View Full Version : Who dares to battle Dupreez?

07-16-2005, 01:54 PM
Anyone wanna battle?

1. first to three votes wins.

2. No hating.

3. Votes must be explained.

Peace to all the challengers.

07-16-2005, 01:57 PM
Fearless without a harness,
familys now become tearless. WU-TANG
CORP is where im relentless. Sticks
and stones gonna break yo bones, but words......,
they aint never gonna hurt me. All you haters,
time to decipher this. Try to KO Dupreez,
have you on your knees, take back
the keys, Im the gatekeeper, making decisions like the grimreaper,
Shaolin follower - posinus like the cape cobra, more deadly
than the living dead, nails got dirt, cause i keep on coming back,
shit aint a mystery...... Human combustion be the biggest mystery.
Make you forgotten history, like Nelson mandela's past history,
who wanna try diss me, eight knuckle fist ya, pain pumps through
your veins like african rains, causing drowned lungs,evil like a serpent discuised as a nun,
make you climb a razor ladder, crush you like a razor fanged puffadder,
shit bro,Relentless, so i rip your bladder out just to get you pissed off. Dont need
no verse, Im driving the rhyme hurse, after the human combustion, nothing
but ashes,1,2,3 four bottles ridding shotgun. space for 1 body in the back,
I fuck you up like crack, depends how many times you try hit me, Dupreez
upping the calvarey, shits tasty like a carvery, Come after me, maybe I knight you
with a medal for bravery, hope y'all got indemnity cause im actually luminary, never
ordinary now go help your mom with my laundry.


07-17-2005, 08:49 AM
Come on dudes, 30 people have viewed this but none of you have replied?

07-17-2005, 08:57 AM
I can't knock you're hustle, at least this kid tried,
But you in the spot light now buster, now you ready die?
you brought no game to claim fame, kid You must be fakin it,
tear you're ass a new hole, you're pride left?, bet I'll be takin it.
I expose this pussy, man i'll point out his clit,
step up and spit,
remind's me of a outhouse, cause you just full of shit.
This cat's got no skill, you about to witness a dyke get blown,
and im willing to bet, this pussy don't even own a microphone.
Pump you're break's son, now slow you're goddamn roll,
cause you going off the track, you gotta learn some flow control.
I take hold, and unfold the spit mold,
crafted and masterd, to rip up you're bitchass, you pussy bastard.
A disaster is what you facing, the rhyme game you're disgracing,
you're ass is what im soon going to be erasing and misplacing.
I'm blazing, this mother fucker frozen shut, trying to lay in the cut,
but the puncture is too deep, so I guess this victim will die stuck.
I can't believe this walking talking , weak slang rocking,
no skilled mother fucker claim's he could verbal fuck other's,
watch as I smother this kid's flame, now he cashed as a ash,
it's getting real dark now, time to dim the last spark on his ass.
enough with the flow, time to knock off his block,
leave his onion hanging, need no shot's, to drop this cock,
let me tell you somthing, a gun is for a pussy,
and a knife for a bitch.
so drop both those tool's kid, and step up to rip,
but you can't, you're pitch ain't tight enough,
and you're wordplay ain't hyped enough,
you're too fresh in this game,
even the amature's told ya you ain't ripe enough.
The truth hurt's, well fuck it. don't like it? blow me,
no homo mother fucker, but the bitch in you is all you've shown me.
I don't like you're attitude, and you're word's ain't legit,
when you step up to spit, drop the drawer's, so you can shit.
but you'll still shit yourself after I drop a round,
no worrie's on you kid, I move shit like you by the pound.
but don't get it twisted, Im not calling you dope
Im calling you the next victim, in " murder he wrote "
You're best bet was to stay out of sight,
you were looking for a battle, but I was looking for a fight.

07-17-2005, 09:02 AM
I think that's the fastest I wrote a 40 bar, good verse, peace.

07-17-2005, 09:08 AM
shit dude that was pretty quick. Pretty sweet aswell.

