2005, 04:10 PM
Eh Yo, You Gonna Rhyme Or Come With These Rules,
Watch Me Hack You Apart, Im Running With Tools,
I Take A Scewdriver To Ya Face, And Cut You Up Sicknin,
Then Hammer Ya Skull Open , And Laugh At My Victim,
I Feel Like Torturin Today So I'll Make You Drink Acid,
My Pure Fire Flow, Just Makes You Look Placid,
I'll Hang You On Hooks Like Meat In A Slaughter House,
Bash The Fuck Out Ya Ear-drums Till Ya Brain Gone Walkabouts,
I Get Violent Some Times And Slice Rappers With Blades,
Y'all Know I Cut This Kid Up, Like Slashings A Craze,
I Like Rocking Tims And Then Stamping On Faces,
Im Straight Killing This Kid No Time For Pistols At Paces,
Im Brutal My Words Stab And Bludgeon Ya Soft Cranium,
I'll Slice Ya Neck And Melt You Down Like Titanium,
Lyrics Are Too Sharp You Get Ya Flesh Shaved Off Ya Body,
Then Punctured With Holes Like I Blazed Off A Shotty,
I'll Smoke Blunts Down And Stump Em Out On Ya Eyes,
Got You Gagged So No-one About Hears The Shouts And The Crys,
Killing Weak Rappers Like You Is Far Too Easy For Me,
I'll Drown You With Rhymes Till You Cant Breathe In The Sea,
I'll Beat You Bad And Then Let You Sleep Wih The Fish,
But Before I Do That, It's A Must That Ya Eating My Piss,
Any Last Requests Before You Get Tossed In The Water,,
Battling Me It Looks A Must That Ya Opting For Slaughter,

}:T }:T }:T }:T

07-13-2005, 04:49 PM
yo, i'll burn you down, turn you gold touch to lead
leave you for dead, acid burns a hole in ya head
hydrochloric flow, thrown at ya face yo
burn ya physical features, i be a digital creature
incredible criminal artist, subliminal beat ya hardest
i be the sharpest, you not even come close
pull out my harness, leave ya roasted like toast
when i'm approachin' you, there's no hope in view
i'm the chosen dude, you be the copin' dude
i leave ya'll body open, i got tha shotty smokin'
straight dummin' out, cokin' up my snout
wile out, flatten ya whole style out
like mike tyson, i'm on the mic fightin'
you on the mic bitin, catchin lyrical lightnin'
right, and i'll pop you like a grape, squish i'm straight ape
from here to the cape, i rape ya pape, leave you in a bad state
i won't hesitate, to smash ya face, make haste back to my home base
i'm like a cobra commando, you gi joe...you get scammed yo
drop before the battle is outlined, you ain't payin' fines, you prayin' you fine
no rules, so i'ma tools you, fools you...straight up schools you
i abuse you, use you to make my punchs huge
i'm like C4 plastic explosives, nah betta yet i'm fuckin' corrosive
erode ya armor, melt it to nothin' straight bomb ya
acid to me ain't torture, mate...placid i ain't i'll abort ya 23 years late
fuckin' with me is a clear fate, you gonna catch flames when i detonate
explode ya humble abode, corrode you whole creep mode
i'd rip you apart in sleep mode, i'll trip you like you eat toad
so back up son, cuz you ain't nothin', fuck it...i'm done

07-13-2005, 05:36 PM
I will hit you with a bat, your mom looks like a rat. Yo rhymes worse than that of Da brat.....................................oh Im sorry, I'm just droppin nursery rhymes like my boy, Acid Floss and hate AKA Acid Phosphate

07-13-2005, 05:41 PM
I'll Rip You Up Kid, My Lyrical Shots Easily Drop Yours,
Rappers Mop Floors While My Records In Top Stores,
You Couldn't Kill Shit, I Spit And You Run For Ya Moms
U Buzzin, I Let The Shit That Im Spitting Punture Ya Lungs,
You Fucked, I Leave Wack Emcees Like You Easily Disabled,
Bludgeoned And Fucked Up, Then Beaten With Ya Fables,
Your style aint corrosive, You Need To Know That Ya Styles Extinct,
Ya Shit Aint Pleasure For No-ones Ears Its Vial And Stinks,
I Bet You Real Pussy And Couldn't Even Slaughter A Fly,
Im straight kamikaze, Rappers Love It When I Torture A Guy,
I'll Burn You Like Cheech And Chong Putting Weed In A Bong,
I Make Rappers Bust Up Laughin When I Leave You Bleeding And Gone,
This Stupid Ass Punk, Just Got Smoked Up Like My Skunk,
Im Too Ill, My Words Just Get Thrown Up Like Im Drunk,

