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03-13-2007, 07:06 AM
Damn it really pains reading about my home country Zimbabwe on the Internet showing violence against the fuckin' police and all. We need a regime change and fast with our inflation fast approaching 2000% we need international HELP.

Resently we turn Highfield & Glen View into a war zone fucking up the Cops who are the goverments LAPDOG.

Those in support visit the web site www.zvakwana.org or www.newzimbabwe.com.

This shit is crazy.

You heard

03-13-2007, 07:18 AM
zimbabwe is not going down it's fucked
if you got any family there go save them

Edgar Erebus
03-13-2007, 07:45 AM
Why did this shit start? I don't believe journals, they blame Mugabe for 100% everything there.

Frontal Lobotomy
03-13-2007, 09:08 AM
It is Mugabe. When elections come around, people who canvas for opposition campaigns are thrown in prison, and the people are effectively forced to vote for him. Not to mention when he threw out all the white farmers and gave the lands back to the people, they're used not for farming, but for pretty spotsto have a picnic. What a waste of some of, if not the most fertile lands on the planet.

03-13-2007, 04:44 PM

03-13-2007, 06:47 PM
Damn it really pains reading about my home country Zimbabwe on the Internet showing violence against the fuckin' police and all. We need a regime change and fast with our inflation fast approaching 2000% we need international HELP.

Resently we turn Highfield & Glen View into a war zone fucking up the Cops who are the goverments LAPDOG.

Those in support visit the web site www.zvakwana.org (http://www.zvakwana.org) or www.newzimbabwe.com (http://www.newzimbabwe.com).

This shit is crazy.

You heard

zimbabwe has been a shit hole for a long time. once mugabe leaves it will get better ( after the always african nation civil war that will last a decade or so. )

mugabe has caused zimbabwe to have the worlds highest inflation etc....and he even asked his porr ass broke ass ppl to help chip in on his bday party last month. mugabe out.

03-14-2007, 03:09 AM

This shit is crazy.

You heard


Were have you been. I saw you mail, i had an accident in december (left shoulder got damged bad-pins and steel plates are now on my clavicle bone). and only started work on monday last week. Haven't heard from you in a while.

How are things in down in Bulawayo (" City Of Kings")?

That highfield event was sad, and they guy who got killed - at his funeral yesterday the police went and rampaged all over them. And shot and killed another guy "sad" isn't it. And it did come out in the paper.

Did you check the commutter omnibus story, my secretary was in it with her boyfriend coming from Kwekwe, and she lost all her particulars such as
ID, Drivers License (provisional anyway) and passport. Whilst Mudede is not issuing any Passports, ID's for the next 2 years (with a backlog of over 300 000 applicants as of Dec 2006)

PS: txt, or send a msg... Peace

03-14-2007, 03:14 AM
and the people are effectively forced to vote for him.

Not all is true,

Last time, the votes and winners had already be done before the election even started. Civil workers were on overtime schedules.
Notice why the Census never came out that was done a year after elections?

Cause you have a constituancy that the ruling party won with 23 000 votes, and opposition had 9 000 votes - in a area which has a population of 7 000...

"Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe"

03-14-2007, 04:12 AM
even if magabe should leave it will take decades for that country to come right

03-14-2007, 06:05 AM
even if magabe should leave it will take decades for that country to come right

Yes, that depends...

Hey we did it in Zambia and it was almost the same scenario-although agricultural imputs were different those days for us in Zambia (during the late 1980s and early 1990s). But look at our economy its developing fast!

Hey is it true that South Africa were given the RED light on supplying some fuel to ZIM or risk having no support for the soccer WORLD CUP, from the west?


