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07-18-2005, 08:24 PM
sick mindz from sick timez,

uphold their names with street crimes,

cry'z for fronted tweek dimes,

battles flare from gang signs

attacks from cops with k-9;s

we walk life in the thinest lines,

who see's the light no need to fight ,
you'll sense those bulletstakin flight,

blood sheds tears when they ignite, so they strike!!!!!

families mourn and hate our pride but caged inside emotions rise,
were not surprised by taken lives, who pays the price, lost days and nights ,
we pray to christ"please help us find where evil hides"

to kill what lurks in crevises,

but are my actions negative??

need sedatives ,

what's ignorance? a devils trick,
see what we need's inteligance,
severed heads for neglegence ,
when thoughts are dense, profound, immense,
then disapear like fog and mist....

these enemies will do you in,
shoot you down the reasons dim,
proceed with caution, hope you win,
you out or in????

differences are common in these streets we live,
when pigs harass us any chance they get,
life goes by quicker when your puffin on the spliff,
so just sit back and chill listen to knowledge kicked
it's differences...........
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