View Full Version : Flex is a groupie?

02-06-2007, 11:34 PM
I was listening to that recent interview Funkmaster Flex did with 50 Cent & I almost wanted to throw up it was so ass licking. I remember Flex treating 50 like God the last time he had him in the studio too but I thought that was just a thing he did to help promote his album. This time they was just kickin it in studio and Flex couldnt stop lickin the sweat off 50's balls. 50 would just spew off some garbage or lie & Flex would accept it and agree like it was the gospel. Flex is despicable, he should not be allowed to do interviews for a major radio station like Hot 97 if all he knows how to do is lick ass and name drop like a lil bitch. By the way, is anybody ever gonna tell 50 Cent to stop talking about Soundscan & units sold, contracts, and all that industry garbage and get back to talking about good lyrics and hooks and music in general. Before he got rich at least he had a story to tell even if it was a fantasy he made up, but now he aint got no thug left in him. 50 thinks those white music execs respect him & see him as an equal but they just seduced him with money and a false sense of power. But once there is no credibility or marketibility left for those crackas to squeeze out of 50 he is going to have a rude awakening and find himself in debt.