03-14-2007, 04:59 PM
i don't know i don't follow soccer but i don't see why it should be
one of the reasons why it will take zimbabwe so long to come right is the farms is fucked & i heard it will take many years to get that soil right for producing but besides for that the last time i checked the zim$ was 4 cents to our rand & a american $ is worth 7.50 of our rands the euro is worth almost 10 of our rands
you need a wheel barrow of money to buy a chicken in zimbabwe so most of the people is starving to death
we got a problem with them flocking our borders so that they can eat out of our bins not that there is much in there
our president could put a stop to magabe if he wanted to but that's not how african presidents do shit they believe we here to support them
you want to look at the most evil gangsters it's the african goverments
if you look at india they still not on their feet yet from the time england ruled there & they make their own cars, planes, tv's, nuclear weapons all by themselfs i find it hard to believe that zimbabwe can come up because they can't produce nothing it's a problem south africa is going to be faced with & it's going to cost us billions which means we are going to live even harder then we already are

03-15-2007, 03:48 PM

Morgan Tsvangirai had his right eye shut, deep cuts and several stitches, and could barely walk.
morgan is the only man in zimbabwe who can stand up to mgabe & look what he looks like

03-15-2007, 04:00 PM
Drugged soldiers brutalized Tsvangirai (http://enoughzimbabwe.org/drugged-soldiers-brutalized-tsvangirai/)

In one of the most harrowing accounts of the brutal beating endured by Tsvangirai, it has emerged that it was in fact the army that was unleashed on the opposition leadership.
A crack Commando unit based at the army’s Cranborne Barracks in Harare was responsible for the brutal torture of Morgan Tsvangirai and other opposition leaders on Sunday, according to a police officer who witnessed the assault.
The police officer, who is based at Machipisa Police Station in Highfield suburb, said Tsvangirai and the other opposition leaders were tortured for close to two hours by drugged soldiers disguised as police officers.
In an interview with ZimOnline on Tuesday, the police officer who cannot be named for security reasons, said: “I have been in the police force for three years, and I have been involved in the assault of suspects.
“But what I saw on Sunday was not assault. It was attempted murder, especially on Tsvangirai, Madhuku and Kwinjeh (Grace, the MDC deputy secretary for international affairs)”
Tsvangirai fainted three times during the murderous assault.
In a harrowing narration of what transpired behind the police walls to our correspondent in Harare, the police officer, speaking in hushed tones, said 12 Commandoes from Cranborne Barracks were responsible for the assault.
Even police officers were unnerved by the seriousness and brutality of the assault.
“They (soldiers) were dressed in police uniform and had bloodshot eyes. They told us they were police officers, but I managed to identify them as Commandoes because of the green army belts they were wearing on top of the uniforms.
“Only commandoes wear those. One of them announced that they had smoked a special grade of marijuana for the special mission. I witnessed the whole incident. Police officers from Machipisa were not involved. We were stunned at the ruthlessness.
“They were shouting and telling Tsvangirai that they could kill him on that night and nothing would happen to them,” said the officer.
The police officer said the beatings started at 11.45pm and lasted for more than two hours.

03-16-2007, 06:53 AM
unleashed on the opposition leadership.

For government politics we are not involved. But for example on the 14 of March 2007, my neighborhood....

From 19:00hrs, any civilian was heavy beaten up in any street or road that they were in. With no reason, fear or favour.

That afternoon, our local police station and camp-where police officers stay with their families, had a funeral by the Officer-In-Charge' house. And hundreds of people had gathered for the burial procession. Then someone petrol boomed the gathering severily burning a dozen women and men.

So it leaves one to think that heyt if individuals are getting cuaght up in all this.....what is to happen next.

Another neighborhood "Glen View" near mine also had the same experience, where civilians burnt police buses and this was their statement "since we are already dead, there is nothing to fear"

And this weekend it is going to happen in another neighborhood called "Tafara", then sunday in "DZ".

And those people have warned that Morroco should not come to play Zimbabwe here,rather they should play in a neural country....


03-16-2007, 07:03 AM
it's sad how one man can destroy so many & noboddy is doing nothing about it makes me sick
it's not going to get better i know it's easy for me to tell you to leave your home but you have to my friend if you can't get out legal get out ilegal but staying there is no point life is to tough it shouldn't be that way

03-19-2007, 03:31 PM
A policeman's story

A policeman, who spoke to IRIN under condition of anonymity, described the "unbearable conditions" the police now faced as a result of the political tension.

