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02-05-2007, 06:50 AM
Now, the war on drugs has been used to further various racial, economic, social and political atrocities, but having recently done a lot of drugs, I've come to the conclusion that the war on drugs is in fact far more sinister. I think what we're looking at here is a method of mental control designed to pacify the populace and hide the truth of the world. Now, the real question is "Why?", but first lets explore the fact that its happening.

The primary problem is that we basically have government approved mental states. Now, one would naturally assume that the default mental state is fine. Hardly. As children reject the state sponsored brain washing of public schooling, more and more parents are encourged to pacify their children with serious drugs. Not being able to listen to bullshit for 8 or so hours a day and wishing to interact with those around you is considered a disorder. ADD, ADHD, whatever. Ritalin is the answer proposed by scholastic/medical industrial complex. So you see, its perfectly ok to go through the first few years of your life high as a fucking kite so long as your mental state is conducive to government control. When you get older, they've got various antidepressants waiting for you. You work a fucking 9 to 5 on the corporate hustle? Can't get through that five day week? Spouse a cheating asshole? Its not your life thats the problem. You just need more chemicals. Get high.

So you see, the government, the big pharmaceutical companies, the doctors, the psychiatrists, the entire complex wants us to stay high. This comes with a catch however. We MUST exist only in approved mental states. Sobriety is just as big a crime as unapproved highs, especially if the brainwashing doesn't take for children.

Now, some drugs may have side affects that are troublesome enough to warrant outside intervention. I'd speak on them, but I personally haven't tried any such drugs and as I've found out, you can't believe the propoganda. If alcohol is acceptable, which quite often leads to outright insanity, physical and mental death, I can't imagine what a drug would have to do to actually warrant an out and out ban. Hmm...

So whats the real problem here? The real problem is that unapproved mental states, including sobriety, can be unpredictable. When you've got the kids on ritalin, the parents on prozac, and everyone drunk, things become so much simpler when implementing methods of control. Right now, various state governments and many nations have banned or are attempting to ban Salvia. This particular "drug" is a plant created and cultivated by the Mazatecs of Mexico, used for centuries as a shamanic tool. Long story short, its a 10-20 min lesson in how the universe works. Its also the most powerful hallucinogen in the world. It can create an entire reality. The government, on the other hand, is claiming that this should be a concern. State governments are banning it as a problem. Now, I know for a fact that it has no negative affects. Worst case scenario, it fucks with your head for a while. No addictive, you can't OD, and if you have a sitter, no one will get hurt. So I asked myself, why would they want to ban this? The bottom line is that people who have control over self, through their default mental state or through technologically engineered states, cannot be controlled. Thats the reality of the war on drugs. Its mind control, most transparantly in our schools.

Now, what can we do about this? Personally, I'm on the lookout for those Salvia cuttings so I can have my drug of choice on deck should I ever need another dose if it becomes illegal. I also intend on stocking legal analogs for those interested in staying ahead of the law. On top of all that, I intend on avoiding all state sponsored mental states.

02-05-2007, 07:01 AM
I absolutely agree.Its fucked how it works,its a trap,its all jsut a plan for other ppl to control our own lives,we should be free to do with our bodies as we please without copping fines harassment,jail time for doing so...but then we ingest the substances that are legal,and the governemnt is fine with the milliions of deaths and all the violence caused from it(such as alcohol) as long as they are earning there money from it..and they wonder why ppl go crazy and lose there minds..and EVEN WHEN THEY DO THAT YOU GET PUNISHED.

Frontal Lobotomy
02-05-2007, 07:54 AM
Notice how its always weed busts that'll make the papers? And they then multiply the street value by about 10, fuckin dicks. I know what you're saying about this 'war on drugs though' its cool to be on a taxable high through vallium and prozac, but if someone wants to get high fro mstreet substances, its taboo. Strange really, given both sides of the fence are monitored and protected by our governments.

02-05-2007, 09:12 AM
really,the War on Drugs CANNOT win,its almsot impossible,to make more sense of there war,its more of a WAR to control our lives.

