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12-19-2006, 01:37 AM
Reviews on wutang-corp members full projects, albums, compilations etc...
Besides posting a review in the artists thread, anyone can post in this thread (or just copy the review to this thread).....

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12-19-2006, 01:39 AM
Morning Ladies...(i just had to do that reminds me of the baracks)




*Is that your full name including the aka (Also Known As)?*[/font]

1 ( 3dillamensions ) - I'll give you a house point for ingenuity You must have created those drums by hand?
4 ( 10th wonder (rip dilla) ) - Mellow very mellow, i can't understand it.
8 ( Exit pt 1+2 ) - Choice of instruments was poor, but nice try on the arrangements (change over is interestingly blended off well).
11 ( Sarah ) - Good song (but the instruments don't blend in properly with the baseline or rhythm of the song) or might be the other way round baseline against instrumentals?
14 (Stay ) - I like the idea, strings or piano give wrong impression at the end there's a off key (note).
16 ( Kick 'em in the grill ) - ? sounds like Brandy's song the baseline
20 ( Digital Revolution ) - Good song
22 ( Girls Blues + Expectations ) - Sample sounds fermiliar (pianos), baseline also can't pin point it but like one of Rae's. Nice though...
25 ( Aspirine ) - Very poor in creativity on guitar ( go for guitar lessons )
29 ( Tough ain't enough ) - You sampled my beat, just joking people who know my music though it was mine. Great Song (one of my personal favorite on this album). Change over sounds a bit like RZA's track.


* So lets not dwell on the obvious...*



2 ( Artificial Sun) - Nice effect ( keys are off ) notes with that bass.
6 ( What Name Cries The Wind ) - Choice of instruments was not that good ( could have used better instruments to give the proper same sound as the ones used )
9 ( Invisible Invaders ) - I get depressed when i listen to this song ( it has a hidden meaning )
12 ( Walking Bed ) - This is your type of arragements i know, Good Son.
15 ( Clockwork Tortoise ) - Has a similar atmosphere ( there's a loud track also)
18 ( The Sleep Of Reason ) - This is your type of arrangements i know, Good Song
21 ( This Final Dance ) - Nice song but not my style.
24 ( Peaceful Light ) - Good Song
26 ( Our Symptoms ) - I'll let it pass...
28 ( The Last Night Of The Moon ) - ?.... Similar ( there's a sample that goes off key later in the beat-towards the end)...



*Anyway we'll try to be leniant, cause of the Hard Drive story. But still you should have had BACKUPS*



* I wonder about that name *

3 ( Bidi Bouncing ) - I didn't listen to it that much
5 ( Electronic Jungle ) - Good Song ( change over is well balanced )
7 ( Starship Hookers ) - Its mellow too mellow...
10( The Friendly Minxes ) - I didn't know people could still make such beats for hip hop (i'll give you 10 house points for ingenuity)
13( The Legend Of The Smokey Head ) - ... vocal samples are off key with guitar.
17( Yabadou ) - Its got this late 80s and early 90s sound, cool though - it sounds light for the mind, plus thoughts...
19( Heavy Sad ) - Mixed samples well ( some were off, didn't blend proper ) but you could have fooled me... (also like the title)
23( Da Digi Code ) - Was not too creative (its like on a tired day from work and then you make a beat like this, the synth does some justice to it though)
27(Troubled Past ) - Off key with samples...
30( Ups & Downs ) - The beat tempo changes are not facinating, nice but don't get too creative with the original flow...


These are my favorites

# 5 : PI-POL
# 11 : Akabrownsugar
# 12 : Shitao
# 18 : Shitao
# 20 : Akabrownsugar
# 22 : Akabrownsugar
# 24 : Shitao
# 29 : Akabrownsugar ( Classic )
# 19 : PI-POL
# 26 : Shitao

And thats how i program them on my Sound System.

PS: After all that hard work, now i can just listen to this album and enjoy it. Thanks again guys - Nice work and Keep up the good work. I can show-off to people in my area now -.-

Remember there's a permanent download link now :

http://whatafuck.free.fr/asp/ASP-ASP.rar (http://whatafuck.free.fr/asp/ASP-ASP.rar)
http://akabrownsugar.free.fr (http://akabrownsugar.free.fr) (ASP project out now - free download)


Artist/s : AKABROWNSUGAR - Shitao - PI-POL
Title : ASP

Review By: GuardianOne
For : Grey Guardian Music

12-19-2006, 03:34 AM
Overall production was poor, especially the vocals (through and through) "just wondered were you mixed the vocals and instrumentals"....

* Since its a compilation - which means its a rough selection of some beats with artists that RAP over the instumentals *


2 (Keep it Real on a Battlefield) - well mixed, general instrumental flow is blues related, change over is brief (but cool)

3 (Ghost Samurai Remix) - Another well mixed insturmental, the shift in beats goes well with the momentum (poor production)!