"When violence breaks out due to political disturbances, work becomes unbearable for us as police officers. Since February we have not been allowed to go off duty or on leave," he said.

"Our bosses say the police force is understaffed and no-one should even think of taking a rest. That means we are on duty 24 hours a day. The pressure is even greater for us who are attached to PISI [the intelligence unit] because we have to be out, in plain clothes, gathering information on who is saying what and whether there are plans to carry out rallies or demonstrations, and where," he complained.

"People are growing increasingly angry with the police and army, as they say we are being used by the government to beat them up, yet we will simply be carrying out orders. It is not that we like to beat up people, no. Remember, some of them are our relatives, friends and neighbours. But we have to safeguard our jobs: employment is difficult to find these days, and I have a family to look after."

He added: "Yes, the people might hate us for simply being police officers, but they should remember that we are also unhappy with the kind of life we are living today: we buy from the same shops, board the same mode of transport with them, and get very paltry salaries."

In a country with a prostrate economy and an inflation rate of over 1,700 percent, "I can't manage to send my child to a good school because my salary is small, and every month I am forced to borrow from moneylenders, who charge high interest," he said.

"Most of the time, we go out to carry out our duties on empty stomachs and, because these tasks are given at short notice, we can even go for a whole day without food because the police force cannot manage to send provisions whenever there are special assignments to be carried out."

03-19-2007, 03:35 PM
http://www.zimdaily.com/tpllib/img.php?im=cat_117/1431.jpg&w=306&h=425 (http://www.zimdaily.com/news/117/ARTICLE/1431/2007-03-19.html) Chamisa loses eye in airport attack (http://www.zimdaily.com/news/117/ARTICLE/1431/2007-03-19.html)

HARARE MDC spokesman Nelson Chamisa is feared to have lost his right eye during a brutal attack by two unidentified men at the Harare International Airport today

Grace Kwinjeh poisoned

Sat, 17 Mar 2007 22:59:00

Boniface Samu

THE Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) deputy secretary for international relations, Grace Kwinjeh is battling for her life at Baines Avenues Clinic after a suspected member of the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) yesterday stealthily entered into her ward and injected her with a poisonous substance.

03-19-2007, 03:54 PM
British MP slams SA's quiet diplomacy on Zimbabwe
March 16, 2007, 18:45

Kate Howy, a British member of parliament, has criticised President Thabo Mbeki and South Africa for not taking a stronger stance against the political situation in Zimbabwe. Howy says the reason why Mbeki and South Africa has a huge responsibility was at the G8 meeting in Gleneagles two years ago where Mbeki came as a representative of Southern Africa and signed up to good governance and democracy. But what he has done is have a policy of quiet diplomacy which clearly has not worked.”

Tutu says African silence on Zimbabwe is a 'shame'
http://www.sabcnews.com/article/images/0,1059,43440,00.gif Desmond Tutu says 'we Africans should hang our heads in shame' on events in Zimbabwe
March 16, 2007, 18:15

Desmond Tutu, the South African Nobel laureate, said today that African leaders should feel ashamed for their silence on events in Zimbabwe where the main opposition said police assaulted activists including its leader.

"We Africans should hang our heads in shame," Tutu said in a written statement. "How can what is happening in Zimbabwe elicit hardly a word of concern let alone condemnation from us leaders of Africa?" he said. The opposition Movement for Democratic Change says Morgan Tsvangirai, its head, and scores of party supporters, were arrested and beaten in police custody after attempting to stage a prayer rally in Harare in defiance of a ban by Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwean president's government.

