View Full Version : Sick 1ne

Tha Ill Shogun Lord
12-11-2006, 07:28 PM
i'm 6ix 4our/6 feet beneath the streets/
and da slugs keep bustin everytime i speak/
its da strong verses da weak/every week/
but i'm unique/i neva sleep/i neva eat/
i'm chocking on mc's/ayo there never fillet/(ed)
these niggas talkin bout da future/
ayo they bout to get blaze/
its not the cradle to the grave/its the cradle to be able/
like when kain killed abel/
like when the rain ease's your pain when you brains is unstable/
then you gots reason to believe/to believe your da light bringer/
swings swords cut laws these cats are out clawed/
i'm the shogun the out law double weilding chainsaws/
transform my style throwin jabs at the A B boy paranormals/
run into mad turmoils/mad portals/
like a necron lord who cant ressurect the fallen immortals/
its hard to be/all that you want to B/
that why open hearts by kickin bitches in da ovaries/
and we dont believe tall tales and fake story's/
you shiny jewelry theif you should go play make believe/