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Definitive X
12-02-2006, 11:24 AM
[verse 1]
Fresh from the land of shoddy conditions, dirty politicians
Comes a cocky musician that'll box anybody spittin'
So you better stop the wantin' and wishin'
Cuz I'll mess with ya mood quicker than an Oxycontin addiction
Fixin' my rhymes to the page, I spit fission
Forget God, all of my gifts were Indian-given
Don't even know why these Hollywood cats decided to rap
Now I gotta come with more one-liners than a Vaudeville act
From the broads to the boots, you a piss-poor excuse
For musically misused spittin' in booths
Never relent, deflect critics and stay kickin'
I'm Mike-type nice on mics, the rest of y'all play Pippen
Have foes who can't flow stroll the Road to Perdition
And stayin' down for the count like Dracula's assistants
The type of cat to have you pack yo writtens in a bag and forget 'em
Why my style is never touched like museum exhibits

HOOK(X2): Get back from 'round this emcee
You wan' test me? Gwon need an entire army
I flip graphic scriptures, paint violent pictures
You moochers can go ahead and burn this!

[verse 2]
Someone call the fire department! I'm spittin' flames
Winnin' the chicken games I play with speeding trains
Where's the radio station at? I'm holdin' them up at ballpoint
Till they turn off that whack ish and play our joint
Punchlines pierce thyroids, and flood sweat glands
I could still come correct with a broken left hand
I'll damage ya set like movie execs with gambling debts
Even ya fans can catch wreck, fake gangstas is scared of me, bet
I expose the hosiery hidden beneath the poetry
You ain't a dope emcee, when you speak, ears only open locally
Killin' rappers in battle, cuz when I'm on the warpath
I slice swiftly, our swords will never clash
Ain't look like Everlast, but keep ya lights on
Cuz I'm more of a threat than two neo-Nazi nerds with a pipe bomb
Keep writing strong, till the nerves in my wrist strain
And stay hittin' targets harder than R. Kelly's piss aim


[verse 3]
The tip of the lyrical sword, razor-straight blade's edge
With rap battlin' my blood for control of my platelets
Iodine couldn't ease ya defeat
I'm the Playboy channel on a virgin's TV: raps come easy to me
Predator pennin' punchlines, I dare you to fade me, duke
For rappers tryin' to black out, I spit one-eighty proof
Or maybe you want the kid to drown you instead
Tradin' flows with Jehovah; why my rhymes are over ya head
I'm the type of kid with ink stickin' to his ribs
Like some kinda crazy half-human, half-squid
You're a rich dude's wealth: always *in check*
While I stay ready to bug out quicker than gay insects
Alphabet apostle constantly sonnin' punks prodigal
Holdin' weak rappers at bay like terrorists at Guantanamo
Kids get blazed quicker than runways by jet engines
So forget bein' hot; my style is pyrotechnic

HOOK (x2)

Bigot Hitman
12-02-2006, 01:35 PM
The hook is kinda weird built.
U got the right balance of multi schemes, puchlines, and lyrical lines in these verses. That second verse was mostly puchlines, the third was real lyrical, while the first was a mix of both. good shit