07-17-2005, 09:11 AM
I've been freestylin all night, so I have a pretty heated mind right now, plus I can type 100 word's a min, (80 was req. for my old job) so I guess that's another reason, but you're verse was hot man, peace.

07-17-2005, 03:17 PM
You cant knock my hustle, cause you been knocked already,
im coming for you in my rhyme hurse, you need more than
a nurse, No verse can save ya.Im worse than a black vodoo curse,
"You the 1 body in the back", You know how I do - its better
than you. My decision is you through. quit buggin, I re-incarnate
you as human shit, cause yo,....... your rhymes stink. What does the forum
think? Dont rhyme when you drink. and on the real, I aint gay,
so quit sending me those private winks. Your rhymes makes me dizzy
like im on an ice rink, you like a godam fizzy drink - no effort for me to
finsish ya. Told ya, I'll crush ya. Wanna try diss? Im stronger than
an egyptian monolith. Im known for perpetuity, you known for anxiety,
Shit bro, how many times I gotta tell you shit aint surreal, shit here
is fo-real!! go grab my reel, ima feed this dude to the eels, maybe
drop him off in "killa hills" watch the blood spill, bout to witness your first red
flood, its aaight cause this dude aint nothing but a lil dud. Still
standing at the bar with polished shoes and warm bottled budweiser,
shoulda been wiser, next time try harder.
Peace bro, nothing but a rhyme. Thought mayaswell keep em coming.

07-18-2005, 08:01 AM
you catch pneumonia when i put the cold lead on ya
coast to coast from florida to california
pandemonium begins when i pick up my pen
grab your wife and kids and leave town as fast as u can
theres no time to waste, ill turn your city into a ghost town
everybody listen up cuz this is how it goes down
i kick down your door if your home or if your not
ill dick down your whore and ill make you fucken watch
im ruthless, some might say sadistic
fuck around and ill turn you into a statistic
grab the olympic torch and scorch ya, 3rd degree burns, its torture
forensics couldnt capture how the butcher stole your culture
and then ill force ya into your basement
and make you eat your own shit, im fucken tasteless
lets face it, i lost my marbles and i got loose screws
what makes it worse is that i got nothing to loose

07-18-2005, 03:24 PM
What you need is a navigator, and definetly
an aviator, cause yo,.....im in africa.
I got a long range, so still bang ya. Talk
about a deadly sniper. Just wiped out your
future, now you on the floor with all the creatures,
Quick someone call a preacher. I got the power,
Told ya im the grimreaper, I punish you like a school teacher,
make you sit in the corner, Tonights homework, give up
rhyming and take up knitting. That last verse almost had me sleeping.
Now you got me creeping, stepping, spying, plotting my next killing.
Fill you up with lead like a tooth filling. Just a little cavaty problem,
Refer to me as your majesty. Real African nationality, fuck outta here
with "hollywoodreality", You a crew member on O.C? Life out here is
50/50, your view on life is clean, like an unfucked pussy.
come across an unholy preacher who bout to make you nothing but a fatality.
Bitch i aint grimey, just spitting straight up honesty. You better indemnify,
cause there aint no indemnity for fuckers with no individuality.


07-18-2005, 07:12 PM
dupreez, ill leave you lost like a mouse looken for the cheese
ina maze now your amazed my bitches aim to please
aim and freeze, my minds playing tricks on me
you think im building a house cuz somebody's delevering bricks to me
its sick to me, how i lay down
the dope sound that makes your head go up and down
dont get paralyzed, you need a neck brace
my chiropractic rhymes had to pop u back in place
double jointed, insulted as i loaded
the canon, with sounds that leave you stranded
so many cows been branded and then sent to the butcher
sold you the leather on that jacket your mom'z bought ya
on christmas or was it your birthday
ask luke, how i bring it to you the worst way
ever seen my lyrical tidal wave
ever seen my file change from an mp3 into a wave
its an escalade, i bring hurricanes and more
im on an elevator getting off on the 13th floor
your just a whore, i bust on you like bukaki
why u riding me dupreez, you aint no jockey
ill slap you like some hockey pucks
smack you like your mama's butt
you aint african, your 1/2 bitch 1/2 slut

07-18-2005, 08:29 PM
hollywood is killin it
Dupreez you stepped it up that last vers
SureaL where you at?

