View Full Version : I Butchered Up some Wu Lyrics :o0

12-28-2006, 04:37 PM
Got a mp3 mix cd from a friend who had a bunch of wu accapellas on it... felt like being creative over the Christmas holidays so I made a few remixes. Out of the 26, i grabbed 4 to start off with. this beatmaking stuff is pretty fun

I used apple garageband to make the beats... I am by NO means a producer, i find this stuff fun and do it as a hobby (at some points the lyrics slightly go off beat...still trying to figure out how to work the got'dang tempo HAHA)

But if you're down to listen to some experimental beats, hear me out...the four tracks are completely original. In apple garageband each sample has been flipped, massaged and fucked up beyond recognition... (no drag and drop samples here - i wouldnt feel as "creative" if i just dropped pre-made samples)

some of the tracks i wouldn't even consider a 'hiphop' beat?? ..i duno..i just did whatever i thought sounded nice.

hope ya like.

Mighty Deadly - GhostFace Killa (eyekon1 remix) (http://electronics.slateboxstudios.com/templates/wu/ghostface-mightydeadly.swf)
Tear Da Roof Off - Redman & Methodman (eyekon1 remix) (http://electronics.slateboxstudios.com/templates/wu/redmeth-teardaroofoff.swf)
Third World - RZA & GZA (eyekon1 remix) (http://electronics.slateboxstudios.com/templates/wu/rzagza-thirdworld.swf)
How High - Redman & Methodman (eyekon1 remix) (http://electronics.slateboxstudios.com/templates/wu/redmeth-howhigh.swf)


12-29-2006, 10:52 PM
found out some of the links didnt work....i replaced the links

any feed would be great..thanks :D

12-30-2006, 12:26 AM
Yeah, these are like electronica/rock joints. But they are WAY off beat. Beats are cool though.