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12-29-2006, 02:58 PM
My boy lucked out and stumbled across a PS3, so this is one of the games he picked up and the only one he has I really fuck with. This game is fucking crazy, definately the best FPS I played in a long long time. The story line is fuckin crazy, (ww2 with mutants instead of nazis in case you're in the dark) the enemy A.I. fuckin crazy, the guns are fuckin crazy, sound effects, everythings on point.

A little touch on the guns, they have a gun called the bullseye, it's the enemies basic infantry weapon a small rapid fire machine gun. It's alternate fire is a tag shot. When the enemy is hit with the tag shot all bullets fired will home in on the target alowing you to shoot from behind cover or around corner and still take motherfuckers out.

The rocket launcher is rediculous. It fires a rocket and than the alternate fire allows you to air brake the rocket in mid air and than direct it wherever you want, as many times as you can freeze and turn it before it hits something. The physics on this gun are insane.

They have a high powered rifle called the auger. The bullets tunnel threw walls and destroy cover. The alternate fire creates a stasis shield in front of you and the only thing thats capable of penetrating it is an auger round.

They got all types of shit, I didn't really get to play the game too much but its awesome.

Anyone else get a chance to play this yet?

12-31-2006, 11:32 PM
I haven't had the chance to fuck with this one yet. I will soon I'm sure though. I just need to get a friend with a PS3 or some shit :)

01-01-2007, 06:45 AM
you can also get a kinda shrapnel grenade but I'm too lazy to get my magazine to make sure