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02-16-2007, 03:44 AM
NaS - i am...


1. Intro
2. N.Y. State Of Mind (Part II)
3. Hate Me Now - (featuring Puff Daddy)
4. Small World
5. Favor For A Favor - (featuring Scarface)
6. We Will Survive
7. Ghetto Prisoners
8. You Won't See Me Tonight - (featuring Aaliyah)
9. I Want To Talk To You
10. Dr. Knockboot
11. Life Is What You Make It - (featuring DMX)
12. Big Things
13. Nas Is Like
14. K-I-SS-I-N-G
15. Money Is My Bitch
16. Undying Love

02-16-2007, 03:57 AM
Im interesting to see what people opinions are on "i am...", for me it is slightly over looked by fans as a result of some of the weaker tracks included.

Still, in my opinion NaS has some great work on here, and lyrically some of the tracks are really good.

Production wise the album is lacking, as a number of track ruin the flow of the album. "You Won't See Me Tonight" showcases why timbaland isnt as good as everyone likes to think, "Hate My Now", "Ghetto Prisoners" and "I Want to Talk to You" all have weak beats.

however the album has some great production, thanks to premo, and these tracks outshine the majority of the rest of the album. "We Will Survive" is also a very well constructed tribute track.

Great Tracks:
New Yorl State Of Mind Pt. II
NaS is Like
We Will Survive
Undying Love

Decent Tracks
Small World
Life Money Is My Bitch
Is What You Make It

overall, in my opinion, this is a fairly good album, although nothing special. probably better then "God's Son" and definitely better then "NaStradamus".

Production: 6.5

Lyrics: 8

Overall: ~7.5

03-06-2007, 04:59 PM
Only songs i liked are NY State Of Mind 2, Nas Is Like, Pray(this song is on the tape and not the cd for some reason. Bravehearts rap on it and Nas doesn't.). I didn't like Iam album.

03-06-2007, 07:34 PM
1. Intro cool

2. N.Y. State Of Mind (Part II) DOPE 10/10
3. Hate Me Now - (featuring Puff Daddy) good song 7/10
4. Small World Real Good 8/10
5. Favor For A Favor - (featuring Scarface) DOPE 10/10
6. We Will Survive Cool Concept and song 9/10
7. Ghetto Prisoners 8/10
8. You Won't See Me Tonight - (featuring Aaliyah) 6/10 (Dosent fit with the vibe of this)
9. I Want To Talk To You 7/10
10. Dr Knockboot 5/10 not great
11. Life Is What You Make It - (featuring DMX) 7/10
12. Big Things 4/10 pretty weak not feeling the beat at all
13. Nas Is Like DOPE AGAIN CLASSIC 10/10
14. K-I-SS-I-N-G 6/10 ok I like the track but not the lyrics
15. Money Is My Bitch 6/10 decent only
16. Undying Love 9/10 Dope

03-07-2007, 05:14 PM
yeah,decent album.
definitely not better than 'god son' though like somebody said.

i'd say 7.5/10

03-07-2007, 07:18 PM
Slept on LP imo- 8.5/10. It's better GS,nastr..and SD imo

bad boy T
09-28-2007, 11:17 AM
7/10 average

09-30-2007, 10:34 AM
i have to say 7

Best Tracks:
Intro (This is One of the Best Intros ever... Jungle can't rap for shit, but it's funny as hell listening to him just talk shit)
Money Is My Bitch
Undying Love
Nas Is Like
Life Is what You make It
N.Y. State Of Mind pt.2
Favor For a Favor
We Will Survive

09-30-2007, 03:15 PM
fuck, that double album would've been dope as hell

09-30-2007, 11:52 PM
8 not his best but damn sure not his worst

10-01-2007, 02:30 PM
It's a good album, i slept on it when it came out - people were talking alot of shit about it. I got it just a while ago and it's actually a damn decent release.. I guess people just were dissapointed that all of those classics from the album sampler that leaked wasn't on it.. a couple classics on it though; "Small World", "NY State Of Mind II", "Nas Is Like" and i actually liked both "Hate Me Now" and even "You Won't See Me Tonight".. it had weak points though.

10-02-2007, 04:36 PM
yeah,decent album.
definitely not better than 'god son' though like somebody said.

i'd say 7.5/10

i dunno, i just didnt really like Gods Son all that much,

I Am on the other hand has some real standout tracks that i thought were amazing.

