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Dirk Daring
12-05-2006, 02:47 PM
this is dedicated to those who want to know or is up in the air with one of the people who were responsible for the teachings 120(Supreme Wisdom) that you (those who seek knowledge and the truth) often hear.

here We go.....

Wallace Deen Fard was born in the year February 26, 1877, in Mecca, Arabia.

Wallace Fard came to America in 1910. Now between this time He was going to a University in California and yes while in that state He lived with a white couple.

1930 He moved to Detroit Michigan and began to teach the Black people in that city on how to be upright righteous Moslems he also began to teach them that the Black Man is God, that White people are a race of devils grafted from the Blackman under their father teacher named Yakub(Jacob in Arabic), and that they should be themselves and stressed the importance of having knowledge of self.He also taught them there is no such belief in the hereafter or life after death, God is not a spook or a spirit. He also taught the black people in the city that the Black people, man women and child are not Colored people and are not Negroes, but that they are the decendants of that Asiatic Nation from a tribe called Shabazz. He taught Blacks and whites while he was in that city.

in July 4, 1930 this was he established the name of his Nation the Nation of Islam was established in this year. the Fruits of Islam and the Muslim Girl Training was established at that time.

1931 this year he met then named Elijah Poole. he gave him the name Elijah Karrim and later on changed it to Elijah Muhammad under Fard's call. Fard was also the one to told Elijah to give his son his name Wallace Deen Muhammad(he (WDM) later on changed it to Warrith Deen Muhammad). Fard also took up the name Muhammad and was known as Wallace Fard Muhammad. He chose Elijah Muhammad to be the messenger of the Nation of Islam. Fard undertook his position as the prophet. Fard began to teach Elijah everything he needed to know on how to awaken the mentally dead nation, on the history of the Black and white people and on how to clean up and reform the Black Nation here in America for them to be back on top.

February 21, 1934, Fard and Elijah completed the supreme wisdom the restrictive laws of Islam, student enrollment,actual facts,solar facts,the English lesson No. C1 and No. C2,Lost found Moslem Lesson No.1 and 2 and the Problem book.

Fard was taught by his Father who was a black man, now between 1930-1932 Fard was ordered out of detroit,(check out the FBI reports) in 1934 he was ordered out of Chicago.... from 1934 to 1975 Elijah Muhammad began to open up mosque all over the wilderness of North America to spread the teachings that was given to him from Fard.

Fard was a man, Elijah was a man.

Dirk Daring
12-05-2006, 02:48 PM
and yes his mother was a white woman

Dirk Daring
12-05-2006, 03:45 PM
Fard also had a criminal record from human sacrifices to disturbing the peace to selling narcotics now according to the FBI reports they admit to framing up the man on some of those charges... As for the Supreme Wisdom, Fard did the talking Elijah did the writting..

Note in the earlier part of Fard and Elijah's meetings (at Elijah's Home) Elijah was a drinking alot at that time even when Fard was teaching him about his lessons and yes Fard even was eating the pork, the cornbred and talk to a few prostitutes.