View Full Version : top 5 movies in 2005

06-10-2005, 08:20 AM
post ur 5 fav new movies in 2005 so far

in no order

the longest yard
ong bak............................great fighting ...the whole movie is action
meet the fockers

and its not out yet but looks good

war of the worlds

06-10-2005, 08:32 AM
War of the worlds.

06-10-2005, 08:55 AM
only 3 new movies of oh-five are: Meet The Fockers, Star Wars III:ROTS & The Ring Two. Out of those, Star Wars wins. But I bet it'll be dethroned once I get to see Sin City, Kunfgu Huslte & Batman Begins

06-10-2005, 09:07 AM
yea im going to see batman..i will up date the thread every time i see a better movie this year

Definitive X
06-10-2005, 03:56 PM
Yo yo yo...y'all need to see Crash...that movie's too raw...

Crash is number one this year...I apologize to all Star Wars geeks...

But Batman Begins is gonna be the SHIIIIIIIIIIIT

06-10-2005, 04:13 PM
1.sin city
2star wars
3.hitchikers guide to the galaxy
4.the incredibles
5.the interpretor

sin city wins by a mile

06-10-2005, 05:32 PM
I can't wait till Batman, and the Fantastic Four movie looks sick as well.

06-10-2005, 06:11 PM
hitchikers guide to the galaxy

how is that movie.. i never got to see it

Definitive X
06-10-2005, 08:43 PM
Jessica Alba as Invisible Girl...:yes:

06-10-2005, 10:08 PM
cosign wit xtradas

My top 3:

3. Meet the Fockers
2. Sin City
1. House of Flying Daggers(Fighting in this shit is godly. also has a good plot and nice twist and turns more than i expected from this chinese import)

06-11-2005, 06:05 AM
Meet The Fockers was hella funny lol

Definitive X
06-11-2005, 02:38 PM
Fockers was '04

06-11-2005, 08:55 PM
Sin City

Fuck everything else

Definitive X
06-11-2005, 09:00 PM
^^^^^^^U obviously have not seen Crash...you wouldn't be saying shit like that if you had...

06-11-2005, 10:41 PM
kung fu hustle easily wins....

and when did hotel rwanda come out? if it was 05 then id say that...

06-17-2005, 10:46 AM
1 Star Wars
2 Sin City
3 Incredibles
4 Mr. and Mrs. Smith
5 Sky Captain

06-18-2005, 01:43 PM
-The Longest Yard
-Mr and Mrs smith
-Sin City
-Madagascar [had to put that in there :D ]
-The Motorcycle Diaries

06-18-2005, 04:45 PM
Def Motorcycle Diaries, but isnt that from last year?

1.Sin City
2.Star Wars Episode:3
3.The Longest Yard
4.Batman Begins

06-26-2005, 10:48 PM
Batman Begins
Star Wars Episode III
Coach Carter

06-26-2005, 11:00 PM
Ong Bak
Coach Carter
The Incredibles
Meet The Fockers

probably will add... Fantastic 4