07-13-2005, 06:06 PM
crastuf, stay the fuck out, this is between midas and me
both you faggots wish you could bring acidity
blatantly, stationed outside ya house, displayin' mad patience
you get popped then robbed dirty, ya heard me i'm like haitians
i'm crashin ya stuff, rob and theive ya gold
i'm mashin you puffs, bob and weave, ya fold
i'm built like an beast, you ain't shit to say the least
you reek like a yeast infection, ya got an erection
for my shit, get off my dick, ridin' my name...you ain't ridin' my fame
i'm ridin' ya dame, for shame you wanna spit flames? i don't play no games
leave you bitches in a casket, i'm basket cased, permanetly spaced
off drugs but i'm straight aced, don't give a fuck, do up ya face
shoot up ya place, you have no taste
i'm full of flava, you brave ya? no...i'll be ya savior
and say ya don't want me to flaunt my toughness
i'm the roughest, i fight for fun...i'm bustin' my guns
you kissin' my buns, wish you could get my funds
you fuckin' with a lush, just as much shit in my system you drunk off touch
get some more booze into my stomache, you ache cuz i take ya life
stake ya wife, break ya knife
bare-handed, bare-knuckles, you chuckles will buckle
suckle my nuts, bleed out deep cuts...no buts, you gettin' touched

alright, unless you want to turn this into some neverending battle where nobody wins, lets start the voting. we each got two verses, so...if you think it's fair then let's see who won this shit.

07-13-2005, 06:18 PM
Yo, my boy crastuf came over to my house and logged in on Wutangcorp.com and messed up my computer. I cant log out of his name. So, this is JNINE typing. Phosphate has my vote...

This is Crastuf, vote goes to Acid Phosphate, nice flow, but I could still murder you in a battle....

07-13-2005, 06:33 PM
so is that two votes for me? JNINE and crastuf?

as for a battle, didn't we already battle a little bit? i dunno, my memory sucks so i can't remember which threads i put rhymes in.

07-14-2005, 12:08 AM
yo this the real Crastuf, Ronin son. I don't be playing all that shit over the internet. That wasn't me battling and that wasn't me voting. All of that was JNINE.

You don't wan't it with me cause I burn more than a nine, your shits weaker than a rat's spine..... wit ya monotonous rhymes, cause I'm straight up clear like Kanye's dimes, I get ya head spinning wide open 360 direction like your c-section, don't talk about pussy cause you get no erection
your ego is like a reflection of the ignorant people who's faces show in the street water's deflection, people don't like you, even your drugs is neglecting, stay the fuck out of my zone South Carolina's own, bad guy
you don't even see what you typing, don't try and flip it on me cause of the style that I'm writing, your lens cataract is probally longer than your ballsack, you ain't doing nothing but a bunch a howling sounding like a monkey on my back, I ain't even gon' talk about guns because like your rhymes you don't have one, fights you have none you stay in the house and argue on wutangcorp.com, and while you on there you probally look at men's thongs, shut the hell up go suck on a schlong

07-14-2005, 11:35 AM
fuck this.

07-14-2005, 12:22 PM
fuck what, and you better not say your momma

07-14-2005, 09:00 PM
yo, i hold my own, my fist is face racin', displacin' ya bone
yeah, i don't carry chrome, but i'm known for knowin'
all the ways of goin' toe to toe n' i'm adept
at breakin' ya set, makin ya'll faggot shit wet
you can bet that i'm a fuckin' veteran
i'm better than you, indebtin' ya dude
you owe me, but fuck that you can blow me
homie, you don't even know me
neva leave my home, guy i work in another state
construction 12 hours a day, for shitty ass pay
so i display mad anger, cry mayday cuz you in danger
i'm the lone ranger, i'll hang ya with your own fuckin' belt
leave mad fuckin' welts, skin ya into animal pelts
i ruthless unlike the next, you toothless that's why you text
expect to get wrecked, rocked in the grill you dropped
stopped by skill you popped, slopped straight up caught
shot to the ground, come to my town, we'll go round for round
hear the sound of my knuckles pound, knees buckle, you down
i wear the crown, my name means little king, so when spittle flings
in a rage, pain i bring...fuck this page it ain't a thing
go ahead and write up some shit, i'll sit back and light up my spliff