4 (Hangin upside Down) - better production, sounds like the "Keep it Real on the Battlefield". Its more like one of those RZA beats where you can't put your finger on the instruments (although not quite) "the finish wasn't well sequenced"

5 (GhostHorrorPiratesMusik) - It was a well themed beat, nice tempo to it, "Deep"

6 (StepCorrectFrrestyle) - One of my favourites on this compilation, "Beautiful"

7 (Oil Wasted Food) - Not a well engineered insturmental, production can be placed as okay.

8 (My Sword Screamz when it Strikes) - this instrumental was not mixed well, sometimes a beat and other baselines and such should not be let-off or pass as a dope beat if over done.

9 (Raw love with my battle Axe) - ?This ones production is not done well, volume levels are not balanced. Probably that's how the drums are suppose to be like (poor production). I'll let it pass...

10 (5 StealthSkeletons) - Most of the instruments didn't match at all, but since they were well limited you fooled most people.

11 (Da Blizzard Fist Hit) - This is another example of not well matched instruments. Also with the Blues?jazz effort on it. (like the second song and 4th song)...

12 (Out da joint Freestyle) - Yes, yes "song goes well with the title"! The instruments chosen, don't work well together. No matter how well it may blend it seems off. But its well covered by the drum beat.
"that word in my head, and iam trying to get it out, but its so stuck up"

Who did the RAP on this beat?

13 (Horrible Butterfly Style) - Very Bronzenazerath type of beat, no comment...

14 (NoTitleYet) - this sounded like a nice instrumental, but was messed by the poor production quality (i'll give you 5 house points for that)

15 (MichaelMyerz in the Place Finalcutt) - a well orchestrated beat, very well engineered! Whats that at the end " Rock RAP, RAP Rock, Chinese RAVE"?

16 (Creepin wit a WarAxe) - The piano is one key lower tahn the viola/violin but nice beat (rugged 'n raw)....i like this one.

17 (This is wat I wish) - Its a descent instrumental, "vocal volume levels where the worst on the chorus"

18 (Let Me Pop Shotz in da Ceiling) - you can be given a point for experimental effort!

Final Say its a nice compilation (besides that poor production quality) for most wu-tang fans/ and RAP fans its a good listen, and the lyrics definately!

These are my favorites:

6 - my favorite on this compilation
16 - its growing on me!

http://www.sendspace.com/file/x0rtb9 (http://javascript<b></b>:ol('http://www.sendspace.com/file/x0rtb9');)

free download


Artist : proGraveface

Review by: GuardianOne
For : Grey Guardian Music

12-19-2006, 03:46 AM

Poor Production! No questions asked or Answered and its not an opinion its the truth (Studio - quality)!

Iam viewing this on a sound engineering point of view (my own opinion) not on performers.

Predominant effects:

- Very low vocal and instrumental balances.


# 1 - Voice not balanced with instrumentals

# 2 - Bass was off key with other instruments, poor production.

# 3 - Production was better, drums balanced with vocals but still poor. One sample which is on mono (one side) probably your pan levels (sweeping sound), don't worry i also learnt about that mistake (the hard way)

# 4 - Very poor production, very nice instruments. Bass was off key, beautiful sample

# 5 - Poor production, nice instrumental. Vocals balanced. The bass well doesn't sound proper, i don't know what it is. Maybe its suppose to sound like that.

# 6 - Poor production, there's that vocal sample - i thought it was loud. Well engineered. I like the concept of the beat, I'll let you off on this one.

Kung-fu sample not clear as should be...between these songs (excellent sample)but no house points for it!

# 7 - Nice instrumental, well engineered with the transpose and effects. Poor production

# 8 - Good changes on the instrumental (well engineered) good effort on the instruments choice. 5 house points for this one.

# 9 - The key between the bass and other instrumentals are off, besides that point poor production.

All in all

* Poor Production
* Good Engineering
* Commendable Mixing (for effort)

10 House points for the album, concept and theme + creativity.

What really messed this album was the production (output quality, and clarity - definitions) for such professionals i would not expect it but even the ASP album had the same problem. But for both you guys if i dare say it some well known "RAP" artists are lucky to have people still buying their music.

PS: I was trying to be as unfriendly as possible, but not biased.

Favorite song/s # 4 ( if it wasn't for the bass and production - would have been the best song on this album)

here is a megaupload free Download link

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=U476XXUX (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=U476XXUX)

here is another one

http://www.sendspace.com/file/n79wtr (http://www.sendspace.com/file/n79wtr)

Artist : Pablobaluba
Title : The Temple

Review By : GuardianOne
For : Grey Guardian Music

12-19-2006, 04:03 AM
Watch for the:

Artist: BigRisk
Title: indefinate

project review!


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