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11-30-2006, 01:13 PM
Littles Planning Big East Concert Series, Artist to Watch Campaign
Best of the Block CEO Littles and promoter Mook Diamond are bringing together some of the best up-and-comer MC’s in NYC together for the first time on one stage for the first annual Urban DVD Awards. “The East is missing unity,” Littles told HipHopGame. “Many of the vets are too far gone to see that.”

Putting The New Big East together was no overnight thing for Littles and Mook Diamond. “I reached out to each artist that I was connected with and my partner Mook Diamond reached out to his close relationships as well,” Littles said. “I basically expressed to each artist that a movement doesn’t come in the form of one person. It comes in the form of many great minds. All of the artists agreed. Plus, through my travels with a group I used to work with, I built many strong radio relationships. I reached out to radio programmers, club promoters and colleges and they all expressed their need for the movement. Now it’s finally happening.”

Featured in The New Big East are Grafh, J-Hood, Jae Millz, Littles, Maino, Red Café, Saigon, Stack Bundles, Tru Life and Uncle Murder.

“Ultimately, our intention with this campaign is to bring together the hottest emerging artists in each market and use this platform to show radio that these artists who they’re ignoring on their airwaves have an audience,” Littles explained. “Programmers and music directors have lost sight of the fact that hip-hop didn’t come from call-outs, BDS and Soundscans. Hip-hop gets its heart from the streets and if we’re going to keep the music alive, then radio needs to keep its ear to the streets as well.”

“We selected New York to kick off the campaign because NYC is the birthplace of hip-hop and the artists who were selected for The New Big East concert were chosen because they’re the hottest MC’s in the streets right now,” adds Mook Diamond.

Littles and Mook Diamond’s goals for The New Big East include opening the New York radio airwaves to up-and-coming artists and use the turn-out from the concert to demonstrate to radio that these artists already have an audience waiting to hear their music on-air. “The objective of this movement is for ten radio stations to add a new segment titled ‘Artists to Watch’,” explained Littles.

There are also plans for a The New Big East mixtape to drop in December hosted by DJ Kay Slay, DJ Big Mike and Superstar J. Following that will be mixtapes titles The New Big South, The New Big West and The New Big North. In each market the concert and mixtapes will be hosted by two major radio DJ’s and two of the hottest street mixtape DJ’s. Littles and Mook Diamond will continue this campaign until radio stations coast to coast open their programming to new artists.

The concert is taking place Wednesday, December 6 at 9pm in conjunction with the first annual Urban DVD Awards at New York’s Club Avalon located at 47 West 20th Street. On the turntables for the award ceremony will be DJ Camillo and DJ Self while DJ Enuff will hold down hosting duties for the Urban DVD Awards.

“I started this DVD thing,” Littles explained. “I was noted to be the first do to it and anyone who is someone knows that. I just wanted to award the many who have taken the DVD game to the high levels it’s grown to today. This is my way of showing the many in a game I love that their work hasn’t gone unnoticed.”

Littles hopes the award ceremony helps propel the DVD game to even greater heights. “Whenever you award someone for good work, it only makes others on the same playing field step their level of play up,” he added. “Competition is always a good thing. It keeps the levels of greatness and the stakes high.”

Award categories include “Best DVD Documentary,” “The Pusher Award” for the most consistently sold urban DVD, “Hottest Street DVD,” “Most Consistent Artist on a DVD,” “Hottest Biker DVD” and “Top DVD Street Magazine.” More information is available at http://myspace.com/thenewbigeast and http://myspace.com/theurbandvdawards.

11-30-2006, 02:58 PM
I like to hear littles doin big things. Kinda pumped to see Jae Millz, Maino, n Saigon on that list. But ^trag^, you always make some good posts about sick QB artists, always waitin for TRAGEDY K . news u kno...but u hear anything bout littles solo stuff, im waitin for another album, not a mixtape? (still waitin to get my hands on his album "The Feeding"...I heard most the tracks, i jus want the original release with the dvd)

11-30-2006, 05:23 PM
i know littles was working on streets will listen album but dont know anything new. I want the feeding too. Tragedy is doing big things too, he is working on a solo, a queensbridge finest type of album and he said he wants to do that supergroup thing with mega and nature

12-01-2006, 03:50 PM
Trag is nasty...hes one of those rappers that just dont dissapoint. I would like to get my hand some intelligent hoodlum shit u kno. First time i heard trag was on genghis khan off the Violent by Design album by JMT. So i searched for sum joints by him, n first track i heard was an Intelligent hoodlum one, i cant member the name, but it had a sample of an old western movie playin at the beginning of the track...u kno that track, if you do remind me, kuz i jus remeber how sick i thought it was.

But yea, The Feeding dont look like it will be back in stock on shit like UndergroundHipHop.com I shoulda just bought it when i had the chance, im kickin myself now. Id even get it from his website but it dont look like it is run by anyone, theres no updates since like the day it got back online 2 years ago.

12-01-2006, 04:50 PM
Yea i think you're talking about "the posse" (shoot em up)

12-01-2006, 06:04 PM
ight ill see if thats it thanks