View Full Version : 4 lines by someguy

11-19-2006, 09:57 AM
step back or get stich's
multiple backslaps for multiple bitch's
apply magic like wizards and witch's
spit one breath and bury you in the ditch's

11-19-2006, 10:02 AM
oh shit, instead of hip hop, you spit slop
drippling out your mouth till it form drops
your like a backup MC shoutin ya lines to loud
step down from the stage, get back in that crowd.

11-19-2006, 10:08 AM
I came trying to guide the blind
I came trying to de-program your mind
you can take this shit as another sign
like the inspectah, I sit back and watch it unwind

11-20-2006, 11:49 PM
so many suckers try to step
in line is where they are kept
feeding the illusion that they rep
thought you were awake, you slept