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Bigot Hitman
11-05-2006, 05:47 PM
All of my bars from yesterday and today in my "ill bars" thread together..

Cops droped n lynched, shots popped n spent
Pops get locked in vents, moms get socked n bitched
King of schemes, bring'in themes, ringin spleens
Singin theives? i'm shrinkin dreams, an sinkin teams
Rap wit italians from canada, trapped in violent parameiters
Lack of silence, i jam wit ya, smacked shaolin, I'm standin ya
Gutless, i crush this, real ill, prostitutes won't fuck this
I'm droppin dudes thats suckin, i'm lockin you if u dub this
Unaimed pops, dumb fame roced
Some lames got, dropped wit same shots
Alms, 6th floor, on tapes i mix more
My shits sick sure, my white bricks lure
High paid to broke, My mic laid in smoke
I fry lames that tote, my lines claim the most
Put shame to those, drought, rain is ghost
Use pain to boast, on the slain n folks
Paid the most, yaw cake n butter niggas sprayed in toast
Got more dames then ghost, corners, on my game i post
endless bars, gettin sars, pen'in stars, bend this "lard style" (phat style)
I'm in this yard now, i'm finna start wild, splittin shark smiles
Block captian, locked gats in, safes,
Got fire extingushers packed wit mase
Peel a army base, leave a soft barney taste
Cap on carney fakes, strapped wit R&B bass
Relaxed attacks wit axes, lacks wax but still packs it
Run wit fat shit, backs i sack it, these facts, I'm maxin
Taxin, in school hallways, my crew fool allday
Tools hit law heads, for they jewels n raw pays *
Smother foes wild, fuckin rugged profile
Another show now, for fuckers, i'll slow down
Lyric cypher, fear it writers, spears hit riders
Shear shit piper*, niggas can't come near this typer
Lord finnese style, more of the best child
Corners stores got vests now, in dice games, i throw checks down
Dusty hair, Crush thee's lair, niggas can't fuck wit dis
The more triggers get bucked in fists, the bigger the bucks they get
Defintion of cypher, strapped a transmission on writer (me)
Jacked mans missions wit fighters, Packed pans n dishes get hired*
Complex concepts, bomb threats on mom's jet
In palms,checks, my bongs vex, I spawn sets**, my pawns rep***
Spit some politics, shit real, the toc clocks its tic (tic toc)
The top spot get drop kicked, Got drug spots wit top stock bricks
Police never stop this, money flows like the misissipi
While on tour, my bitches miss me, and snitches diss me
Dominate cyphers, ghost writer, globe slicer
Post typer, Spawn'in fates lighter, show hyper
Sho skills, build quick, or get peeled quick
Pull out the steel stick, beat u till u spit some real shit
Play wit giants, spit wit cobras, fuck celeberties
Shave'in lions, no drip, i'm sober, buck in heavy t's
Brick cutter, sick fucker, trick cutter, spit ducker
Clit butter gettin, pimp's brother spittin, its the chimp's butler's kitchen*
Walkin through the Koncrete jungle wit the gorilla
Thoughts killa, actions realer, spits crumble the thrillas
Taxin the nillas, posted up on trees, roast'in drugs on these
Forest floor pheens, cookin up some toaster plug dreams...
High swing'in in the canopy, birds me fan'in me
Those snake rhymer can't jam wit we, never hearda sanity
Word up, i'm lamp'in g, build wit the two jungle kings
Spy'in on lions lyin below, parrots make'in flyin shows
Sirens blow on the low from blue toads, tryin those
Who appose with lowered nose, i'm show'in pose
Row'in rows of attacks, challeng'in my dominance
My balance sent, a drama hit, then wit violence, i'm palm'in it
Cypher enlightener, lighter fighters get lights out
Right now, wear the fitted so i can have a tight style
I might bow, but only in front of my reflection
Smoke a blunt holdin a wesson, mold'in a lesson
Take whats available, exposed, naked, never fake it
Foes, i clever bake'it, lightweights get weather taken
Blown from my zone, i've shown that i own this
I'll crome microphone it, and yaw proned to have cloned it
Political gangsta, critical punchlines, sunk minds
Hold up a drunk sign, hope i don't smooth a punk's grind
Dodge aimed attacks, lodged pains in my back
God's chain on my neck, bodies burnt in garages flame'in the facts
Fucka writer, duck a biter, buck a liar, shrug a sigher
Mug a buyer, thugs get fired, lug in tires, never, in clubs i'm tired
Slugs hit quires, not religous though, let me hit this yo
Puffs suf-icate, i crush a fate, sickness fold, trick this? no

Bigot Hitman
11-05-2006, 05:48 PM
Its not a serious verse, it was done so i could see what my cypher would sound like in one verse.