One and Only
10-02-2007, 08:15 PM
1. Intro - N/A
2. N.Y. State Of Mind (Part II) - 5/5
3. Hate Me Now - (featuring Puff Daddy) - 5/5
4. Small World - 5/5
5. Favor For A Favor - (featuring Scarface) - 5/5
6. We Will Survive - 5/5
7. Ghetto Prisoners - 5/5
8. You Won't See Me Tonight - (featuring Aaliyah) 4.5/5
9. I Want To Talk To You 4.5/5
10. Dr. Knockboot 4.5/5
11. Life Is What You Make It - (featuring DMX) 4.5/5
12. Big Things 4.5/5
13. Nas Is Like 5/5
14. K-I-SS-I-N-G 4.5/5
15. Money Is My Bitch 4.5/5
16. Undying Love 4.5/5

9.5/10 Real good album but behind Illmatic, Lost Tapes, Stillmatic, It Was Written, maybe Gods Son even. I guess Nas has a great discography.

bad boy T
10-16-2007, 08:12 AM
1. Album intro 5/5
2. N.Y. state of mind pt 2 5/5
3. Hate me now feat Puff Daddy 5/5
4. Small world 5/5
5. Favor for a favor feat Scarface 4/5
6. We will survive 4/5
7. Ghetto Prisoners 2/5
8. You won't see me tonight 4/5
9. I want to talk to you 5/5
10. Dr Knockboot 4/5
11. Life is what you make it feat DMX 4/5
12. Big things 4/5
13. Nas is like 3/5
14. Money is my bitch 4/5
15. Undying love 4/5

Almost classic 9/10

10-16-2007, 08:23 AM
1. Album intro 5/5
2. N.Y. state of mind pt 2 5/5
3. Hate me now feat Puff Daddy 5/5
4. Small world 5/5
5. Favor for a favor feat Scarface 4/5
6. We will survive 4/5
7. Ghetto Prisoners 2/5
8. You won't see me tonight 4/5
9. I want to talk to you 5/5
10. Dr Knockboot 4/5
11. Life is what you make it feat DMX 4/5
12. Big things 4/5
13. Nas is like 3/5
14. Money is my bitch 4/5
15. Undying love 4/5

Almost classic 9/10

your choises are a bit.. strange?? like giving maybe the 2 best tracks on the album the lowest ratings?? The album is far away from a classic, the label fucked it up.. alot of dopeness was reduced from this album like "fetus", "hardest thing", "poppa was a playa", etc.. anyway;

1. intro
2. n.y. state of mind (5/5)
3. hate me now (3.5/5)
4. small world (5/5)
5. favor for a favor (3/5)
6. we will survive (3.5/5)
7. ghetto prisoners (3/5)
8. you won't see me tonight (3.5/5)
9. i want to talk to you (4/5)
10. dr. knockboot (4/5)
11. life is what you make it (4/5)
12. big things (3/5)
13. nas is like (5/5)
14. k-i-s-s-in-g (3/5)
15. money is my bitch (4/5)
16. undying love (4/5)

i'll give the album 3.5/5 (or 7/10 if you wish).. lyrically it's a 9.5 but production takes away alot from the album.

12-02-2009, 09:48 AM
Since Lost tapes were cut from ''I am'' due to the internet Leak, I decided to blend them together to make a collective review.

1) Intro Album intro: Complete waste of a great beat. Too much talking. 6/10

2) NY State of mind part 2: A premier collab, which as I'll say alot is one of the best match ups in hip hops. I like the backing piano sample on here more than the O.G NYSOM. 8/10

3) Hate me now: A controversial track since it was very ''Unlike'' Nas. The beat is fucking ace, I love the Carmina Burana" by Carl Orff sample. Very epic sounding.2Nd best diddy beat behind Victory. The problem is, the HOOK is HORRIBLE. 8/10 (Because of the beat)

4) Small world: One of Nas best tracks of his career. The beat tells a story in itself. And Nas just MURDERS this with his storytelling. 10/10

5) Favor for a favor: This album is littered with amazing beats. And having Scarface on your track says ALOT of Nas. Two legends sparring back and forth. This does not have a sample, and I am always a fan of loops and not sampled beats. 9/10

6) We will survive: One of the rare tribute songs that didnt sound cliche and self serving. The fact that he mentions Tupac says ALOT about Nas. They didnt get along, that was obvious, but he showed alot of class for this. And the beat itself is sad and brooding but very promising. 9/10

7) Ghetto prisoners: This song works on alot of levels. The synth used for the loop was cool, It worked well with the bass line. Nas' lyrics werent his tightest on this, but were rememberable. 7/10

8) You wont see me tonight: A very ''Unlike'' Nas song, I say that about most tracks he's done with Timbaland, it just doesnt work. Even with the angelic Aaliyah on it, Thats the only good thing about this song. 6/10 (Due to aaliyah)

9) I want to talk to you: Not the best song on the album, Its actually a low point. I was never a fan of Nas' political verses. 6/10

10) Dr Knockboot: Another bad song. Its not his best at the very least and honestly, Even the beat is trash. This would only work is Foxy was on it with him. 5/10

11) Life is what you make it: After two lacking songs, He needed to hit hard on the next track. And he DEFINITELY does. DMX was at his best in this time, it was his era, and to do a rare outside of the Ruff rydas camp track, meant alot. 9/10

12) Big things: I dont know why he tries the sped up verse thing as often as he has. It doesnt work, sadly, Since the beat was so good. 6/10

13) Nas is like: I swear I'll say it a million times, Nas is at his best when on a premo track. 10/10

14) k.i.s.s.i.n.g: This track is corny and honestly one of Nas' worse. 2/10

15) Money is my bitch: This fits better than the last track. The beat works on alot of levels. The theme is kinda cliche, but Rap is a cliche in itself. I hate the hook, so thats why I rate is so low. 7/10

