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12-12-2006, 04:58 PM
Different people look for different things at different times.

If you are living in comfort, you aren't looking to become more aware of your environment.

They came up with that saying "no news is good news" for a reason - if you're feeling good now, why jeopardize it by learning more?

Who knows what lurks around that next corner?
That next piece of information you pick up could carry some bad shit with it. Perhaps a looming threat. Perhaps word that your the end of your plush days is near at hand. Perhaps word that the things you are doing now are going to come back and bite you in the ass

Fair enough.

Different people look for different things at different times.

We have developed shells against hearing about alarming trends or flaws in how we approach our lives.

Most of us aren't directly responsible for the misfortunes of others, so the ability to detach ourselves from people experiencing hard times is understandable.

We aren't the ones in charge of making the decisions about how the world uses its resources. We need to get from point A to point B, and we have limited options how to do this.

Our diets and habits have carried us this far. We feel healthy and stimulated. If it ain't broke, let it be.

Conspiracies are prime-time now. Saving the environment is big business, and they still use paper to print their flyers. Why would you want to join those flawed causes? It's easy to tune people out. There is no perceptible evidence of the climate changing, and even if there was, determining what it would lead to is nothing more than a guess at most.

The entertainment we are provided with is varied and there is a lot of choices. Women will peel their clothes off for you over the internet, and they build machines now that give clitoral stimulation.

Those are all valid observations.

Nobody can prove you wrong.

On paper, you have everything you need, and the world you are living is working for you right now.

Your future: that's looked after, too.

Insurance, baby.

If anything bad happens, you get to cash-in for the estimated equivalent value of your loss.

So there is no such thing as loss - because you get the cash equivalent back. See how that works?

Different people look for different things at different times, and in a nutshell, you have it all wrapped up.


Let us know if your situation changes and you want to talk.

Don't worry - we won't be mad at you.

Sexy Jasper
12-12-2006, 05:26 PM
That made a lot of sense to me. Especially the part about saving the environment being lucrative bussiness.


Shell is an excellent example. They pretend to care about the green, but they're really about your green. Green is the new black.

Sicka than aidZ
12-12-2006, 07:54 PM
black as in oil or as in blackman (poster)? i see erika wantz everyone involved in this discussion, even the 1st graderz