View Full Version : Ya'll hatin' on P...but Ya'll Gonna come back..

02-24-2007, 10:39 PM
around again. He ain't spittin' that "hood" shit? He's comfortable, which is given, cuz he paid. Raekwon said it on immobilarity, niggas is movin' forward. But i heard a few tracks offa P's new upcoming Release, he's really picked it up. The production is tight....

Here are a few Prodigy Gems to remind ya'll...

Prodigy-Legends (Prod. Alchemist)

Prodigy-Straight Murder ft. 50 (ill track) J-Love Exclusive

I ain't wanna give ya'll the given...like Survival and Shook 1's...these are also hot...i know he switched his style after 99' but homey still got it in him. :thumbup:

02-25-2007, 12:56 AM
If hes rapping like this for Mac & HNIC2 because of his "comfortable living because hes paid", someone needs to rob P on a constant basis. He wont ever rhyme like he used too, but yeah you right, style changed for the worst since 99'. Havent heard hot shit from since at least 2000 though.