02-05-2007, 09:24 AM
Make Marajuana Legal Make Marajuana Legal.

02-05-2007, 09:51 PM
yo O!

you smoked some mama salvia?!

hahah... how was your trip?!

i have some experience with this.

peace and respect

02-05-2007, 10:05 PM
and on a more general note.

i don't think it's an entirely bad idea if salvia was somehow controled. i know younger teeneger dudes that smoked and then said they would never do it again because of a bad experience.

there is other substances that can match salvia's psychedelic potency - that is dmt. ayuahuasca and that whole science, deep as mother salvia.

it's strange with drugs and the goverment.

i mean back in the day a lot of drugs were legal, even the ones that are now considered most illegal.

cocaine, lsd, mescaline, mary j etc.

naturally, drugs should be i guess by natural law available to human beings. psychoactive drugs have been in existence and human use for millenia. i think it has to do with the general mental and intellectual approach of the general public to drugs. some are not ready to face an experience, some get addicted some die over it, o.d. ... whatever.

whereas back in the day i guess there was a general respect for drugs and those that prudently chose did them and even greatly benefited from doing them.

drugs are much abused and misunderstood nowadays.

the coca plant was a sacred plant back in the day, look at its reputation right now.

its not just the goverment's fault, i think a lot of it is also in us as the inhabitants of the planet - the common folk.


02-05-2007, 10:31 PM
Man, it was some trip. I just kinda layed back on the bed and my vision blurred. Then I passed out for a sec and got back up. The girl I was with said something to the affect of "One more time". Then I passed out for a sec and got back up! I looked at the cieling and saw that while most of my vision was restored, the fucking fan was fucked up. At that point my brain just shut off and I ran out of the bedroom and into the kitchen where I started destroying cans of coke. The girls told me to stop and asked me what the problem was. After telling them to shut the fuck up, I explained that with the drug looping me like that, I had to establish some sort of continuity in the world, most obviously by destroying something. That way, if the drug called me back, when I woke up, I could take a look at the damage I'd done and know that I was in the same universe I'd just left. So anyways, one of the girls goes to get high too. She smokes and runs from the room. We calm her down, she goes back in and then passes out. While she's out, Salvia comes back, manifested visually as a spiraling cube of sorts. This is not good and it explains to me that the drug is a self reinforcing mental trap. This is one of many origins and explanations of the drug that I went through as it spiralled. I realized that I'd forgetten my life and that Salvia spiralled in both directions un/recreating it at the same time. I was dead and alive, existing in both worlds with actions impacting both worlds at the same time. There was more to it than that, but its a bitch to explain. Eventually, since I'd been up for 48 hours, my body just collapsed, despite my inability to sleep. Now, I can see Salvia when my mind starts to slip in and out of sleep. She creeps through unreality to destroy whats left of my life and give me the mathematics of her spirals.

02-05-2007, 10:33 PM
i don't think it's an entirely bad idea if salvia was somehow controled. i know younger teeneger dudes that smoked and then said they would never do it again because of a bad experience.

Controlled, yes. Banned? No.

02-05-2007, 10:46 PM
now that's a trip!

my experiences included heavy physical sensation of gravity pulling towards the bottm left corner, visual distortions, slight hallucinations, time-space distortions. at lower doses and mixed up with ganja it has other benefits and symptoms.

question... how much of it did you smoke, how and was it fortified?

yeah, that banned vs. controlled thing is true man.

salvia has got some crazy ass wisdom.

if you want to ever do it, respect it like it deserves to be respected - be mature.


02-05-2007, 10:49 PM
question... how much of it did you smoke, how and was it fortified?

Two drags of the 20x with a water pipe and a torch lighter. First hit I fucked up, but I did get some smoke in. Second I used the proper method where you torch through the entire inhalation.

if you want to ever do it, respect it like it deserves to be respected - be mature.

For sure. Salvia does what it wants. You gotta show respect before it fucks you up.

