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Ghost In The 'Lac
12-07-2006, 06:35 PM
http://rapidshare.de/files/32497713/stoupe_the_enemy_of_mankind_samples__jedi_mind_tri cks_originals_.rar.html

every sample he used

Young Attila (Jedi Mind Tricks - Visions of Ghandi Introduction sample).mp3
evanescence - Bring Me To Life(Rise of the Machines remix).mp3
sombra (fado nocturno, with antónio chaino - 1998) M-sea Cresy.mp3
101 strings - la cumparsita (a storm of swords).mp3
a bronx tale - confession (the darkest throne interlude).mp3
alains morissette - uninvited (heavenly divine remix).mp3
angelo badlemnti - the pink room (canibus - indisisble outro).mp3
archive - nothing else (the rage of angels).mp3
balla tounkara - le monde est fou (canibus - indibisble).mp3
batman t.v show - burgess meredith - the escape.mp3
cal tjader - what are you doing (i against i).mp3
cashman pistilli & west - a song that never comes (contra vocal).mp3
cirque du soleil - querer (canibus - levitibus).mp3
david elon preston - freedoms farm(before the great collapse intro).mp3
de que te quiero te quiero (gilberto valenzuela)(muerte).mp3
disney - chilling,thrilling sounds of the haunted house (chinese water torture speech).mp3
egidio faiella - egidio's theme (canibus - spartibus).mp3
eric gale - ginseng woman (speech cobras).mp3
francois de roubaix - judo (demonwomb interlude).mp3
gino paoli - sassi (the spirit of hate interlude).mp3
gipsy kings - salsa de noche (vbd deluxe edition - untitled).mp3
harald kloser - downloading (ghengis kahn) .mp3
holly golightly - your love is mine (the prophecy interlude).mp3
inti-illimani - elegia al che guevara (vbd intro #1).mp3
irena santor - piosenka o sasiedzie (blood in blood out main).mp3
james horner - battle begins (kublai khan).mp3
javier solis - payaso (language is fatal).mp3
javier solis - tu voz (raw is war 2003).mp3
jesse cook - virtue (vbd deluxe edition - untitled).mp3
karl jenkins - allegretto (on the eve of war violins).mp3
kenji kawai - avalon - nine sisters (canibus - poet lautrete).mp3
lord of illusions - flesh is a trap (immaculate conception intro).mp3
losdementes - la llorona (pity of war interlude sample).mp3
lucytuned (The Worst).mp3
mathilde santing - too much (the deer hunter).mp3
max payne - kartsy hatakka - byzantine power (the wolf).mp3
miklos rozsa - answer to a dream (the winds of war main).mp3
miklos rozsa - dance of the sinners (the winds of war strings).mp3
Moby Dick 36 - Fate's Lieutenant (Canibus - Cemantics).mp3
nancy sinatra - fridays child (words from mr len part 1).mp3
orquestra sublime - sabroso como el guarapo (the hunted).mp3
paul kelly - peace (on the eve of war meldrick taylor mix).mp3
paul mauriat - adieu a la nuit (muerte outro).mp3
philip glass - candyman - cue 2c (music box) (canibus - genabis,bells).mp3
philip glass - candyman - cue 8 jake walks with helen (canibus - genabis,vocal).mp3
philip glass - cue 2a helen's tune (melodic organ).mp3
phillip glass - candyman - piano theme (canibus - genabis main).mp3
pi the movie soundbytes (speech cobras intro,outro).mp3
quilapayn - elegia (vbd intro #2).mp3
renaissance - the harbour (neva antiquated).mp3
rosemarys baby - hail satan (executioner's dream).mp3
rosita peru - bonus track (retaliation).mp3
san sabastian strings - the storm (jedi mind tricks - sacrifice).mp3
Septiembre y Usted(Blood Runs Cold).mp3
sonia silvestre - estabamos juntos (exertions remix).mp3
sonia silvestre - estabamos juntos (exertions remix).mp3.sfk
stevie wonder - all in love is fair (war ensamble).mp3
susana baca - de los amores (retaliation remix).mp3
tchaikovsky - 1812 overture (legacy of blood hidden track - president's wife).mp3
the prophecy - dark souls (the prophecy interlude ).mp3
the walker brothers - make it easy on yourself (legacy of blood intro).mp3
tolis voskopoulos - ke si tha figis (blood in blood outro intro).mp3
Heavy Metal Kings Sample (http://www.sendspace.com/file/avmlkb)
tom jones - i who have nothing (i who have nothing main).mp3
unknown - heavenly divine violin part done acoustic.mp3
vikki carr - abrazame (farewell to the flesh interlude).mp3
cal_tjader-what_are_you_doing_the_rest_of_your_life (http://rapidshare.com/files/691391/08-cal_tjader-what_are_you_doing_the_rest_of_your_life.mp3.html)
war tactics sample.mp3
warren schatz - i always sang for my father (Philosophy Of Horror).mp3
yo-yo ma & bobby mcferrin - vivaldi andante - (heavenly divine).mp3

12-07-2006, 06:43 PM
ohh shit thats whats up man. 9:|6