16) Undying love: A story song, which is ALWAYS welcomes from Nas, This is a perfect end to a great album.About his girl cheating and Nas getting at both of them. 9/10

Overall: 117/160

Lost Tapes

1) Doo Rags:The hook is wack, the best is decent but kinda soft, But his wordplay works decent on here. 6/10

2) My Way: This could have fit on I AM. The sample piano is amazing used. Nas lyrics tell a short story in it. 8/10

3) U gotta Love it: The bass line hits hard on this joint. Lyrically superb. Even the affirmative action sample works well. 8/10

4) Nothing Lasts forever: This is a ''Nas beat'' if I ever heard one. Or at least a later career Nas beat. Lyrically okay, but not amazing. 7/10

5) No ideas original: A great alchemist track, Though the sample has been used alot, This was one of the first. 9/10

6) Blaze a 50: Clearly was a left off I AM track. The beat is fucking amazing. This song itself is one of Nas greatest stories. This is 10/10 forever and a day.

7) Everybodys crazy: Where's Redman when you need him. That would have been a great guest on this track. 8/10

8) Purple: This tells so much knowledge its insane. 10/10

9) Drunk by myself: I dont drink but this tells the story of someone whos lost in the bottle. A story once again, and I can never get sick of Nas telling em. 8/10

10) Black Zombie: One of the weak songs of the Album. It sounds like a stillmatic leave off. 6/10

11) Poppa was a playa: Kanye, your beats like this are missed. Lyrically, Once again, Amazing. 9/10

12) Fetus: Was told to be the idea that ''I am'' was going to be about as a double lp. And listening to his voice and flow. This could have been on that album. Amazing story of him in the womb. 10/10

Overall: 99/120

OVERALL WITH BOTH ALBUMS: 216/280 (Combined, its an amazing album. And even single album wise, Its great)

12-02-2009, 10:09 AM
well not all tracks from "Lost Tapes" were from the original 'I Am' and a lot of the weaker songs were recorded after the original promo leaked in '99. original sampler was:

"Fetus", "Poppa Was A Player", "Project Windows", "Nas is Like", "Dr. Knockboots Do's & Dont's", "Blaze A 50", "Sometimes I Wonder", "Wanna Play Rough", "Hardest Thing To Do (is Stay Alive)", "Day Dreamin', Stay Schemin", "Drunk By Myself", "Small World", "Money's My Bitch" and "We Will Survive".

I know that "Hate Me Now" was supposed to be there from jump too, and "Undying Love" was supposed to be the end of disc 1, the first two tracks on disc 2 would be "After Life (Intro)" followed by "Amongst Kings". the tape version of 'I Am' features the "Nature Shines" interlude and the Bravehearts track "Pray", I also believe "New York Sate of Mind Part II" was from the original sessions, he probably got hooked up with both beats (Nas is Like) at the same time. Maybe even "Come Do Me" was from OG sessions. I played around quite alot with the original tracks and everything and with the tracks from those sessions it's EASY to piece together an album that's just as dope as "It Was Written". fuck Steve Stoute!

12-03-2009, 06:42 PM

05-21-2010, 04:59 PM
This album has some hidden jewels man. Favor for a Favor is one of the best beats I've ever heard.

05-21-2010, 06:23 PM
Going back and reading these reviews i did (sometimes 3 or 4 years ago) is pretty funny.

I still really like I am... for what it is.

I just skip the sippable tracks.

I think nowadays i can get over a weak track here and there more easily than i could in the past.

twiztid_wutang (http://wutang-corp.com/forum/member.php?u=60873)'s reviews makes me remember to listen to Lost Tapes again, Purple is one of my favourite Nas tracks.

Fetus is amazing also.

Nas makes those tracks which so many rappers wish they could (RZA's See The Joy is an example of what most mc's would do with the Fetus subject matter, not that it's terrible, just simplistic).

One of the few mc's whos complexity of subject matter and the narrative which is creates makes him lyrically superior, rather than just complexity of word play like most mc's (which he also possesses).

Just listen to Undying Love or Blaze A 50, i can't think of maybe any other mc's with that level of story telling skill.

Mr. R&B
05-22-2010, 05:03 AM
NaS Is Like is one of my favorite songs EVER!!!

That beat is sex.

05-22-2010, 12:11 PM
i only listen to "I Am" like this:

01. "Fetus (Belly Button Window)"
02. "Poppa Was A Player"
03. "Proejct Windows" (Ft. Ron Isley)
04. "New York State Of Mind Pt. 2"
05. "Blaze A 50"
06. "Money Is My Bitch"
07. "Day Dreamin / Stay Schemin"
08. "Small World"
09. "Find Ya Wealth"
10. "Dr. Knockboot's Do's & Don'ts"
11. "Wanna Play Rough?!"
12. "HardestThingToDoIsStayAlive"
13. "Drunk By Myself"
14. "Sometimes I Wonder" (Ft. Nature)
15. "NaS is Like"
16. "We Will Survive"
17. "Undying Love"
18. "After Life...(Outro)"
19. "Amongst Kings"