View Full Version : Blind,Deaf,Dumb

12-22-2006, 12:19 PM
Da humbled warrior back to relieve da blind deaf dumb whose mind was left numb
By da blasphemies spoken by those who put down da word of God were notin,
How I was no longer on the bases of neutrality because I broke da devilís virtual reality,
I caused my last innocent fatality,
I put down da Mac and picked up da sword with success and I gave life to those who were lifeless,
I no longer injected stupidity into the minds of da dumb but intelligence,
Unlike those other MCís who speak with no relevance to the words they just spoke,
I guess it was that joint they just smoked,
Stupidity is in their nature, their motto is do now think later,
But not me because I know knowledge is key,
To escaping all shapes of evil but it does not help you flee,
It helps you defeat your own demons like one semen defeats all da others to da egg,
Knowledge is da light and Iím a hundred watt in a basement full of forty watts,
I had fifteen shots shot my way and Iím still shinin like construction light at night on da freeway,
Many thought by flippin da switch would dim me out but what they donít know is Iím runnin on solar and lunar power not on da common electricity route.

12-23-2006, 08:17 AM
aite homie.. welcome... keep droppin ya shit here... seems like u may have some interestin' reads