View Full Version : Im JUST A RAPPER AND A POET%

07-18-2005, 12:38 AM
so when exhibiting my talent,

might break pens on paper sheets ,
yet you depend on vulgar sounds thats none irrelevant to peeepss????
SHIT.. Ill hold it down like paper weights and take that SALT so you cant SHAKEEE!!!!!!!
you see these rappin acts Will bluur .
because they havent learned the breaks>>>>
unpure yet abscured so I cruise the interstates
unsure of where im heeaded numbing tounge to losee the taste,when senses embrace and turn all this love into hate,,,,,,,
just cause the path I see is clear cause now a tune is what I make...
yet the vengfull win spin inside bewildered by the ones who sinned
im seeking sunny days amid this cold and ritual desceend,
see waking up to me's a gift you fuckers take with excess pride .... and jenocide is not the factor once you see those demon eyes????
one day im bound to break the mold thats got me locked inside this hole....
I seek control when packing bowls with this alcoholic dose..
I spit to frolic as the host when knowledge comes to invade this path paved by men slaved to a fucked up music wave...
you see most cats are double sided like confederate flags rappers couldnt grip my mic if you put tape in their hands ...
yet to give them a chance well i might not give their ladies a glance
cause real rappers rock it steady we dont make it in dance!!!!!
or fakin a stance!!!when flossin with those jewels they dont own All toy clones best to go home when we be rippen it homes..
explicit with tones....Shit im dope enough to numb..up your nose....
with some words youll need in life like food shelter and clothes . While you keep calin us out at every party well fight toys couldnt handle rap attacks fueled by cannibis pipes... veto that glamorouse hype despite who evers in sight i might get drunk spit flows while serving lines that arent WHITE.............................
you see im not the type to diss a church or claime it s freestylewhen rehearsed
i keep my mind just like a fruit ripe and ready to burst.............
so dont bite................

07-18-2005, 01:05 AM
its "unspoken words" and we do this for a living in o.c. not as a faze on the internet.. im looking for citics on the lyrics not the form but thanks for the advice... you should hear it live and on stage its a whole lot better.... newsone%unspoken words%%

07-18-2005, 01:53 AM
when i read the title i wanted to say, I Just Have Dick And A Ball Sack.....lol

07-18-2005, 10:50 AM
i have mad audio, from beats and rythms , and live shows ... just not tocomputer literate..... maybe you could help with that???