View Full Version : Method Man NYC 11.11.06

11-12-2006, 04:28 AM
What a great show...to be honest, I was mainly going to check out Immortal Technique and Masta Killa...I felt the Immortal Technique was the best set of the night....but as far as pure energy and liveliness, it definitely has to go to Method Man....he mustve stage jumped like 6-7 times...craziness...and no one could catch him haha....but he definitely brought the energy

On a sidenote, I always hated Nokia Theatre....the bass is always too high and the sound system is average....the mics always suck it seems like...either that or the bass is so high that I cant hear the instrumental playing....cant you play at BB Kings?....better system over there and they never seem to have a problem with the mics....although the venue is smaller

On another sidenote, I felt like one of the oldest people there at the ripe ol age of 27

And the crowd sucked ass....I know we're there to see Method Man and everyone was getting antsy but there was no excuse to booing Special K and Teddy Ted....hip-hop legends right there....the activity level was so lackluster during the time Awesome 2 was out there....I hope it was because everyone was tired and not because they werent feelin the little set Teddy Ted put on

Thumbs up to all the performers....nice surprise with Gza....shouldve been more collabo joints....but a great show....I think I lost like five pounds from the sweating

11-14-2006, 04:03 PM
concert was off the fuckin hook meth killed it like always.jumped ontop of me and grabbed my hand to pull him up then was standin on both my hands shit was hott ,wish i got pics if any one has any please post.