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01-27-2007, 11:48 PM
relax,hustle, find peace, and then struggle, to reach completion
shady ways where the road was paved, with hells secretions/
one bedroom ghettos spots, to a penthouse in the venetian
on a treadmill with a corvette engine, and a door i'm never reachin/
my speach patterns, release tattered emotions, from an open cut
spoke too soon cus a tomb's created from a mothers gut/
where i loom, the sun shines in a refraction of smog
even comedians' gangsters, steady laughin too hard/
critics, hop on ridick bowes, then weep and woe when they fall
children neglected by talents, don't even know when they call/
stalled movements, ever eludin touch, they'll never be reached
a new wind has brought a breath of air that has yet to been breathed/
i wonder if ideas have thoughts of they own, or if planets have homes
if god has a brother... if so why ain't he king of the throne?/
do clones know they ain't original, do trees have subliminal names
does blood feel like it's on a rollar coaster ride when creepin in veins/
does metal feel remorse for keepin prisoners chained?...
do the faces on my cards know that they livin a game?.../
do dead people speak... in a frequency uncharted
when they think of us are we refered to as dearly departed/
do answers ever ask questions, then get frustrated with silence
does eternity feel boredom when it remembers it's timeless?/
do apostles read the gospel, realize mistakes and then fret
when jesus turned one fish into a thousand did he mourn for their deaths?/
when my father walks in heaven, does he realize that he's dead?
are these crazy questions, or answers to the lies in my head/

01-28-2007, 08:32 PM
That’s some good thought provoking shit. As always, feeling the word selection and style. Very descriptive in the first odd half. The second part was thoughtful and interesting. Really feeling your shit.