02-05-2007, 10:53 PM
yeah... 20x no jokes.

one, two tokes... that's it.

direct pipe was my instrument... heard the bong hits harder.

did your high get to the point where you lost all rational thought and brain control? did you remember you smoked it?

i was feeling euphoric and starting laughing up even, can you relate?

Black Man
02-05-2007, 11:01 PM
War on drugs....there's no war on drugs, and if there 'was' it's over and the common man didn't win.

02-05-2007, 11:07 PM
did your high get to the point where you lost all rational thought and brain control?

When I realized that didn't know what reality I was in, I basically reacted without thought. They said I was like a scared animal. As shit progressed, my brain went into hyperactivity, but all I could do was reinforce the loop and construct a mathematics beyond comprehension.

did you remember you smoked it?

YES, but I figured it was an impossibility of sorts.

i was feeling euphoric and starting laughing up even, can you relate?

I was laughing at a couple things. The first was at the joke of it. It was like the girl who gave it to me intended to shoot me out of reality and that I got got. May as well laugh. I also laughed at how shoddily the universe was contructed. Various other aspects struck me as absurd and therefore funny. And from time to time the game of solving salvia struck me as fun. It was more of a fearful, insane laugh all in all than "haha, this is funny". I was NOT pleased. A reality loop is horrifying.

02-05-2007, 11:08 PM
black man,

can you elaborate on that?


02-05-2007, 11:08 PM
War on drugs....there's no war on drugs, and if there 'was' it's over and the common man didn't win.

Nah man, get up on those analogs. And aint shit more powerful than Salvia, which is still legal.

02-05-2007, 11:09 PM

explain 'reality loop'

what did you learn from the experience?

02-05-2007, 11:45 PM
The basic concept of the reality loop was this. When I got up the first time in God knows what dimension, Salvia called me back. That established the ability of the drug to enter my world and call me back. Then we have the distorted fan, which established that all was not right with the world. Then we have my mindless horror at the situation, which established that I knew on a subconscious level that something was not right.

The initial question in that circumstance was "Where am I?" and "Is Salvia coming back?" That was bad, but tolerable after my initial horror. Things didn't go REALLY bad until the cube unfolded and revealed its mathematics, which was an unearthly system of spirals. At this point I was informed by Salvia, which had control of my thoughts to a degree, that the drug was a trap, a puzzle, and/or a game. The basic gist of it was that I had no method of proving that I was indeed in the same reality that I'd left. If I could do that, doubt would leave my mind and the world would return to normal. So I sat there and weighed my options and tried to put together a course of action that would be acceptable. I should also note that the drug gave me open eye hallucinations of future actions and their outcomes, so I could analyze each choice before making a move.

1. Destroy shit

Well, how expensive a mistake do I want to make before finding out that I am indeed sober? And isn't all that futile anyways?

2. Wait the drug out.

80 years passes and I'm still there? Fuck that. What if it never lets go?

3. Live my life in Salvia space as if it were normal.

I don't want to live that life, which I didn't know was mine, and then have Salvia call me back to the bed again.

4. Party

Again, how bad do I have to fuck up before I find out I'm sober or supposed to be?

5. Smoke more Salvia to find out what it does and find out how to beat it.

Fuck no. Does that loop me again? Does it take me into a deeper spiral?

6. Kill the asshole who told me to smoke that shit

Well, she either got me stuck or she didn't. If I'm stuck in unreality, there are better things to do with my time and it wouldn't be her that I killed. If I'm NOT stuck, she doesn't deserve it and I'll be fine.

7. Kill myself

Best case scenario I actually die. Worst case scenario, I wake up in bed again and shoot myself again and again and again.

8. Gather everyone and outthink this mess.

Well, having the same convo and weighing the same impossible options for eternity just sucks.

9. Sleep it off and forget.

Well, if it isn't real, but its my life, I've basically forgotten my entire life. Fuck hat.

