View Full Version : Lyrical Insurgency

12-29-2006, 03:26 PM
Carving Hannibal Animal, Inscribing Vandal
Pit-bull like Livingston Bramble, too vicious to handle
Dwellin' in an underground Lost City like Sleestaks
Accused of witchcraft for the wicked raps I craft
Alpha male running the lion pack
Holocaust combat, blast caps, human backs crack
When gun claps like Adolf Hitler on Poland attacks
Dark plight theology trying to be explained in light
Y’all peep NASA’s Terra satellite?
It shows me spitting steam like a white volcano
This James Brown road show is “hard act to follow”
Not your average Joe like Dimaggio
But I will hit for the cycle then bone Marilyn Monroe
Call that Spanish surgeon, flow is ill like Fidel Castro
Hood Picasso, runnin’ streets of Medellin like Pablo Esco
‘Sandman’ super villain chasing foes at the “Apollo”
I reign like the cocaine game in Ukraine
Hell of aim after Lucifer infected brain with demon flames
Vocab’s grim, limbs full of sins like Menendez twins
Evil darts sharper than Jack Nicklaus at Canadian Skins
Sasquatch prowess, rugged like Utah wilderness
I feast on emcees like Taiwanese do on bull penises
Batches of opponents get dropped like Duke rape charges
Foes keep a low pro like Christian John Doe hoes
Their hopes sink like a mechanic on the Titanic
I battle imaginary enemies with realistic weaponries
Lee Van Cleef QB with a gunslinger’s mentality
Lyrical insurgency, brawling UFC savagely
Hostile pugilistic style like George Foreman vs Ron Lyle
“Lake Placid” crocodile bite is Swift like Stromile
Siberian Tiger in Missouri “Taking it to the Streetz” with
Keith Murray
Pushing Ed Curry weight from Cali to New York City
Runaway train like Earl Campbell on 4th & inches
Turning NFL riches to Darryl Stingley twitches
B-ball talent when the orange rock I’m handlin’
Leaving defenders in a Phog like Allen
I’m like Mr. Freeze spitting from Gotham City fountains
Colder than ice deposits on Martian mountains
Rusticle flow, heavy metal like Black Death
Putting phosphorus Iron in Lungs like Meth
Battle rap this Cali Battlecat?
Y’all have a better chance getting dap from David Duke
Radical militant in the Tim boots is bombing like Beirut
Raw recruit coups “Catch a Fire” like Derek Luke
My sneer is more defiant than Sicilian mobsters
Oktay Urkal skilled boxer exuding crude power
Bullying punks like field guards do ground workers
I put my paws to a female emcee’s breasts like Eve
Bob Backlund blow that back up while pulling on her 20
inch straight weave
The battery I commit is not domestic like Nick Harper
It’s assault, bodily harm to micro-fiber rappers
Douse them with wicked water, flows slaughter
Hatchet swings like blades on ceiling fans
With Sudan spears I stab thyroid glands
Inflame armor shields like plantar fascia in right heels
Inflate grills with one shot like Texas lottery jackpots
Put elephant tusk pressure to craniums till brains bust
Brawn domes will be holding more blood than tampons
Wigs blown like the roof of the Superdome
Unsewed mouths leak like CIA probes
Eye-sockets left with bigger circles than MLB on-decks
Tech wrecked from upper deck, hit clavicle and neck
Torso rain check wet, left more red than Prince’s corvette