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11-26-2006, 09:00 AM
the projection you percieve as my reflection is irrelevant
collect what you believe among the segments of the evidence
injections we recieve but our protection is intelligence
crept to ya cerebral the infection of the elements
ano ya heard about us verbal snipers murkin cyphers
herbal lighters murda biters words are mergin merseys finest
first to fight and hurt ya liners worst dispursing urgent timers
burst some blurt submerge ya herbs and worsen nerds the curse of rhymers
slow it down for a sec , yeah , take a breath
give fakers death tackin the wack and rip the heart from satans chest
we leave ya merrys dead and burried sent to the heavens
no detectin the presence of our molecular essence
spit ridiculous shit behind the mic figure me out
am goin out with a blast dynamite stick in me mouth
and ya know this ! rappin it fast i blast an attack then am passin it back
to the lads in the back that back on the tracks and practice the raps so we crackin the wack bitch!

11-28-2006, 05:40 AM
Nice verse dude. You managed to keep the content and strength of your lines reasonably solid while sticking to a fairly advanced rhyme scheme, aside from a few lines. It wouldn't hurt to tighten the structure a little, and even up the bars a tad, but it's a good verse.