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12-29-2006, 01:26 AM
ima add a verse at a time
so dont x my ish

i got marginal raps that dont wanna line up
reflectin on what is lost now that my times up
rhymes stuck , on the other side of the mirror
let the water seep in to crack the shadowy figure
but as i walked away all my thoughts got bigger
the talk started to constrict , to only the pad and the pen
a chance it must been , for me to advance lyrically
seemed like since then , magic was a trick to me
even goin past borders from mc'in to mathematically whippin these
kickin ass , flippin trees - i mean paper
shit..i felt like i could breathe in symphonies and be a savior
flow conducin electricity just cos i like the flavor
but then words started to come thin , i was like damn why not a little later
i cant believe i fell for its trap , death comes after bein gassed from within
enemy maybe but them poisonous fumes got me blastin for friends

12-29-2006, 02:30 PM
censorship couldnt conceal where the triggers went
pullin back peels , to contain the sickness' stench
smell of death now stain what remains since my senses stepped
over lines in the streets , couldnt follow those guidelines
so i cant rhyme on the beat , i could find myself - but whats worse
i couldn't align some help for the streets and i couldnt define myself as weak
so i remained strong , and let the song carry the rest of my peeps
even if they gone , a sense of calm always comes when the winds' fog
dissapates along wit the hate of fellow fellows who met their mellow fate
if i ever get to tell those fallen , about the daze of autumn
leavin me confused - am i missin the thoughts of them
or the feeling of one last walk with them , or is it the fact that lost friends
become enemies when you realize what you could of offered them

01-01-2007, 09:43 PM
i trained the trainee not to employ employees
cos the new toy dont work if the track steams
towards both sides , and pullin down on bars just slows down the ride
which makes fixin up the broken down approach just right
though im already tired of the new ploy , im happy
i had sadness confused for joy - maybe even a little nappy
cos the headache stayed so long i couldnt get my hair straight
all the chuggin was a waste of air but at least im prepared for the sakes
of those who care for what it is to be a part of the bass , lookin down now
so its apart from the face , and its too dark to steer sound
so i make em wait till the next round n place what dey lose right by what i found

01-08-2007, 05:07 PM
appropriate for the 36 to reminisce on how it was
wen enterin the chambers changed us - it had the loudest buzz
stingin our ears , tinglin fears of holes in drums
i suppose it stung , now holes know to come
callin shortys wu's , fat basses basically bangin crews
tasteless cos the sound was so invasive
took over the game , str8 outta the basement
a fresh sound never heard in underground - theres no replacin
i believe 94 , like im not sho' cos the rhymes was pure
and that tweaked my mind , memory weak by blunted weed lore
friends turned to enemies the first time i heard the crowds roar
i wanted my music to be like that ,
i knew it was up to me to bring it right back
death of my raps were too concrete to write abstract
i had got lost - took the left trail on life's track
that night i went home hopefully to note whats me
layed down my pad and rosary , set up my mic and started to glow in speech

01-20-2007, 02:42 PM
flickering lights somehow get stuck in the middle
i dont give a fuck how little my chances are
cos the light blinds my lines till they become riddles never solved
forever dwell on foresight witout acknowledging the curse of a poor mic
or even worse , couldn't afford pure rhymes to rhyme wit what the rich like
and my spits like...mad crazy , there were conducted in a laboratory
by a scientist who kept eye'in this , now my stories flow beyond glory
even the fire below the wire's grips cant control the flyest shit
i be deliverin like a mailman on strike , cos you cant match what i write
wen the letters stamp and stomp down the ground till its flat
and im phat...wit the lyrics , the margin im beyond it
epiphanies on high - clearly the light hits the weed bulb , to infinity im bonded
all those numbers causin friction wit symphonies - im forever bombin

02-05-2007, 07:23 PM
the 36 chambers , where i channel most my anger
my silent approach closes in on weary strangers
the holey ghost is easily seen - Now no longer a danger filled scheme
and I know where to unload ammo and thrill dreams
the difference between believing the fake and being an atheist of real things
allows me to breath quietly and wait , still able to yield beams
any second now , the enemy will bleed in need of a second sound
in order to know where I am , but I must be quick because any second now
the corner patrol will spot me , if not then the opposer will know to spot me
and in that second , I must be quick to grab my weapon
before I become the second one to drop ........freeze

