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12-06-2006, 07:30 PM
Hi Yo Hero of the Wild
Itís dimensional flight spot a warm blooded aardvark.
As a ape give off alter aura fooled the psionic probe bark
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Through the astral plane armadillo third eye seen in the dark
Fury of baboon an mental wanderer
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Next to the point bandicoot hypnotic suggestion
Yeah its works to bat bite victim were already suicidal
The beaver mental assault above GT zero incidental
Road hog bear picking heavy transit machine Jurassic
While boar is supplying radio waves of toxic
Unlimited long horn buffalio redskins telepathic.
With background noise buzzard complications
Transmission beat him in tha head with a j camel telepathy
Rounding out cassowary traveler down underpathy
Multi hits from cat holding techo mind
Communicate automatically damage a killah
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On lands probably already coait watching out granels
With cow in electrical field energy dynamo
Rape your girl killed boyfriend crow on gravyard standes
With extraordinary endurance here come coati bards
Bucks deer basketball psychic walk create darkness
Plante a source dingo shoalin pricsts secret documents
That extendend running dog energy resistance fragments
Slash dolphin leaping ability that doubles the maxium leap
Vote the donkey a tight end like raves Heap
Heightend the speed pole ducks swining in parks
Through vistor darts elephant tank barks
Melee rounds elk battle sense time stream
Anti-magic cloud take on emu losmin
Blaast off star fox sixty four markmin
Stand on swords while goat art proficiencies
An greater gilder taking bath in prehistoric time
Catch the wind rush humming crim central
Plantry globe of silence running jaguar took
We negate magic in the belly of kangaroo outlook
Corrdinated rat bikeing planted system hook
Eyes of the wolf koala steampend
Paralysis bolt incereces kookabuna lead
Take hair of lion meeting bad guys stony point table
Stone to flesh leak marsupial more lable
Martin like shadow beast with razor shape teeth superior tongues
This are words of truth mink shogun
Surface armor of Ithan mole
Make sure the helmet hold
Dance among the seven monkey koto gold
Invisibility when moose Alaskan assignees fold
Wind rush through mountain lion sector
Keep sorcererís seal mulgara makes the deal
Chamber muskrat holy exorcism cancelling
Regeneration a native cat whoís life is extraordinary
Numbat hung on tree slop gaining Allah mathematics
Water all ink out in the sea octopus
Opossum in trash bags looking for diary
An the lab other tactics
Supreme omega beams owl sight
Pack rats on sixty Ave relenting black night
With all eternity taking the advantage pamdemelon
To the common area chameleon
Parrot abandoned lost from a tride of life
Parakeet extended trife
Eyeís brimmed with itís tears pig
Ghost dog pigeon cake sword knife
Platypus closer to home then the outside scenes
Shape as porcupine of infinite distance
Checking growth level prairre dog dig past trance
Splitting against their ledges pronghorn our debris on itís shore
Under a white hot sky under find the raccoon
Rhinoceros back to our black coaches, all of us in a row
Road runners the street let the sound box blow
Rodent with a couple thumbing rides up the hill
Next possum fog curling in over the news rack
Here the rock wallaby kill
Thirsty we drank itís infinite sources
Who the hell is that sea lion for han
We have video at the corner of LeConte an Euclid seal
Moving like sheepís producing date microchips and software
Once I rock skunk established the cd cover horror flick beware
In a eight ball straight jacket sparrow slightly by the ability urban strangeness
An spiny anteater apprentice time lord
Super heís load dice nice squirrel wing expanded but never could
Enter series of Taz the tasimanian devil roacksteady
Tiger god on back spin picture that ready
Time stand there we turkey in the midst of it cleanly
Vulture join rap click their function it barely
Tongue in cheek analysis of wallarow
Walrus seeing the unsealed tantalizing clues glow
You should imagine the universe as a balloon weasel rules
Read bail when just fresh out of jail has a whale
Game of baseball blue jay fitter
Blast with arms this is fist of fury
Rubber duck point he a worrier and jury
two lines of power Chrysler picks
Little chink move mental force licks
locka snake belly dispends on fu young
Chun to other mail arts spin on dem dark flung

12-07-2006, 06:00 PM
Animal savage!! keep it coming....