10. Stay awake and let it wear off. Oops, I'll die with no sleep.

So generally, because I didn't know what dimension I was in, I was fucked. All options are bad options. The ones that might suit unreality aren't suited for reality and vice versa. Plus there's the fact that I'd forgotten my life. As it unfolded backwards, I couldn't tell what was reality and what was Salvia's tricks.

That placed my birth as the moment Salvia let me go, yet it had clearly destroyed whatever my original life was.

ANYWAYS, its complicated. Basically it pulled me in and out of reality a couple of times and left me somewhere in between.

02-05-2007, 11:59 PM
what did you learn from the experience?

I learned that there are things that deal in unreality and do the impossible. Therefore, with our human limitations, we are nothing. Those who deny the existence of the unreal and the impossible are trapped in this world. Those who surrender to the horror of unreality have nothing to fear here and should it even be possible to kill them in the commonly understood sense, they simply return to where they were born. When you're born in hell, you see the world as heaven.

02-06-2007, 12:40 AM
so what are you gonna do now?

02-06-2007, 01:07 AM
Same thing I was doing before Salvia. If anything is different, I wouldn't know. And I'm gonna smoke more Salvia. Presuming any continuity remains, I intend on utilizing the duality of that space where it leaves you to do as I please in this world.

born invincible
02-06-2007, 01:14 AM
thats pretty wild Os3y3ris...

02-06-2007, 01:22 AM
thats on some unbelievable out of this world shit...i cant even comprehend what its about.

maestro wooz
02-06-2007, 01:24 AM
yeah that's a nuts trip, youre making me wanna down a bottle of robotussin gel caps

02-06-2007, 01:42 AM
War on Drugs is a joke. Take prisons for instance, a majority of people in prison are victims of the war on drugs in one way or another. Prisons, you would think, should be one of the most controlled instutions a person could ever encounter. Somehow, even in a prison drugs are prevelant. How could they honestly think they can keep free people from drugs, when they cant keep the people totally under their control from them? Or is it by design? Prisons are a business and their customers are mostly drug users, business would go down if people actually sobered up while incarcerated.

02-06-2007, 01:44 AM
yeah that's a nuts trip, youre making me wanna down a bottle of robotussin gel caps

Before I smoked Salvia, I was loving DXM. Its like the complete opposite. You wanna fuck with DXM and its like "Hey, lets go to a movie. We can take my car, you drive. Pick the movie too." You fuck with Salvia and she's like "You wanna go WHERE?", throws you in the trunk, shoots you a couple times in the face and dumps you in a ditch beside the road. I don't do DXM anymore because of the body load. Plus I don't wanna know what it does after Salvia. I assume it works the same way, but my subconscious is likely fucked. I'd hate to find myself in another dimension without warning.

Frontal Lobotomy
02-06-2007, 07:57 AM
I had some 20x salvia, shit just gave me a headache. Mushrooms are cheaper anyway.

Sexy Jasper
02-06-2007, 08:51 AM
We need a war on lies, that's all I have to say.

02-06-2007, 09:29 AM
I had some 20x salvia, shit just gave me a headache.

Did you smoke it right? Torch lighter and a water pipe. Gotta burn as you inhale. Hold it, come back for another hit. Should take you right outta reality.

Mushrooms are cheaper anyway.

But illegal. And you can't really grow your own. Salvia you can get cuttings and grow your own stock. Then you can extract that shit yourself too.

Big Risk
02-06-2007, 09:45 AM
Ive smoked salvia like 12 times. theres three trips i remember vividly that were just wild. One i was sitting on a bench and I thought it was an open spaceship and i told my friend to jump in or he was going to die. I thought i was in space. Another time I thought i was a dvd player. another time i thought i was a machinical dinosaur. THe drug is fucked up and it really makes you wonder how fucked your mind is while taking it. After your done with it, it feels like your brain just had a workout.