03-11-2007, 03:57 PM
Private Messages
bitches really like it , yes
so now that my letters sent , just wait for the header quick
i mean thick
which is the sign of approval for the approval of the slip
in , unless the bitch wants to switch
anyways she prolly not gon know what the difference is
slick , but i aint slippin in - times a tickin n she want me to hit it with the pen
tappin early cos rappin serves she plus the ink makes the attraction worthy
nah i just wrote that , but whatever
i'm clever , now rappin bout the sound when pokin holes in letters
got a grip on the paper like quotes , sheet (shit) yea now im feeling better
all that cheese aint look so good when it started to turn to cheddar
and i farted cos i got gassed , self esteem told my finger to pull the lever
im mean the bars , yea the ones that stop the car
in the train
so far off track i gotta jog
boy do i regret , forgettin the tracking device 4 these bars
dont know where im heading but im soon to be beheaded if im too far
so let me go back to the cause
and in effect delay the remains of the force
but its no longer with me cos these g's tricked me
i been passed out , my unconscious made its way to reality in time to slip free
like it had its pass out , luckily for gravity
i wasn't driven to insanity just to become another crash casualty
in fact im down to earth , just as long as my rappin doesn't sound so cursed
and i aint rappin bout a hearse cos then the death cant feel my words
which means i getta get beams for my verse so they could see me hurt
pain becomes a needed reflex to the brain , unlike a knee jerk
which is a message sent from the brain to let me know what i need is worse

03-19-2007, 02:30 PM
i beg your pardon , off the head i started
ended up left for dead of what resembles some sorta target
i reckon your pardoned , mc microphone sparkin
twistin crazy lyrics in psycho clones , two strands form to sharpen
aim to get more paper than new stands
fist to the world for giving me a rude hand
i am what you call a true man
in this world of lies some get twirled inside
fuckin girls with evil eyes as soon as you sleep
dey inject you with a needle used to make people die n as soon as u creep
then you mudafuckas is doomed for life
world of undercovers , no love for others
family ties in a knot , some even drug their sisters mothers and brothers
family life in a box , father time with a broken clock
schools of hard knocks , crooked cops turning right
merging with criminals to subliminally earn they pipes
below the surface its all workin , bomb squad defusin crates
sewers become clubs full of nervous people afraid to mate
cos they afraid of what they sons and daughters might become
oncethey step out there they life is done
under the no longer brightest sun
reality done sets in , above all hope for the night the streets plight is done

05-19-2007, 09:16 PM
its been awhile
uh it go

so psychedelic
enough lines got twice the mic credit
inside provide debit
this rhyme designed to malign headaches
uh money is the color mostly cos i lack scent
don't know what it smells like till i have them packed in
hmmm...i wonder what does ...the rap then
so ahead of my time i relay traffic
so watch as i delay passin'
or me trade bars in exchange for chase cars
but wait ....i first weigh the cause
and in affect reverse im possessed by law
haha me work i repossess it all

06-01-2007, 03:54 PM
i hit ya with thee left until the snippet makes its threat
then start splittin' what i write now written twice correct
a rookie kinda pushy quick to be despising vets
but looky when this rookie down sizes rhymes and bets
i could still beat ya down like you was looking from the neck
now made ya even dumber than the next
the number one stunner conceals the code
its hot like when ya try ta' grill the flow
see i stoned to0 high to engrave rhymes forreal ima cold
delayed by the times changin' but never ancient
watch as i jot down a premonition statin' that u'll never make it

07-11-2007, 11:22 PM
thread fell asleep
wonder what i was busy needlin'
all good ...talk hood , right until i put the evil in
put it in a coma came back wit a lethal pen
yet i wasn't , tryna pinpoint the corner like lead
im frontin', paid the coroner a visit...assumptions
the lines were fine the rhymes were a bit sumptuous
mic check at the expense of having fun at the function
finally get the words to work proper
then its easy , word...how i get the unheard verse to prosper

