View Full Version : bass - far from basic lp (dl links)

12-17-2006, 03:00 AM
*all tracks produced by bass with the exception of track 13 (word is bond) and track 17 (clockwork)

DOWNLOAD >> http://www.sendspace.com/file/rfveaq

hey watsup guys, never thought i'd ever finish this album (technically i didn't) but here it is in all its glory haha. i never realized people on the internet could be so unreliable (LOLOLLOLO WHOAAA REALLLY?!!11) but it's all good. i just shortened some tracks that were meant to have collabs and/or added hooks or samples. and since i already started on my next project i figured i should just get this out of the way. the mastering overall is not so hot so i unno about tryin to bump this in your car or whatnot (not that you would lol). some of the basses are just too powerful and sometimes the vocals are mixed too low, but overall it doesn't really take away from the album (i hope). anyways, about 6 months rapping and 3 months producing i've got under my belt but i encourage y'all to take a listen. thanks wtcorp :]