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Father N Dangerous
02-10-2007, 09:05 PM
A M.T.M Productions(MoreThen Muzik)

Psykotic Soulz: Lyriscologist, White n Dangerous, Spoken


we have dropped a verse like this b4 but we tweaked it and modify'd it a bit.

so holla wu!!! :spin::spin::spin:

Lyrisologist: Bombin all u Ho's chose, Impossible wit Flows,
an besides many women I'm havin problems wit tha Dough//
(yoo)Lyriscology is Told but it aint Possibly yet Known,
..its Harder for me to Blow but tha Process Starts to Grow//
when I'm nauesusly outspoken, no Props out for tha Bone,
this is Costin me da Soul da flow is Lost for all Control!//
now I'mma Savage wit Spits.. you can Beat Tonight..
cuz I'mma Demon Knight like, Tales From the Crypt!//
Damagin Kids, bringin Havoc n da Anguish cuz my Rappin is Amazin
an tha Gats is is Ablazin when I'm Clappin out tha Stainless//
I'm as Whacked as my Brain Is Lockin kats in da Basement,
Got um Trapped in tha Chains It Lots a Laughs for this Crazed Kid!//
We da 3 eMCees a new Species on tha Scene,
an da Evil in our Genes was jus Fiendishly Unleashed//
I'm Recently Released, with a pen to Pad a Story,
cuz this Beast has been Beseached.. inside tha Labaratory//
now I Rise to Stand in Glory this is Thirty Three Percent,
1/3rd of 3 mc's thats Purposely for DeTh!//
Nervously a Wreck got me Burnin Trees n Cess,
but I still aint got no problem rappin Circles round these Vets//

The Three Hazards! we reign Supreme on all ya'll Cheap Actors!
It's a Key Factor...we Leave ya Herb's Beat..like a Weed Wacker
but this just da Introduction..Symbols and Percussion is Difficult ta Fuck With
Imbeciles Reluctant, on gettin snatched like a Criminal Abduction!
fix da game like Matinence, were Dangerous cuz we aint Makin Sense!
Satan Phrases can't intimidate This.. lyrical Biblical Sensation!
Spirituals get Taken, an Organization with a Cure fa tha Lyrical Black Plague Shit!
Anyway you can Set the Date Kid, Discuss the Arrangements.!.
Motha Fuck a Favorite, we be da Ones Just for Greatness, Enough of the Hatred Amongst one of the Sacreds!
Got the Fork n Craven...Kill a Cop n Reduce em to Pork n Backon!
Afford da Payments or Break Opponets Porclaein Faces!
The three Musketter's if ya didn't notice,
and fa a Hundred Years ya Fear wat was Spoken
So Sicc..while ya Desprate have Phone Sex...
Yo..we'll leave you Tone Deaf..
cuz the sound that you make...
is when the Wind Blows on ya Blow Chest!

Spoken/Infek: the longevity of my songs are all heavily
large...getting re-tarded and not mentally
- its all heavenly, harm is done severely
is wise if you snakes bring larger guns to pierce me
hissing when you hear me...you're life'll be gone
like i shoved the hydrogen bomb inside of ya palm
irreversible, you gotta be dyin, with no hype
your charge becomes negatives when cathodically rhymin'
its easy to notice commodity rhymers
they sell out, when they know its profit allignin'
wack emcees better learn the name...the simple thought
got you shook...like a canopy in a hurricane
those, meager attempts to bring me down have failed repeatedly
so when you meet with jesus, please believe that he will greet the beast

Father N Dangerous
02-10-2007, 10:37 PM
hahaha A M.T.M mo fo gotta put capital A for correct Grammer :)

Father N Dangerous
02-12-2007, 02:55 AM
woooooo i feel da love lmfao

02-12-2007, 03:39 AM
nice instreumental. i like it. i don't have too much to comment about it. although i would have chopped probably even more the sample
what's the sample?

02-13-2007, 05:04 AM
Nice drop guys!