08-14-2007, 01:25 AM
i came back like i never left
and in turn earned what i learned
well just collections from battles wit better threats
in a zone after my own
like i dropped what made sense and topped the same print
but not of a clone
for all my memories etched in stone
i rocked the foundations to denounce satan fore i possess the throne
though what's left now rests in bones
the boulder reattached to shoulder
in order of older like.....
carbon dated soldiers from fame and all infamy in vain
i re-formulated myself from all time warriors in frame
though most isn't complete i honed and focused to be
the mirror images of them
before the past coroners could read
indeed and if you don't believe
walk to your closest street corner where the boastful ghost foreigner creeps

09-01-2007, 03:22 AM
i broke through the mold to uphold but made a hole beneath
flow proofed a zone , and none of ya could go to ,
im on , to a old tube deep within the tore breach it cloned
nah that ain't how you skool thee old me is gone
dropped out a fool , popped out a tool whose topped out at you
throat speak expose key , freestyles ive owned but prone squeaks
written speech frowned upon , off then i breathe smile for tone
gifted by intuition and its scripted , no premonitions - - i would of spit it
continue from the relapse and get in proof that i had ceased back
what did i get in to , no mirrors could see flat
the bass in my voice cracked at the thought that balance precedes fact
concrete in a mixer needle from feather point and inked inner liquor
flow tipped the capsize wit a drink of the fixture
set from the set just to wreck and sync wit the scripture

09-16-2007, 02:08 AM
yes yes
pretend that I'm you
for a sec
and do what I do
when it ends
do like i do
set a trend
n fool who i fool
second best

zike with the first i write till it hurts
n right what i learned
cos it ain't correct till i
cite and observe ooooohhh

but back to the third
at last with the forth
how many times
can these lines
without my
rapping support

lost all form of structure
thats the norm i buffer
i let a poem brusher
unless im blind
which means
this time
and i let the forum suffer

10-01-2007, 05:47 PM
yall dont wanna know what it takes for me to represent I
see what i rep , seasoned not a vent
but these wins is breezy , inject what i know , watch the flow squint all the rest
and I do not flinch at ya attempts to put me on the bench
paper game more than upliftin' bars i done pressed
pause , the wordplay left them in awe i done flexed
aww is that the first , virgin till he's cursed
transmitting transmissions from the broken antenna now gearing up for the verse
see how my transition shift past the lames
no matter which track i blaze cos this rap has changed
no chains i kick latch the trains not as trained
but im done runnin' i been past the aim
see how my finished lines run something
and shine as soon as my kicks gets the spits from something
n i wonder what the rap's for

bad boy T
10-05-2007, 08:56 AM
Why you put 15 of your own threads on here / you should spread them out more

10-08-2007, 01:10 AM
i been down
but now im down at the basement
with the pound tryna pound where my escape is
death was the round and me it clowned with the faces
scared to point of hearing loss
steppin' on the bugs that would clog what im sayin'
wired to the fingertips where ink wouldn't let a finger slip
dipping is a novelty thats why carefully the finger sips
to block logically ...so dotted lines became hard to trace
followed blood drops thats why i start at base
keys in the car too far from chase
and it seems the scene was not all apart of tape
shown to the criminal the home where clues warranted a subliminal
shots driven rocks hidden what are the odds that it would split in two
struck ground and lifted a bag filled with things considered pivotal
but not recognized as the witnesses didn't survive the interview

10-21-2007, 02:28 AM
broke bags , prone to expose holes and
give it a lil' poke , see what come out for yo' po' ass
governin' ain't for the government , the holds back
reinforce a bunch of nonsense , control's flat
heard some buzz cos the scientists' experiment
wasn't what eying is , discriminate
everything you see is virtual , read illiterate
and it seems that by all means it's necessary to envision it
pass the color boundaries , i wonder by how much descriptions miss
put a label on what the cops chase
can't cop wait , why not stop and pop face
pills in bullet capsules legally to block stay
go right through you and to the next , wherever but cop's safe
still , what we making is a statement but not cos we make it
cos to make it is to know how , and being broke oww, ok lets better define statement
money is the basis , for worse if ever , from the dirt down to the work we lift - - better - -

11-11-2007, 03:39 PM
same here
word to my replay value
when i can just rephrase jea
now tears
as i cries over
everything my everything
can't write over
damaged same vein different action
ink to the
making all my itching classic
old but never
again the pleasure of rapping
my endeavors to the letters
and back since
haven't been back since
to take off or not to
drop fillers i ve rapped in