07-19-2005, 06:17 PM
dupreez thats 1-0 where u at

07-20-2005, 09:40 AM

07-20-2005, 01:16 PM
Yo, hollywood. Sorry dude but been fucking busy. Saw your post last night but couldnt even reply. Got mad things to do. Will reply in a few min. Peace.

07-20-2005, 02:22 PM
Hollywoodreality, quit sucking yo ma's titty,
You gonna feel this verse till ya fifty, Have you
zipped up in a "jiffy", straight to the mortuary, take
whats left of your dignity, leave your soul in internal
misery, Im the majority, you the minority,
Things bout to get gory, torture any of y'all just for simple
glory. Fuck you up like the zulu's did the british army,
Dont need no weaponry, got mental stability, rhyme ability,
learn about me in history. Kid dont test me.
Get you "necklaced", with african
jewels, the shit that'll leave you more fucked up than a phsyco with tools,
Rip you up quicker than a troop of hungry baboons
Hollywoodreality bout to become another victim of my brutality,
shit comes nartually, get fucked up mentally, from Monday to
Sunday. Have it your way, pick any day. Either way you gonna sway.
ek se, Thula wena, Bro I beat your ass in another
two languages, leave you in nothing but bandages, how easy my rhyme damages,
Never trust stangers, now flying up with the angles. Intercept like a
we on the court, slam dunk you back to earth. You aint three points worth.
Dupreez sting ya like a Killa Bee, Dont be stepping on my rhyme garden,
you aint even come across my jargon. Get knocked backed now you riding in wagons.
matter of fact, Dark ages, now you running from dragons, time to put your white flag up.
pissed on you now watch how I pull my zip up. You aint never come up.
I duplicate, illuminate, invigorate, Bitch you invalidate. Kick you right through
the gate, quick grab the tape, tie this dude up, he bout to learn his fate, This bitch
drinking wine, so imma crush him like a grape. He getting all freaky now tryin to
call out rape, Bitch you dont want dont ask for it!!!

Peace Bro............

07-21-2005, 06:58 AM
welcome back dupreez, let me spit my shit now

07-21-2005, 08:27 AM
i came to play thats why im sporten the jordans
when i step on the court, dupreez feels the explosion
witness the erosion of your defense
my quickness and swiftness throws you off sequance
i pledge allegiance to this rap game
its contagious once u get a taste of the fame
why waste the chance to advance in society
the thoughts of albert einstein hide inside of me
when i invented the style that got cemented
under the pavement, 2000 years later its still sacred
i turn dupreez into dabree when i pop him
cant run from ghost and goblims cuz somebody's gotta stop em
the problem with getting past your fears is
when u think u defeated them but suddenly they reappear, its
the way shits gonna be just leave it alone
ill put u in the past now its time to move on
but your holding on for your dear life
got you all stressed out like a zebra loosing its stripes
whats all the hype about, its time for me to kill the noise
shoot out your eardrums so u got no choice
this is my kingdom, im the one wearing the crown
i got my dog pound like the cleveland browns
bunch of doverman pinchers, bulldogs, and rot wielers
and when they all attack there's no survivors
dupreez is leftovers for the vulchers
evolution of man, im changing the culture
im the butcher, my rhymes are toxic
spit flames, swing switch blades when i talk sick
your like the walking dead, a zombee
i gotta eat, i aint ghandi, your hoes all on my salami
the butcher got the freshest meats, the freshest rhymes, the freshest beats
your bitch ass needs to take a number and have a seat

07-21-2005, 05:36 PM
Fuck bro, this is a bad week. That was a pretty tight rhyme ^ Ima drop a quick one now. But you gotta wait untill tomorrow when Im free and got no work to think about. My mind is all ove the place right now. On the weekend will be able to do this properly.