02-06-2007, 10:33 AM
Also, so long as we're talking about Salvia:

Oddly enough, when I got stuck in the Salvia loop, the first things to go were emotion and morality. As soon as I took sustained action, I set about the task of destroying something. Was it mine? No. However, the destruction of said property was far more important than the consequences of destroying it. Granted, it was cheap, but that was more coincidental than anything. A more expensive or important target would've done just fine in a pinch. The first basic concept was destruction to establish continuity and restore my ego.

Once continuity was established, destructive impulses continued. This time so I could prove I existed. The idea there was that I had to make my mark on the world to prove that I could make an impact. The idea was flawed and thus abandoned as there's no real way to tear at the fabric of reality. I'd simply be destroying that world. It would not help me ascertain which world I was in. However, it returned several times, each time knocked down by that same logic. Again, reconstruction of the ego.

The third lapse in morality was slightly more sinister. I looked at only half the equation and resigned myself to unreality. This lead to a dream/nightmare logic where people were reduced to characters. Their percieved worth dropped and their survival depended on exactly how interesting they could be alive. Also, given this logic, I could not be harmed, nor held accountable. This had less to do with reconstruction of the ego, but with complete death of the ego and thus a lack of existence.

Even scarier was the concept of killing myself. This would ideally break the loop. However, it was abandoned when I realized that instead of breaking the loop, it would simply end the trip and restart the loop.

There were three more moral quandries presented, all related. The first is that the concept of vengeance. If Salvia did indeed trap me in a permanant reality loop, which seemed clear at the time, then the person who encourged me to smoke it clearly deserved to die for that. However, if thats what the drug did, then she couldn't know and is therefore innocent. Also, if thats what the drug did, I COULDN'T kill her, only an illusion of her, making it a moot point. However, I knew that if I DID kill her, she would actually die, which meant that the drug didn't do what I thought it did. The flipside of this was the one last spark of humanity left in me at that time. Warning people of the dangers of Salvia was essential. However, if it didn't destroy reality, I didn't need to warn people. If it DID destroy reality, it was far too late. Finally, there was the idea of paying it forward, so to speak. Someone got me, so I could then pass the drug on to others and fuck them up too. Same problem.

Now, all of these options, save warning others away from Salvia, were weighed strictly on the best logical outcomes as opposed to any emotion, or the concept of right and wrong. The lack of the action is due to, for the most part, the conflicting logic of all of the scenarios and the secondary visions produced by the drug. These visions gave me looks into the future at possible outcomes of my actions, meaning that there was no real guess-work involved. Whenever I would come to a solution, the mind would work ahead and construct the most likely scenario. Oddly enough, these are virtually indistunguishable from real actions in the time shortly before and after the immediate affects of Salvia. Regardless, I think that its safe to say that both reconstruction of the ego and death of the ego are engines of physical death and destruction. Only when the sense of self is stabalized can any moral or ethical system apply. A state of flux leads to a complete breakdown of any civilized concepts.

02-08-2007, 08:53 PM

02-08-2007, 11:51 PM
We need a war on lies, that's all I have to say.best post of the thread right here. It cuts down to the root of the problem

02-09-2007, 01:15 PM
Now this thread is wicked nice Os3y3ris.

I've never been able to understand this alleged "war on drugs", when two of the most lethal and addictive drugs are legal and consumed in mass amounts. Those of course being alcohol and cigarettes. I've always been in support of awareness of this kind though. The government will tell us, "D.A.R.E. To Keep Kids Off Drugs." and while that's a noble cause for us common folk, the people who back this are the ones who go down to Peru and bring in tons of cocaine to the U.S. If y'all heard that song "Peruvian Cocaine" by Immortal Technique, you know exactly where I'm goin' here. It's hypocrisy on the most in-your-face level possible. Aside from the facts stated by Os3y3ris about how a controlled high is more acceptable than an uncontrolled high in most major societies, I'd like to touch on why I believe this is so a well, which ties into the Salvia experiences posted previously, which I'll touch on also.

