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12-02-2006, 09:22 AM
it may sound tripped out but it really is trippy when you actually break down the science
of the 'inter-net/internet'.

first and foremost, commonly recognized as a digital network of computers worldwide, or a
'net' of such, thus the 'interNET' in the structure of the word.

it is interesting how the first and probably the more descriptive part of the word is
the beginning part 'inter'. the 'inter' describes the noun, the 'net'.

that word is interesting because it could mean a lot of different things.
let's consider some options:

inter as a preface describes states of reality such as "between, among" or
"in the midst of, among".

right away this is obvious how it can be related to internet. it's a digital
network of computers and wires and signals that is among a lot of peaple
on this planet right now in the year 2006. a network existing within
the midst of millions of people that digitally communicate and share
digital signals although on your monitor right now they seem like what you
see and read. really its just a whole bunch of signals running around
in some cords, satellites on the whole planet messing up our earth's electromagnetic
field (<---- that electro-magnetic thing is half serious).

it's funny how 'inter' is being used in words such as "internal" or
"interactive/interaction" or even "intergalactic" referring to the
space existing in-BETWEEN different galaxies in the universe.

its just some real simple examples of what i'm trying to say.

after braking down the meaning of the word and what it may
allude to, it could be said that the internet is an
internal (wires) and interactive (computers) system or a net - inter-net.

those are basically the fundamental logics of the concept.
there's lots more on this on the internet
( not ironically! :) ) if you're interested.

the internet on a physical level might seem as everything described above but...

but i wonder if one day, magically, an anctient kemetic/egyptian
or ayurvedic priest would be able see and look at the net... it could be
comically described as the following as he might be saying:

"the internet is a reality that exists on more than just one
level of being or life but can exist in all of its states. so
for instance on the surface it might seem like a solid EXTERNAL
network of people but beneath it might just simply be the current,
2006 INTERNAL system of communication beyond direct physical means... maybe these are two separate things... i don't know...??"

on the internet you don't directly see the source of what you read or
see (even if it is a person on a camera, right?), so its just signals
running thru the cords and the satellites and whatever else there is
from computer A to computer B all across the world.

i wonder if these signals travel into other areas of space where other
life forms could exist and pick up the signals? but maybe they're not strong enough?

people always talk about telepathy and clairvoyance and all the psychic
ideas. considering that the whole idea of telepathy and its common knowledge
among most people, the idea (not dependent on belief or non-belief of the idea) most
probably originated from texts or ideas based on ancient people, based on their
time and mind frame to us their concept of 'telepathy' might seem supernatural
and scientifically ridiculed. but if THEY took a look at the internet now, they might
have been thinking this is our current way of communication beyond direct physical
means. people all over the world connected/communicated thru the "digital net."

if you put yourself aside from the current way of thinking then the internet
really is a pretty trippy thing although perfectly logically and scientifically

there is theories that the ancients might have had some forms of such communication
although not obviously the internet or anything of the likes of it.

and although a lot of history has occurred since their existence and a lot of technological
advancements have been globally achieved, that internal mind net
of all people, is still being expressed but in a totally different way as if it
would be expressed in its natural and most corresponding environment like the ancient
societies were producing.

just a crazy vibe that the planet goes thru AT THE MOMENT...

... let's not forget about what happened before us or 'today' as i guess 'they' were once


something that we look at everyday and is the normally known could be something that at the
very same time is unknown to us, and it could be anything...

Prolifical ENG
12-02-2006, 06:26 PM
if you put yourself aside from the current way of thinking then the internet
really is a pretty trippy thing although perfectly logically and scientifically


Although fire occurs naturally, It could have also been one of those things.

We dont fully understand outer space (universe) and think we know something, but perhaps one day we will understand it.

maestro wooz
12-02-2006, 07:06 PM