07-21-2005, 05:42 PM
my rhymes popping like toast,
Yo, im enjoying this like its a sunday roast.
Now you battling to stay afloat. Shoulda just
stuck with an old school boat, too much hype,
now you rocking a yacht, even named it dynamite,
A simple analogy, you rhyme with a dictionary,
"Got thoughts" that bring forth howling winds,empty out
my lungs, Dangerous brainstorms, lightning, striking in
all directions, unmeasurable dimensions....., brainwaves, bigger than tidal waves,
whip you like the europeans did the slaves, Beat you till your
head hollow like a cave, I keep it underground, more tactical
than a marine, come after you in my submarine, im spitting
rhyme torpedos, while you on deck sunbathing in your speedo,
snatch your last rolo, use your head for a game of polo.
Watch how your ryhmes decay, im overlapping you in this
500 bar relay. "you came to play", im thinking you came
to pay, "you sporten the jordans" you never catch me
im sporten the flash gordans, come up behind you and give
you a half nelson. Your own pops to embarresed to call you son.
Bitch what have you ever won, never be number one. Compare you
to an overcooked piece of meat, you over done. Now best you run,

07-21-2005, 05:45 PM
Mmmmm, maybe I shouldnt have posted that. Fuck it. Look kid, we can battle later. Keep em coming though your rhymes seem to be getting doper each time.


07-21-2005, 08:28 PM
^ you're stiLL here?

i'd have thought you might have left by now..

guess shit happens

oh, take care by the way

OmO < Idiom

07-22-2005, 05:32 PM
Kapow,......got you motherfuckers like WOW,
Punchlines that go POW!!!You bitches remind me of cows,
Gonna milk you, steal your cheese, many more dirty deeds,
But....I aint selfish, only take what I need. Im camafoluge
like a tiger in the reeds, plug in your earphones, my rhymes
make your ears bleed. Its fun getting high until your nose bleeds,
This how a dealer steals, Compare you to fish, dealers got mad reels,
evil bait similar to slimy eels, now we got you hooked, one bite is all it
took, now the body drying up, shaking cause you cant wake up, kid this
the reall reality, motherfuckers doing this in simple cocktail partys,
Carry on boasting you land up with martyr, now wheres the laughter?
Now you got stupid ass goons after ya, who wont hesitate to blast ya.
Shit gets brighter, now you above the clouds, higher, Face to face with
the grimreaper, hope you werent a grimy dealer, cause you get sent straight
under, where theres endless fire, Carpet been pulled from your feet, now
where's your power? NOw its cold turkey, got you motherfuckers taking cold showers,
You dont want your fam remebering you with flowers, shits heartstopping like
twin towers (RIP) Shit happens quick like the fast and furious, Never be
curious, HOLD UP..........its back to the diss, Dont even need to clench my
fist, im fucking disgusting eat you like I eat your ma's cyst's. Na...im just
fucking, this dude switched his whole style, made a move when I wasnt looking,
Who you think you fooling? Freak me out like hippys singing. Yo, just finished
some ART of WAR reading, So every thought is actually me plotting, WHAT THE FUCK
ARE JORDANS GONNA DO? kid we in the battlefield, what you need is a shield,
Got a forked tongue so spit ryhmes with poisnus flem, im a stressed tiger,
lost my stripes, rhymes got a little darker, so now Im a black panther,
That means you gotta bigger problem, Im gangsta so my fangs are silver,
Bite harder than a hyena, Step back in the arena, ok change levels,
pull up to the court, have you amazed by my rims, shit I get more air time
in my timbs, leave you with broken limbs, Scoreboard reads Dupreez wins,
have you shaken like you just seen a shark fin, OK....... Its over dude you been
slam dunked in my rhyme bin.


07-24-2005, 06:05 AM
Yo, anyone seen hollywoodrealty?