Personally, I wonder why we're always told about things like heroine, x, pcp, meth and cocaine, INSTEAD of Salvia Passionflower, Blue Lotus, and the famous mushroom, Amanita Muscaria. Surely the scientists who cook up these dangerous drugs that we're taught about in our schools got the hallucinagenic properties from somewhere before they added a dash of rat poison and a pinch of ammonia, yes?? So, why would they want to control your, my, OUR high?? Consider what pyschoactive substances do to us. Good or bad trips, they solidify the existence of many different and thriving levels of time, space, reality and consciousness. Once this elusive door is tapped into, most people, especially if they have a good trip, don't want to return. The underlying problem on our part, is just that. If you don't exercise self-control, anything you do can become a harmful addiction. Knowing this, with all of their various specialists and scientists, the government not only cooks up the most powerful drugs known, but the most addictive as well. So, even if you realise the benefits of having an altered state of consciousness and use it to benefit you and those around you, it's ultimately going to kill you. Jimi Hendrix, John Belushi, Janis Joplin, Chris Farley are some very sad examples of this.

That's just drugs though. The plants, like the ones mentioned above, are a much more serious threat according to our beloved Uncle Sam, for a few reasons. The main reason is that because their plants, or, in the case of mushrooms, fungi, they can be grown. Making them much easier to get a hold of. Now suppose you have a person who respects the plants or fungi for what hey can do and would dare not abuse them, plus knows how to grow them?? Suppose, also, that this person has a solid belief that these plants were put here for a much more profound purpose?? Suppose they meditate when they're high, or paint, or make beats, play guitar or write verses?? Some of the best music or art you and I have ever seen came from people who were, what DJ Q-Bert calls, "Letting the universe speak through them." Method Man himself said, "I think marijuana is nature's way of sayin' 'Hi'" If this were to happen by the millions, a mass exodus, if you will, from sythetic drugs to mother nature's own psychedelic gifts, indeed, a brave new world would be born. As stated in a previous post, it's not just the governments, it's also us, the people. Take marijuana for example. Most people just smoke it because it's there. This can lead to bad things because you won't get the same effects every time. We need balance. Maybe only 3 times a week for smokers. Maybe you shouldn't smoke it. Get a vaporizer, there's no damage to the lungs. Get a marijuana cookbook, because all the recipes show you how to extract the THC and still have a merry ol' time without the obvious stench.

Options, is another factor that the government is afraid of. With their drugs, over the counter and street, you only have a few ways of taking them. Yes, they're all deadly, no matter which way you take them, but this is simply to touch on options. I've tried Salvia, and I chose to let it rest underneath the tongue instead of smoke it. It was a light sensation, but noticeable. Plus, it wasn't a lot. Be that as it may, the various ways to incorporate the natural psychedelics is fascinating. You could brew passionflower and blue lotus into a celestial seasonings (pick your flavor) tea-mix and no one but you would ever know why those dirty ass pigeons across the street look so damn cute. You can spot a crackhead a mile away. Same with heroine addicts, because they always nod off at mid sentence.

After weed, I started to study more and more about the various plants, barks, and mushrooms that were looming around the wilderness. Considering what great lengths this government has gone to over the ages, to strip people of their knowledge of self on a social and cultural scale alone, it seems like the stripping of the spiritual self is the most powerful of all. Plus, it ties into the social and cultural demolition as well. A lot of these plants and barks were used by one of 3 groups of people, Native Americans, The indigenous Central and South American peoples (Aztecs, Mayans, Incas), and Africans. Look at the way these 3 groups are constantly divided and set against one another. In movies, t.v. and politics. Just an example of "The Man's" tyranny though, this isn't about race, just the facts. The most interesting aspect for me, is the fact that a lot of these plants can't kill you if taken properly. The one and only mushroom I ever tried was Amanita Muscaria. You've seen it in Super Mario Bros. and Alice In Wonderland. Red cap, white dots. Before I ordered it, I of course studied it. All of these sites were telling me a bunch of valuble info. One thing I kept noticing is the word, "poisonous", which had me thinking about dropping the idea all together. I kept studying just for the fun of it, and one site, ONE SITE tells me, "The mushroom is indeed poisonous, but of the 3 properties of the mushroom, only one is poisonous and another is THE DIRECT ANTIDOTE to the poison. So, you'd have to take 9 or 10 of these to get sick." Trust me, I boiled it down into a tea and the stuff is extremely powerful. It also gives you severe nausea the next day. I haven't touched it in 3 years because the smell made me wanna hurl the next morning. The moral being, some plants or fungi don't LET you f**k with 'em more than a few times every 10 years or so. I still get icky thoughts thinkin' about it.

