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Black Man
02-23-2007, 04:19 PM
Master Fard Muhammad came among us and He taught us "Actual Facts." That which is actual, means it exists; it’s fact or real. A fact is that which actually exists; it is reality; it is truth. Why did Master Fard Muhammad give us Actual Facts? It is because you cannot build anything until you know the actual facts.
The problem with us is that we have believed what others have told us, but the actual facts we may not be acquainted with. How could the enemy rule us if we had the same knowledge that he has?
Regardless to your degrees, the enemy has never shared with you what he has of knowledge.
That is why when you come out of college, you go to him and look for a job. It is because you are not prepared to make a job for yourself.
Master Fard Muhammad was only among us three years and four or five months. He said He came to us from the Holy City of Mecca in Arabia. Master Fard Muhammad came to Detroit to a place called "Black Bottom," where the people lived in the deep ghetto. He started teaching there, going door-to-door, like an ordinary salesman. This is what is meant in the scripture where it says, "He made himself of no reputation and became obedient even unto death."
The Bible says, "He stood and He measured the Earth." Seventy-one years ago, when Master Fard Muhammad came, He told us that the total area of the land and water of the planet Earth is 196,940,000 square miles. He said the circumference of the planet Earth is 24,896 miles, and all of us had to memorize this. The diameter of the earth is 7,926 miles; the area of land is 57,255,000 square miles; the area of water is 139,685,000 square miles. He said the Pacific Ocean covers 68,634,000 square miles and the Atlantic Ocean covers 41,321,000 square miles. The Indian Ocean, He said, covers 29,430,000 square miles, and the lakes and rivers cover 1,000,000 square miles. The hills and the mountains cover 14,000,000 square miles; the islands are 1,910,000 square miles; and the deserts are 4,861,000 square miles. Mount Everest is 29,141 feet high, and the producing land is 29,000,000 square miles. The earth weighs 6 sextillion tons—a 6 followed by 21 zeros—and is 93,000,000 miles from the sun, traveling at the rate of 1,037-1/3 miles per hour. Light travels at the rate of 186,000 miles per second; and sound travels at the rate of 1,120 feet per second. The diameter of the sun is 853,000 miles.
We were just students under a Master Teacher who asked us to study. Then, Master Fard Muhammad began to tell us about the distance of the planets and the life that is on the planets. He taught Elijah Muhammad, who was from the cotton fields of Georgia and who only went to the fourth grade of school. If you compare what Master Fard Muhammad said 71 years ago with the dimensions that the scholars have given, every year they have gotten closer and closer, until now their computations are similar with Master Fard Muhammad’s—the man who taught Elijah Muhammad and came to raise us up from a dead level and make us rulers over those who once ruled us, not by guns and sticks, but by giving us a superior knowledge.
Seventy-one years ago, before you knew anything about Mars, Master Fard Muhammad called Mars an inhabited planet. He said Mars is 141,500,000 miles from the sun, and she travels at the rate of 1,037-1/3 miles per hour. He said her diameter is 4,200 miles. Master Fard Muhammad said Mercury is also an inhabited planet and is 36,000,000 miles from the sun. Her diameter is 3,000 miles and she travels at the rate of 1,037-1/3 miles per hour. Think about that. No matter how close they are to the sun or how far they are from the sun, all of the planets travel at the same rate of speed.
Master Fard Muhammad said Jupiter is 483,000,000 miles from the sun. She takes eleven years and nine months to make one complete circle around the sun; her diameter is 88,700 miles; Saturn is 886,000,000 miles from the sun; Uranus, 1,782,000,000; Neptune, 2,793,000,000 miles from the sun; and the far planet Platoon, or Pluto, 4,600,000,000 miles from the sun.
Pluto was first discovered in the year 1930, the same year that Master Fard Muhammad found you and me. How far is Pluto from the sun? Four billion, six hundred million miles. In this figure, you have the numerals four and six.
The Book of Malachi—meaning,—"My Messenger"—which is the last book of your Bible, tells us who we should be looking for. "Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord." I will send you who? Elijah! In what chapter does his name appear? The fourth chapter, from the fourth to the sixth verses. Now, here is the meaning.