07-25-2005, 04:38 AM
yo i been out of town, should of mentioned that
but im back with a vengience, i came to scrap
bout to form an aliance with dupreez
he's proven to me to be a strong mc
enough dissen, coast to coast we swing and never missen
we swing for the fence while martyr gets all tense
im tired of these cats who talk shit but dont back it up
bout to kick them out my house, get your shit and pack it up
hit the road jack dont ocme back no more
im cleaning out your shit like its one of my chores
i got your whore in a french maids outfit
i stole all of martyr's loot, its about 5 dollars, nigga count it

07-25-2005, 03:17 PM
Can someone give some feedback please.

this my edit > over 300 people have viewed this thread, so would like to know what you thought or some of my rhymes. Anything good/shit. let me know.


07-25-2005, 04:48 PM
Dey wuz aight i guess.

07-25-2005, 04:53 PM
Dey wuz aight i guess.
lol......fuck bro you may aswell just said you didnt feel them. That answer seemed like i had to drag it out of you. But its all good. No feedback is negative feedback. Thats my new theory anway.

Peace dude

07-25-2005, 05:01 PM
Dey wuz betta den sum of da shit i come up wid.

my vote goes ta Dupreez


Yo vote on my battle wid u-turn we need sum votes to aight

08-09-2005, 04:14 PM
..this is a waste of my time but to prove your uselessness in everything:

Fearless without a harness,
familys now become tearless. WU-TANG
CORP is where im relentless. Sticks
and stones gonna break yo bones, but words......,
they aint never gonna hurt me. All you haters,
time to decipher this. ...no rhymes as of yet, not one, not even bars...

Try to KO Dupreez,
have you on your knees, take back
the keys, Im the gatekeeper, making decisions like the grimreaper,WOAH SHIT! two basic rhymes: "...Dupreez/...knees/...key/" (if you want to call those bars) and "...keeper/...reaper"

Shaolin follower - posinus like the cape cobra, more deadly
than the living dead, nails got dirt, cause i keep on coming back,
shit aint a mystery...... ...none... but wait -- there's more!

Human combustion be the biggest mystery.
Make you forgotten history, like Nelson mandela's past history,
who wanna try diss me, OOOOO SHIT SON!!!! YOU'RE RHYMING NOW!!!! YOU ALMOST HAVE BARS!!!! rhyming: "...mystery/...history/...history/...diss me/"

...that's enough son, this is visualizing how you CANNOT rhyme, let alone write so don't get smart with me... you rhymed 'history' twice and 'diss me' doesn't have an equal amount of syllables but if you space it up in the flow it would work... but really bitch, you got nothing... that's final...

08-09-2005, 04:20 PM
Thanks for that. There are some more I would like you to break down for me (if you dont mind please)

08-10-2005, 01:20 PM
my s*** is electro sexual amore with marshmellow cream
all other niggas do is bite, so yourself you should redeem
im a chaser hunting fake rappers down in the street
the crime scene had me present, my song you repeat
a glimmer of light at the end of my tunnel
when im done battling witless niggas here, i blast off like nasa shuttles
you just a bystander, stepping aside to let me walk over a puddle
after i lyrically f*** you in the ass, we cuddle
you are an accessory in my heist to take this rap game
i have the answer, there is no man worthy of fame
i f*** paffuti niggas in the mindstate of erotici
my mic slids in yo wet ass, rhyming in the opening
your dreams will be crushed, so stop hoping
im a stem cell rhymer, so its me you shouldnt be cloning
y'all have gone past dick riding, my dick you are blowing
imperfect to the letter, forgot about the flowing

im the prince of rap, sporting ass out chaps
my voice is for the people, speak louder than gun claps
i rebuilt black music from the core upward
weve been at the back already, only place left is forward
nothin you can tell me to make me think i stink
all i gotta do is get your crews attention and your ship sinks
i strick eletronic rhymes through hip hops hollow conch
i interlock musical feilds, call me launch
i befriend your mother and tell her im here to save the world
black men and white girls got this ice cream swirled
ive already dug deep into this black hole we call the USA
hip hop and george bush got niggas broke, but now its pay day
like a sharpie, i move into your flaws permenantly
we as black people must strick the world again, unexpectedly
i am the light bulb that struck your innovation with a flash
my rhymes are in overdrive, watch out for the car crash