I say, seek out the stuff that's been put in the earth and use it wisely. Study it and re-study it. Take it in moderation because everyone's body is different. One hit may not work for you, but half a hit may get the next person torn up. Also, have a purpose in doing it. This is key, because a lot of people just wait for the high to kick in. Anticipation with stuff like this can be lethal and lead you on a horrendous trip. Trust me, I've been there. Do something, any....well....not ANYthing. Play some video games. Anyone who's played vg's high will tell you, it's delightfully insane.
I also noticed that music is a good way to keep yourself centered when taking something you're unfamiliar with. Choose a song you know and love so you'll have a good memory tracer around. I think the most important thing though is meditation. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to not only stay calm, but use what's in your system for, what I believe, it was meant for. Meditation calms your breathing, so when you get edgy, you'll have already concentrated on your breathing, then your heart won't feel like it's about to explode inside your chest and your adrenaline won't be pumping as a result of your fear. Always, always, ALWAYS have something constructive to do. Even if it's video games. I know what it feels like to think you're watching yourself go insane and it's beyond not pretty. Also, don't mix things that don't need to be mixed. When I had bad trips, it was usually because I was a moron and drank liquor with weed in my system. Bad bombin'. Maybe it's best to only do it around certain people too. Me, I get high alone because I like to think, read write and meditate when I'm there. All too often, unless the person is on the same level of understanding as you, they tend to kill, nay, slaughter the high for you.

I had a few seriously bad trips, smoked some weed and was in Hollywood for the Halloween parade. I swore somebody had a bomb, and niether you or I could convince me otherwise.

Another time, and I think this bastard laced his smoke, was on the trip back to GA from Cali. I felt my heart slowin' down somethin' awful. In truth, I've felt it before, you're dying and there's nothing you can do but hope and pray you don't. Both times though, I was around some unsavory characters and my state of mind was screwy too. It's best to go in prepared, if you should decide to go. If you're a producer or a DJ, you'll see that making music in that state of mind is far, FAR better than sex. Yes. It is.

Again, have a purpose, use caution and moderation. If you're angry, don't get high. It'll start off good, but if you end up thinkin' about what pissed you off to begin with, it'll turn ugly quick.

02-09-2007, 01:58 PM
the war on drugs is a sham
just like the war on terrorism

02-09-2007, 03:51 PM
the war on drugs is a sham
just like the war on terrorism

Set 'em free kid.:learning:

03-28-2007, 07:46 PM
Ah yooo for the first time I can really come throught as light.

I saw that umm sighniture earlyer today when I woke up as a 7

and I made a mental note of it, when my papa called on the telaphone.

SO now I am hear, I was about to kill yall with one of those descripitons of a mental loop, and bam it is hear.

so any way, fucking OSYRUS, I wanteed to tell you that shit you said about unreality and having to prove a discontinuity, I love it.

I printed every word you wrote.

Ok. im a cntiue.

that happened to me once, and the only way i coud prove discontiuity was to just spit. on the microwave, and this girl that was in the room was like why did you do that, and I couldnt explain it untill now.

You should read the latest article in time magazine about reality loops, theres a article about it.

To see if it adds into anything else, let me specify the specific signiture that I recall from waking up today

It was the frontal labotomy chicks dig everyday robots one,

you know, i was sleeping and I visualized something like it and I dont know, like just now I had a moment of doubt, about so what its a common like picture, but how often does a picture like that just go though your dreams, so I remembered it when I was the stimuli that I woke up to because in my sleep I remember reaching to it.