View Full Version : producer, mixer, arranger, engineer. what does each do?

07-17-2005, 10:43 AM
i was wondering what is the role of each of these people to make a beat? maybe some guys who make beats on here can tell me.

Professor Poopsnagle
07-17-2005, 11:39 AM
^good question!

07-17-2005, 03:44 PM
beats me

Eerie Theories
07-17-2005, 03:55 PM
Producer makes the overall beat and engineer tweaks the almost finished product

07-17-2005, 05:41 PM

07-17-2005, 10:52 PM
Producer is normally the one who makes the beat or the one that tells the artist how to deliver certain lines in a verse.

A mixer is the person who mixes down the final product..adding the effects and getting the levels good n shit

im not sure about arranger

The engineer is the one who is behind the boards recording the track