The first four represents 4,000 years from Moses. Why Moses? Because both Bible and Qur’an teach us that the man that Allah (God) would send in the last days would be a man like unto Moses. How could you have a man like Moses unless you have a people like the Children of Israel, and a wicked ruler like Pharaoh and his deceitful magicians? The second four represents our 400 years of bondage, and the six represents the end of the 6,000-year rule of Caucasian people.
The far planet Platoon, or Pluto, is 4,600,000,000 miles away from the sun, yet the light of the sun reaches her and has her spinning at the same speed of the other planets, 1,037-1/3 miles per hour. What does this mean? It means that when the Light of Allah (God) touches you, you will start turning and you will be going at the same speed of all the people of wisdom on the planet, as long as you stay in the light, acknowledge the light, submit to the light, bow down to the light and the God Who raised you and brought you to the light.
Master Fard Muhammad came and the authorities arrested Him in Detroit for teaching us the knowledge of ourselves. He submitted. He didn’t have to go to jail. That is why the Book of Habakkuk says, "He had horns coming out of his hand: and there was the hiding of his power." Malachi says, "He became obedient even unto death." Death means the White man. He represents death, and we live in the very shadow of death under his rule.
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that when the White man tricked our fathers out of Africa, the first slaves came to America on a ship named "Jesus." When our fathers got here, they would wander down to the shore looking for that ship, and they would say, you can have all of this world, just give me Jesus, that ship that would return me to my native land and people. That is where our spirituals were born. "Swing low, sweet chariot, coming to carry me home." America isn’t your home. This is a strange land and we are living among a strange people whose ways are alien to Allah (God) and the Prophets of Allah (God).
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, "Little did our fathers know that it would be 400 years before the real ship Jesus came to get us." The real ship Jesus is Allah (God) in Person; The Mahdi coming to raise a Messiah. The Messiah did not live 2,000 years ago. Jesus of 2,000 years ago was a Prophet. The Messiah is more than a Prophet. He is a man in whom is the Indwelling Spirit, Wisdom, Knowledge and Power of Allah (God), Himself. Therefore, He opens the eyes of the blind. He makes the deaf to hear and the dumb to speak. He cleanses the leper and He raises the dead to life, by Allah’s (God’s) permission.
When Master Fard Muhammad went to jail, He sent for Elijah Muhammad. When Elijah saw Him behind bars, He looked at Elijah and said, "This is the price that you are going to have to pay if you want to free your people." The price is jail. The price is persecution. The price is being evil spoken of, and sometimes the price is death itself. Unless you are willing to pay the price, do not accept the assignment. Then, He said to Elijah, "If you don’t accept the assignment, somebody else will. So why don’t you go ahead and get the big name." The Book says that Elijah said, "Here am I, send me."
I did not know Master Fard Muhammad; I only saw His picture, but I listened to Elijah Muhammad teach me something about Allah (God), the Original Man, and how the Qur’an and Bible were actually made. I want you to think. Either this is Revelation or it is some made-up madness.
But tell me how made-up madness could raise a man from the dead? Tell me how made-up madness could take a fool like me and make me honored and respected all over the world? Tell me how could made-up madness make Malcolm X? How could made-up madness make Muhammad Ali?

02-23-2007, 04:25 PM
actual facts should be known by everybody

good post aside from the mysticism

Sexy Jasper
02-23-2007, 04:34 PM
I like actual facts because they're true!

Ultimate Fist
02-23-2007, 06:43 PM
Happy Saviour's Day.

02-23-2007, 06:49 PM
this dood copies and pastes a bit too much. and that is a fact you can build on.

02-23-2007, 07:53 PM
this dood copies and pastes a bit too much. and that is a fact you can build on.


what is the source of this by the way Black Man?

02-23-2007, 07:57 PM
'left field thoughts' magazine.

Ultimate Fist
02-23-2007, 08:05 PM
It's Final Call. I read it earlier.

Ultimate Fist
02-23-2007, 08:06 PM
Seriously though Black Man, write at top of your posts where you got stuff. It'd help a lot.

02-24-2007, 12:10 AM
*doesnt read the gibberish black man posted*