Images of a battered and bruised Tsvangirai going to court have triggered condemnation from former colonial ruler Britain, the United States and other Western countries, but the response from Africa has been largely muted. "After the horrible things done to hapless people in Harare, has come the recent crackdown on members of the opposition what more has to happen before we who are leaders, religious and political, of our mother Africa are moved to cry out 'Enough is enough?'," Tutu said. John Kufuor, the African Union chairperson, said leaders on the continent should be embarrassed over events in Zimbabwe, and do more to resolve the crisis there.

Mugabe tells West to 'go and hang'
http://www.sabcnews.com/article/images/0,1059,43413,00.gif Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwean president
March 15, 2007, 16:45

Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwean president, today told Western countries which have criticised his government over accusations that it assaulted the main opposition leader to "go and hang". "It is the West as usual ... when they criticise the government trying to prevent violence and punish the perpetrators of that violence we take the position that they can go hang," Mugabe said after a meeting with Jikaya Kikwete, the Tanzanian leader.

Meanwhile, in South Africa the ANC Caucus in Parliament has expressed grave concern over the current situation in Zimbabwe, saying that torture, assault and acts of violence against any citizen cannot be condoned.

03-19-2007, 04:01 PM
me im mexican but i do feel like damn i hope families there are okay.. its like if this were happening here.. they would heAR .. but only the ones that could imagine are the ones that feel

03-19-2007, 04:10 PM
Operation Murambatsvina: Operation Cleanup:
How Robert Mugabe Punished 1.5 million Black people in 1 month

Here is a quick summary of the background of what you are about to see:-
In June 2005, Robert Mugabe unleashed a rampage of hell against those who voted for the Opposition in March 2003.
European Union observers stated that the March 2003 election was stolen by Mugabe.
Knowledgeable insiders have estimated that the MDC won the March 2003 election by a factor of 2:1 against Mugabe.
The Police, with earthmoving equipment smashed and burned the houses where 1.5 million Black people lived.
They also smashed businesses (e.g. Grocery stores, hair salons, etc) and even demolished a Muslim Mosque.
Black people say that Police and earthmoving equipment arrived suddenly and started smashing and burning down houses without warning while all their possessions were inside.
Two Black children were crushed to death inside their homes before their parents could save them.
Eddie Cross of the MDC estimates this country-wide campaign will ultimately result in 2 million Blacks losing their homes.
To date, the estimated number of Black people arrested number a staggering: 46,000 (and rising).
It is estimated, that in less than a month Mugabe has destroyed 25% of the economy through this action.
The United States Govt and the European Union have condemned this. The United Nations will investigate it (but will they side with Mugabe?)
Over 200 Human Rights groups have protested against this action.
The South African Govt and the African Union (replacement for the OAU) have refused to condemn or criticise any of this.
Mugabe has publicly praised the Police for what they did. Take a look at the photos below and decide if you agree with this.
The 26 photos I have assembled below are from many sources, including the BBC. Many of these photos had to be smuggled out of Zimbabwe secretly.

This satellite photo shows a shanty town in the city of Harare. It was taken on April 16, 2005. The shiny tin roofs of the dwellings can be seen.

http://www.africancrisis.org/images/Mugabe_Destruction_02.jpg MUGABE_DESTRUCTION_02.JPG (Source: the Kubatana Newsletter of 24th June 2005)

Here we see the same aread of Harare on June 04, 2005. No more sign of shiny tin roofs. Instead we see much evidence of burning & destruction
http://www.africancrisis.org/images/Mugabe_Destruction_03.jpg MUGABE_DESTRUCTION_03.JPG (Source: the Kubatana Newsletter of 24th June 2005)

Nowhere to go... This photo of two orphans left homeless was sent by a BBC News website user.
http://www.africancrisis.org/images/Mugabe_Destruction_08.jpg MUGABE_DESTRUCTION_08.JPG (Source: BBC News, 9th June.)

