View Full Version : east coast verses west coast-EVIL MENTALITY

Tha Ill Shogun Lord
03-02-2007, 09:40 PM
my lyrics will rip out yo brains like gullitines-swollow these hollow tips like when i swollow yo brains-nigga i'll have you shittin out terrains-
i got you in range-rovers- its over-you came short-pull out the teck nine-
now its time-teleport chronic leaves-that L.G.-neva failed-
like E and J-my nine spray my mind is sicker than aids-
snorin anthrax self detonatin donateting blades to yo liver-
take yo life like a heat saeker-i dont see the top gun in you-
the sun doesnt set-there no dark side in you-
my lyrical scriptures spillin blood all over yo rituals-
pass me 5 nickels-and i'll split-have us all rip-
have us all rip slip in tha clip-dont wann a hear no lip-
its da drive by nigga-keep them eyes wide nigga-
the blessin you receiving-keep it replayin-
cuz i'm slaying your cerebal cortex-like before sex-
da full gore canibalize on this bitch-
i'm hardcore-like evil mutants-chopin heads on stage I carnage-
cant be controlled like insecticons-
watch me-roll up a phat spliff of energon-
then i'll bust yo fuckin frame like ghangis khan-
i slang keep a grip on my nuts-while i'm rippin your guts-
did i forget to mention-3 hundred and 3-
i'm marvelous-99 attacks like rando-
ya bitches should take a photo-
i'm proto-5 hundred 5 mc's will still be wearing toe logo's-
P.L.O. put yo hands up slowly-
dont make any moves-no supers-triple hell storms-
yell-N from tha pits-
the hood is 32 bit-

Sun Supreme
03-03-2007, 08:16 PM
That shit was aight. I was gettin crazy visuals in my head. It seems like you be writing from the imagination cave in your head. I like your words alot but this piece aint really hittin me in the head. I give it 6.5/10

Tha Ill Shogun Lord
03-05-2007, 05:17 PM
yeah i agree with you
when i spit it you know it comes out kinda solid
but lacks a whole lot of meaning
i mean it can be violent raw spit you know but i gotta put somethin in it
some ingrediant hah


03-06-2007, 08:56 PM
Crazy Where Is The West Coast Response,,.. Will Look Through I May Post We Should Do That.. All Parts Of Anywhere Post What U Feel

{i Thought Of It Yes.. } I Thought Of It Verse } But If It Stinks Then ,, Like Drop It