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Jet Set
02-07-2007, 08:54 AM
Back in the days of the Nes we had to finish the game in one turn, write down passwords, or maybe we could save on teh cartridge. This continued untill the disc based systems, at which we had to buy memorycards. And we never had enough space.

And now systems are delivered with a Hard Disk or some sort of an option like that to even store content, new content.

What my question here is: HOW is it all justifyable in the eyes of people without the money for a harddrive, or even an internet connection. SOme publishers are really pushing the edge for the online content and the pc like patch update service.

It's not like the majority of the world has internet or broadband internet. Yet the bigger deal of the gamers does have it. Doesn't this mean the group of gamers is becoming more exclusive in terms of worldwide audience.
Isn't a small group of people with really a small budget being cut out.

Guess this is all part of that industry that is basically build upon pushing the boundaries of modern day technology. Yet it still somehow bothers me.

02-08-2007, 12:18 AM
Well in a way yes and no.

Yes because the people who have the extra cash to blow on the bigger hard drives and high speed internet are getting the best content and the most out of their system. But things are still very managable without them.

For instance, the PSP requires firmware updates on most of their games as a means of preventing homebrew and hacking while adding other features to the system. But at the same time, they take the initiatve to include any updates the game may need on the disc itself. I'm sure the same trend will follow once they start updating the PS3's firmware. Even if you can't use the new firmware's features outside of just to play said game they are there for whenever you can.

Other systems like the Wii also have firmware updates, but so far they've only been used to give us the Weather and News Channel. Which I'm sure the majority of Wii users don't even use. Any game is playable right out of the box though so it's only there for people who can and care to access it.

Don't get me wrong, I also think it's a pain in the ass. I was kinda turned off by the idea of system updates but at the same time thankful that I have the means to use these features. Right now they're not really a necessity though so it's not much of a burden.

Now hard drives IMO were a blessing. Because of them there's no reason for memory cards anymore, unless you just wanna take your saves with you to a friends house or something. Any every system comes with one regardless (except the cheap 360) So in a way these things are beneficial :)

02-08-2007, 02:43 AM
harddrives and online can only increase the possibilitys of games and interactivaty - just because a small margin cant afford a PLAYSTION mem card ($15 u.s.?) but can fork out the rest of the money for the console and games doesnt mean they are cut out of the loop. atm live is'nt all that great (apart from Halo i.m.o.!) most of the work goes into the actual game/story.... there is a cheaper 360 with a small inbuilt mem device too so realy........ your not gonna get many people with out alot of money investing in a machine they cant keep up to date with.... if you can buy a console, games, extra controller an extra $50 (aus) a month and get a memory unit isnt that far out of reach...... its kinda like saying are poorer people disavantaged because they cant buy racing wheels and awsome interior for there farari.

Jet Set
02-09-2007, 03:15 PM
Now that I revise it, maybe the problem is within the being of SKU versions. Core & Premium, 20GB & 60GB. I mean come on. I think this can never be a good thing in the light of consoles. Because it more and more seems to be just heading for a PC.

LOL at the Ferarri. I just hope the corporations don't fully turn on us and go seize market.

Frontal Lobotomy
02-09-2007, 03:36 PM
I see what you mean with all this hard drive business. It was bad enough if you didn't have the nuggets to get a memory card. Sure there were cheaper ones, but the likelyhood was that the data would erase itself at some point. Obviously its not the same with hard drives, but progress has just shifted so greatly in the last 10 years alone, compared to the advances that were made in the 80s-early90s with the NES, SNES, Genesis etc.