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03-04-2007, 07:05 PM
1. any claim of property is a bluff

2. in order to re-inforce these claims - you scare people into not challenging the property claim

3. the best way to scare people is to threaten them with punishment or death

4. fear of death is irrational

5. animals seek to avoid pain - but they do not fear potential death the way humans do

6. fear of death is something that was created - now it is perpetuated from generation to generation - it is imprinted on children at a very early age

7. the illusion of property claims is apparent as there is no law that can prevent a hungry man from eating wherever he finds food (it is not against the law for a hungry man to eat)

8. observing that a fear of death is irrational does not imply that people should kill themself - all it suggests is that the fear is irrational

9. death is a taboo - people are encouraged not to discuss it - this is one of the reasons why the irrational fear is perpetuated

10. if you disrespect property laws - you will be punished on this planet

11. if you disrespect property laws out of necessity - you will be punished physically but you will sleep easy

12. if you disrespect property laws out of desire - you will be punished physically and punished mentally because you are a idiot

13. property laws are on their way out - but im not sure when

14. it doesnt have to be bloody and messy - but it prolly will be (odds are 3:2 or better)

15. im not really sure about any of this, but the math seems to add up

16. if you have the chance to enjoy property - then by all means do so - just dont get sloppy or dependent (easier said than done)

thats all for now

discuss death

you will always be provided for when you move right

03-05-2007, 03:47 PM
when i was younger i was not at all scared of death i couldn't care but as i got older my life started meaning more to me a bit like a parasite i need people to make my life worth somthing i can't afford to die now

Jet Set
03-05-2007, 07:08 PM
I thought this would be about the claims on the property of one who is deceased, his propertierial [right word?] heritage. You totally took me on another tour when I actually began reading. It's almost as if this so falls into claim withe the movie Fight Club being played on cable tv behind me. Which also, in my vision of the movie, subjects the viewer to the premise of people being more controlled by their own private property.

Their private property is not so much an extension of what they are, as it is a fullfilling of desires which they accept from the world they are living in. A curious thing to thi is the creation of meta verses around us as we are talking. Sadly I'm only heavy onto the subject of Second Life here. This 3D extension of the internet has a succes which one could argue to be on the basis of, [I]'Virtual world, Real Money', a quote origing from a Busniess weekly cover from may 2006, and the other fundemtal right of IP. Everything one creates within SL belongs to you.

Which makes the basis of this virtual world coming down to representation of the Western economy. A consumption market. Moreso I think this is a reflection of the more common world view peole are handling, but interesting to say the least.