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Black Man
11-15-2006, 04:09 PM
US Terrorists Get Wrists Slapped

Washington, Nov 14 (Prensa Latina) Terrorists Santiago Alvarez and Osvaldo Mitat were sentenced to four years and three years in prison respectively Tuesday, after reaching an agreement with the Florida Federal Court to remove five of the six charges against them.
Alvarez and Mitat, accomplices of the notorious criminal Luis Posada Carriles, were sentenced for the crime of conspiracy to possess weapons, rather than for the purpose of the confiscated arsenal which was terrorist actions against Cuba.

They were arrested in November 2005 after a judge issued a search warrant for their offices in Hialeah, Miami and police found several automatic weapons, some with numbers filed down, gas masks, thousands of munitions, explosives, a false Guatemalan passport and other like materiel.
Beginning in December 2005, the defense tried to have Alvarez released on bail. Alvarez was the owner of the motorboat that illegally brought infamous terrorist Posada Carriles to US soil.
Tuesday, two months after the defendants pled guilty to possession of weapons, Judge James Cohn announced the light sentence, made even lighter because their time served until trial will be counted.

Meanwhile, Posada Carriles remains in a Texas detention center charged only with a migration offense, although Venezuela wants his extradition for the terrorist bombing of a Cuban passenger plane in 1976 in which perished 73 people.

From Prensa Latina -www.plenglish.com (http://www.plenglish.com/)

11-15-2006, 07:31 PM
All Dat And They Only Get 4 Yrs!? Smmfh