View Full Version : open battle 7

Bigot Hitman
01-24-2007, 03:53 PM
one round, 8 bars (16 lines), first to 3 votes wins, check in an i'll drop, no feeding

01-26-2007, 08:06 PM
Czar..i'll penetrate ya "anus" walls so that my "Dis"-'infects' you when it wets- you.. 1
way worse then "unprotected sex-do!!", but you don't get the *picture* until i crack your face wit a *television* 'set-tube'....!
my *explicit lyrics* take out *Negroid's words* like *radio edited-rhyme-versions*..
your Spits wouldn't be *tight* even if you kept your *Lips* sealed like *mimed*-*virgins*..... !!
i'm too much`when "sparring" on "Wutang " cause i'm-scarring-wit *margins* an *foreign bar blends*.
that *exchanges* your "4-limbs" to far-ends, when i *roll* your *tired* ass outta here like dented-*car-rims*.... !!
if you gave me a "lifetime to rhyme", i couldn't Properly *express-my-disgust* wit-you...
you'd need to *puncture ya veins*', with "steroids" to ‘come in my game', cause at "best your a substitute....!!
i was looking for a bitch to hit!! an Well i just found the battle-place, It's sad to say that ya *crafts* get crashed-to-shattered-waste.. !!
I bet removing your "scattered-face" will allow room for 'ill cats' to consume this "data-base"...!!
look 'CHAMP'.. don't get offended cause i'am like "fuck gay rights",i take-mic's..!!
your boring!! you could'nt be explicit if you was in a "orgy"-with-8-dikes fuckking in a parking lot lit by-brake-lights..!!!
get stomped-wit-cleats...you must be with *verizons team* cause talk-is-cheap!
my squads-elite..i'll "shut you down" with ease:CONTROL/ALT/DELETE...!!
like i'am *stealing board games* when i "rip his chess-off",somebody get dis "kid an 'eviction' like *homeless orphans*...
ya "dead-weight",not even tha "scale-a-tale(skeletal)" like "boneless-corpses"
busy sucking Boar's diCk dipped in cool-whip an ice-cream..
i shine with a ice-gleam.. while this homo's 'duller than' the "broken handle bars" on a fake "quater-pike team"!!!


Bigot Hitman
01-26-2007, 08:23 PM
there's no reason for me to waste another battle verse on this site, we'll never get votes

01-26-2007, 08:32 PM
lol dude spit and we will know who won ourselves....but yea vote ppl

Bigot Hitman
01-26-2007, 10:56 PM
Just edit ya post, an save ya verse for somebody else, i'm done wit battle'in on this site, if u really wanna go then battle me, "wu banga" at rapbattles.com.