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Tha Ill Shogun Lord
01-29-2007, 02:03 AM
empire earth i search for the drunken sword lords
thumpin beats rhymes destroy alloy's
flamin arrow volley shot niggas in the ally
trying to make a run for the cali
herb izm split em roll em like phat swisher sweets
elavatin my mind mental capacity cuz my physical doesnt hold much vitality
but i got mad aces up my sleeve cloak like a sillottee holdin a black teck
aiming with the thermal goggle specs high tech armor ayo you aint peicin
da dark karma yin yang 36 brains i contain keep it on da low no need to explain
drain yo life energy absorb souls experiment with the chemistry
in dust tree's mc's fall from the mighty malacy i'm upholdin
explode flows keep on yo toes tight walkin a shaolin monk staff
8 diagram pole be fallin
like dreams of me jumpin off from otop of buildins
and thats when the blood starts spillin da streets are still screaming
but i wont let that get in my way i came to spray and slay
then get high till i die like snoop dogg and dre
east coast style check my profile
i'm from the hell pits rock wildling like cerbus
The god gift dont fuck with my cerebal cortex
and fuck a mandella i'm fucking cinderrella
i dont give three fucks about the this rhyme dwella
still in da cella unlock or release the stryfe the night
turns light in the battle doom castle eternal jackals
in range rovers spittin verbals but the lines transform the pen
to reveal an alternate dimension
not the forth or 5th the surgical shit
i'll murder you bitch wit my celestial tentacles
after a thousand years dogin the underground spears

Tha Ill Shogun Lord
01-30-2007, 01:53 PM
alicia keys is fuckin the whole now in my head along with 50 cents
nas and jay z

made me throw away all my video games cable box dis in stalled

computer out of function mc 808 broke and thrown inside the trash
like that stolen 303

yeah life is a struggle ls the struggle ( whispering ) do it right come ON!!!!!!