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Edgar Erebus
02-03-2007, 04:57 PM
Post here everything you know about happening in Iraq, about heavier attacks and anything about development of anything, including war in that poor country.

Dedicated to all the innocent people bleeding because of oil anywhere in the world.

***BODY COUNT FOR WEEK 21-28.1.2007*** (will be updated every Monday)

Occupation forces - 53 dead
Iraqi security forces - 57 dead
Insurgents - 77 dead
Civilians - 589 dead
week total - 776 dead


02-03-2007, 05:01 PM
how about LHX merges 45% of the threads on the corp into this thread since anything related to politics in general ends up being a discussion of iraq

02-04-2007, 08:45 AM
I know what I saw when I was there. I went to smoke a spliff behind some storage containers where I wouldn't be spotted or smelt. I could very briefly see a person that looked like one of the insugents in their turbans and dish dashes doing ninja:dududu: rolly pollys between sand dunes after I had heard some automatic machine gun fire. I was close enough to him so that I could have probably blown his head off if I had wanted to but I needed positive identification. The thing is you can't just shoot at people because you think that they've got a gun and you think they will shoot you. They do this sort of stuff for target reconaissance. Thats the worst thing about being camped out on the edge of a city.:dududu:
The other thing I think is that the type of the mortars they are using is getting more sophisticated and bigger. Like chinese rockets. They use these all around the clock and they are impossible to predict. The only good thing is that they aren't able to set up proper launching pads within range because they will get caught and shot on sight. Which is fair enough if you're kill people. This means that they very rarely ever hit an intended target. I also saw BAAL SHAAMAN and chatted to him while he bought a dust pan and brush from me,when I worked in a shop selling food and drinks. I also chatted to Iraqi shop keepers who told me that the good hashish was coming from Iran. I spoke to some other local Iraqi's who promised to get me about 2 ounces of hashish for $100.00 after I asked them because I ran out of skunk. I only had an eigth on me for the entire trip. But even though I was tempted I had to turn them down because I thought that the money might go to funding the insugents who would buy weapons that could be used to kill people. Maybe if we ever see peace in this country I will get to blaze some Iraqi or Iranian dank.

Edgar Erebus
02-04-2007, 10:40 AM
Whoa, you were really there? How long? How do you think Americans wage the war there, in the wrong way or the only possible?

02-04-2007, 11:41 AM
how about LHX merges 45% of the threads on the corp into this thread since anything related to politics in general ends up being a discussion of iraq

and the other 55% are about 9/11?

Edgar Erebus
02-05-2007, 03:03 PM
***BODY COUNT FOR WEEK 29.1.-4.2.2007***

Occupation forces - 29 dead
Iraqi security forces - 58 dead
Insurgents - 405 dead
Civilians - 698 dead
week total - 1190 dead


02-05-2007, 03:16 PM
When US is going to attack to Norway there is oil... err... I meant WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION :looking:

Frontal Lobotomy
02-05-2007, 04:46 PM
Do the troops ever actually get killed by the jihadis or whatever they're calling them now? Or do they just blow themselves away while fucking around with all the hi-tech weapons they don't know how to use? Last I heard a lot of the British forces that've been killed in Iraq have been as a result of friendly fire

02-14-2007, 05:14 PM
Yeah Its Fucking Awesome Man. I Might Go Back And Work For A Security Firm. Thats What All The Sas And Commandos Are Doing Now Because They Get Better Pay For Escorting. I Pisses You Off Because You Get Mortered At Any Time Of The Day Or Night. But At Day It Is Not Too Bad Coz You Can Grab Youre Helmet Or Whatever But Like At Night You Have To Fucking Unzip Youre Mosquito Net And Then Fucking Scramble Around Naked In The Dark Looking For Youre Combats, Boots And Headgear And Body Armour. Fucking Grab A Torch And Go Look For The Unexploded Ones. We Actually Had To Leave Our Outpost Because It Was A Lot Of Mechanized Tanks And Artillery. The Mortar Hit The Oil And After That I Reckoned It Was Too Hard To Resupply With Oil Because Of The Roadside Bombs. We Had Deliveries Coming From Kuwait Of Food And Drinks By Private Firms. They Blew A Whole Articulated Lorry Up. The Cab And Trailer. The Driver Was A Cinder.
I Think It Was Because We Employed Local Iraqis In The Dining Rooms To Clean Up And Do Other Random Small Jobs Like Clean The Toilets. One Day There Was A Fight Between Them Iraqis And The Squaddies/pongos Whatever You Want To Call Them. So I Reckon They Tipped Off The Insurgents Where To Aim After That. Either That Or The Actual Iranian President Was There Dressed In Dish Dash Because This One Bloke It Looked Just Like Him And I Dont Think Anyone Else Noticed That Seeing Noone Relly Knows Or Cares About Him In The West. I Think Everyone Was Glad To Leave Really. We Kept Running Out Of Running Water So We Washed In Bottled Stuff. After A Few Days In August With No Shower You Fucking Stink Mate. The Toilets Were All Fucked, Mens And Womens Blocked Up With Shit. They Were Unisex As Were The Showers. I Liked It Because All Army Birds Are Dirty Bitches Anyway. The Flight Home Was From A Desert Landing Strip With No Protection So You Have To Go Round Looking For Bombs. Kinda Fucked Up I Thought. The Hercules Has Four Propellers Blasting Hot August Air In Your Face When It Lands It Dries Your Eyes. Then It Fucking Launches Like Vertical Practically And Then All Of A Sudden It Straightens Out All The Straps In There Were Floating Around And We Werent Even Turning. I Swear There Was No Gravity. I Swear On My Life That Is The Nearest Ive Been To Space Travel. Awesomw Though. I Dont Even Like Flying Much And I Dont Like Rollercoasters But Id Do That Again. Youve Got To Be In A Combat Situation To Experience That. It Was The Worst Fighting Since The Invasion Apparently.