View Full Version : Hodul - Nifter Be So Upset

12-30-2006, 12:45 PM
Something I'm working on the song will have me and two dope kats Ignite and Crooked Scholar


that's when a nifter be so be upset he starin at the moon wet
like what you shonnin on me ownin on me fo , you ain't the sun son
no disrespect, but i seen you during the day, it's like you trynah
clock in extra pay...

do me a favor favor take yah flavor aide, and no stick band aide brand
rap and pack head for the hills have eyes and take this man's advice
don't go to hustler's conventions with loaded dice
i'f been quoted twice on net testimony, riddle they owe my duckets
stock went public drop the mop they saw...me
hundred yard dash... probably score me.. and offer me cash
the way I'm wise with the math computations, and the horizontal
sneak lacin, i take 4 and a half paces and draw turn around this nifter tracin spacin my writtens spittin like griffith incitin controversy in silence
i could fight don't mean i'm violent but wouldn't suggest you try it
appli the science for you egotitically deny that it's true,
i are... the epitome of goop super slueth... put up yah dukes
while yah fluesy daisy maybe hazy hittin the flute...

12-30-2006, 02:52 PM
track sounds dope!! only thing i would say is that vocal loop sample maybe needs to sit better as it seemed to get in the way of the vocal (maybe eq it a bit?) - remids me of some cannibal ox - let me hear this when its done - gonna be class, well done mate

01-02-2007, 08:36 AM
i pumped this a bit louder - sounds real dope!!