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Lil' Ruger
11-02-2006, 11:06 PM
i know it passed but who gives a fuck drop ur scary and/or creepy verses here ill start it out wit one straight from my rap thread.


(man) this corrupted temple for evil …shall be blessed by the gods….
the gods of destruction the gods of curroption
responsible for volcanic eruptions. the gods………(beat starts)

through the darkness I creep
climb through the window then I peep
from the dungeon walls ooze seeps
and theres this continues beep
I continue through dis shallow place
I have visions and see a man with no face
but he sees me and turns back and shows me a black case
I open it and chaos reigns!
through the next chamber I spy scattered brains
and shattered remains
of demonic spirits
bangin chronic fear it
the true nature to his plans were obscured
but they were devious im shure
and to this poison im injected there is a fabled cure
I see the next guardian I step to him say sir
he first gestures at the water
then he tells a story about how he lost his daughter
he showed me some of the techniques he taught her
then I wondered
as the unseen out side thundered
where was I
and I hear continuous screams of people being brutalized
then I utilize the third eye
I discover how many died
it was a death toll
that no guilty mans soul could hold
million of thousands dragged out tortures
it seems in my path life of this I was the author
people saturated in flames
stripped of their familys and meant to feel pain
my emotions stopped as the cruelty returned
in my cold dark heart the hate burned
and my neck contorted twisted and turned
for this torture I yearned
to realive these men and women of their losses
and feel no shame like anti- gat tossas
ass I pass this man and enter room three
the obvious fact occurs to me
that this third room will be my death
and with it I become obsessed
the man says nothing as I enter the room
knowing that this will be my tomb
he tells tales from the mind about children dieing in the womb
the room fill with fumes
and brings me too the knees of my doom
but I don’t perish I stay alive
but i can still feel the gas burning in my eyes
its terrible the pain is enormous
now I let them sing the demonic chorus

(beat stops)
(man) the god has taken a life….. it was his own. his true power layeth
deep within him he is unaware of this power….but soon….soon (beat starts again)

as I realize the depth of the old mans frustration
I relieve myself of patience
and decide its all bull shit to it I have no relations
when I was snipin Caucasians
and learnin deadly styles from Asians
swords ablazing
the spectacle was amazing
I was hell raising
here you cannot keep a lackadaisical attitude
or you will have your mom in a tragical mood
and I peer left from right
I see devils jeer looking for a fight
and I try to discover where I am by night
I am stricken blind sight
as I find a secret room
all of a sudden I feel safe as if in my mothers womb
it looks familiar THIS was my Tomb!!
I could still smell the deadly fumes
as I start back through the door knowing I had walked into hell
I see poor men tried to hustle hit by shells
I see deadly killers just off probation
and then from the murky waters rises a strange manifestation
I find myself equipped wit a sword
and they start to multiply and come in hordes
big metal like a ford
I screamed for the lord
as I was devoured
but then I decided I wasn’t dieng a coward
he had my leg at him I glowered
he smelled like shit I wondered if he showered
he roared and deadly acid from his maws poured
and as I glided and soared into the air
of my soul I was strip bare
a hollow being with a cold dead stare
in this battle I tended to fair
pretty well except for the fact that it was in hell
it was very strange because I saw many lawyers
rappers drug dealers and reporters
snithes bitches and mercenary employers
pedifials a homo witta tape recorder
I kept my distance
thinking this a thought up existence
but then it happened in an instance

(beat dims down)
(man screaming histerically)
they have come they seek revenge they lurk in this once blessed sanctum
they send corrupted spirits for me I can’t listen I won’t
but sooner or later my life will end……

I stumbled back
ran past histerical fiends on crack
I saw brutalized children still in back packs
I knew I witnessed something I had formed
I ran and killer bees swarmed!
it got warm
I started to run
but I was being sniped by guns
as I ran I saw nightmares a eclipsed son
I fell and counted myself done
I was revitalized as I hide
the dark general flipped his lid
and took it out on his kid
I was angry and disgusted
all of these hell dwells I untrusted
I saw other sides of me as they split
I ran back to the castle as my chest lit
they tried to stop me I was frost bite
I decided this was it
I couldn’t take it they couldn’t make me
all these bullets still didn’t phase me
my dexterity amazed me
I charged in like when the gods raised me
they tried to barricade me-
but I broke through I searched
I spotted a once holy church
then I figured it would work
I broke down on my knees and prayed
and light and beam rays-
turned night to day
I thought no way
I was confronted by gaurds this was gay

(man) he’s coming he’s coming he’s killing he’s killing
but nots’ me I’m going to die first by my own hands by myselfs!!!

as I gazed at the gaurds
I killed one with broken glass shards
again appeared the sword
and I killed them in hordes
I made my way to the warlord of the castle
as he turned around I was baffled
it was me!!!
but how could it be
I was totally
gone but now it all made sense
this was my dark side sin I must repent
some of my chi was spent
I flew to the sky like clark kent
but then I came down radically
I hit the ground it shook drasticly
he fell tragically
my look dastardly
from this bastards masterpiece
oni demons dungeon girls freed semin
shook da dwarfs and da wee men
but still there lurked danger
in the final chamber
to confront one last stranger
he was a gallows hanger
it was the devil
but he wasn’t on my level
snapped his neck back beat him hell rebel
I told em to burn yo
as I escaped this dreaded inferno
I had more tomes to learn yo
as I got to the material plane
I had been restored somewhat sane
i walked through the rain
enduring pain
down this dark lane
with the style of crane
slowly slipping sand grains
my brain maimed
then the man came

(man) I didn’t think it would happen but you did it…
the day came you defeatd Lucifer and yourself…
you and only you have won………