View Full Version : Hippo Saves Impala From Croc

Ghost In The 'Lac
03-07-2007, 12:08 AM
and then tries to give it mouth to mouth, betcha never even thought hippos had this sort of emotion?


, i'm convinced Dolphins are nearly as smart as humans, just because they dont talk the same way as we do and havent developed complex limbs, it doesnt matter.

New research has shown that a dolphins have a language with as many different sounds as we have letter in an alphapbet, and that they really do communicate inteliigently.

So are we surpressed information on the real intelligence of animals so big companies can keep raping thei habitat and capturing them in fish nets? So we dont feel as bad?

03-07-2007, 03:45 PM
Sounds like good ol' governmental policy to me.

I've always placed animals above people with regards to intelligence.

03-07-2007, 04:04 PM
lawls....that is the title everywhere this vid is posted. the animal died and the hippo ate its face

03-07-2007, 06:04 PM
there are a lot more to animals than people will ever know

03-08-2007, 02:22 PM
Hippos do eat meat on rare occasions

03-08-2007, 02:30 PM
Hippos are some of the most viscious animals in Africa. Dont fuck with them.

03-08-2007, 06:04 PM
Hippos do eat meat on rare occasions

cant remember where, I think congo, but there is a place in africa where the most deaths caused are by hippos (other than humans probably)

Sexy Jasper
03-09-2007, 01:36 PM


03-09-2007, 02:46 PM
wow! I thought the Hippo was gonna go for some revenge to at the end.

03-10-2007, 10:24 AM

03-11-2007, 03:09 AM
fuckin pigs, man theyll never leave us alone


maestro wooz
03-11-2007, 03:13 AM
i have something to confess everyone...

i can understand and speak with animals

Jet Set
03-11-2007, 07:35 AM
LOL at that last video.

Hippos are kown as more dangerous than crocs. BY dayt the are angry, and at night they are even more. It's more plausible to get attacked by a hippo on a lake than a croc. Oyeah don't they get up to speeeds like 50 km/h.

03-11-2007, 09:05 PM
i've read on one of those random facts list that a fully-matured dolphin has the intelligence of a 4 year old.

not too bad.

netscape check two
03-12-2007, 11:10 PM
I think an adult dolphin has more of an intelligence than a four year old. Yeah, hippos are vegetarians, but can like the taste of meat every once in a great while. But they don't kill humans so they can eat them. lol Like has been said, they are the most dangerous animal in africa, very terriortorial(sp) and aggressive. I saw a show where a hippo stole a crocodile's meal.