June 17th: Vendors try to save their belongings which were set on fire by the Police in Harare.
http://www.africancrisis.org/images/Mugabe_Destruction_09.jpg MUGABE_DESTRUCTION_09.JPG (Source: www.zimbabwesituation.com\tragedypics.html)

A Riot Policeman stands nearby as earth moving equipment smashes homes.
Note: The AK47 under the Policeman's arm.
http://www.africancrisis.org/images/Mugabe_Destruction_10.jpg MUGABE_DESTRUCTION_10.JPG (Source: BBC News, 9th June.)

June 15th: Ruwa: (That's where I grew up! Jan) Tendai Ndoro & his brother Kuda sit outside their hut which was destroyed by Police.
http://www.africancrisis.org/images/Mugabe_Destruction_11.jpg MUGABE_DESTRUCTION_11.JPG (Source: www.zimbabwesituation.com\tragedypics.html (http://www.zimbabwesituation.com\tragedypics.html))

These are the remains of a Muslim Mosque built in Harare's Hatcliffe township.
http://www.africancrisis.org/images/Mugabe_Destruction_13.jpg MUGABE_DESTRUCTION_13.JPG (Source: www.zimbabwesituation.com)

The opposition say the move is punishment for areas which support them, but among the treasured possessions saved from this house is a portrait of President Robert Mugabe
http://www.africancrisis.org/images/Mugabe_Destruction_14.jpg MUGABE_DESTRUCTION_14.JPG (Source: BBC News, 9th June.)

Even established businesses did not escape Mugabe's rampage and destruction. This business has been set on fire.
http://www.africancrisis.org/images/Mugabe_Destruction_15.jpg MUGABE_DESTRUCTION_15.JPG (Source: WWW.ZwNews.Com)

Riot Police act against people protesting against Mugabe's actions.
http://www.africancrisis.org/images/Mugabe_Destruction_16.jpg MUGABE_DESTRUCTION_16.JPG (Sent to us by: TheBeardedMan Blogspot)

People flee with whatever they can save.
http://www.africancrisis.org/images/Mugabe_Destruction_20.jpg MUGABE_DESTRUCTION_20.JPG (Source: WWW.ZwNews.Com)

June 10th: A truck carries the belongings of people who had their houses demolished in Harare. Most of those who lost their homes are relocating to the rural areas. Police have fought running battles with supporters of a general strike which was called to protest the Government campaign.
http://www.africancrisis.org/images/Mugabe_Destruction_21.jpg MUGABE_DESTRUCTION_21.JPG (Source: www.zimbabwesituation.com\tragedypics.html)

The results: Everything in ruins... The US Govt and the European Union complained about this, but the African Union and the Govt of S.Africa refuse to condemn Mugabe or to express any type of outrage.
http://www.africancrisis.org/images/Mugabe_Destruction_22.jpg MUGABE_DESTRUCTION_22.JPG (Sent to us by: TheBeardedMan Blogspot)

A child among the ruins.
http://www.africancrisis.org/images/Mugabe_Destruction_23.jpg MUGABE_DESTRUCTION_23.JPG (Sent to us by: TheBeardedMan Blogspot)

June 14th: A boy collects wood from the rubble of a destroyed house on the outskirts of Harare. Zimbabwe's main opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change attacked the crackdown as an attempt by President Mugabe to "wipe out the poor". It is generally accepted among Zimbabweans that this is payback by Mugabe for the Blacks who voted against him in March 2005.
http://www.africancrisis.org/images/Mugabe_Destruction_24.jpg MUGABE_DESTRUCTION_24.JPG (Source: www.zimbabwesituation.com\tragedypics.html)
Another homeless child among the ruins.
http://www.africancrisis.org/images/Mugabe_Destruction_25.jpg MUGABE_DESTRUCTION_25.JPG (Sent to us by: TheBeardedMan Blogspot)

June 15th: These women and children are seen outside Harare with what little belongings they could salvage.
http://www.africancrisis.org/images/Mugabe_Destruction_26.jpg MUGABE_DESTRUCTION_26.JPG (Source: www.zimbabwesituation.com\tragedypics.html)

03-19-2007, 04:25 PM

http://www.africancrisis.org/images/hb32.jpg HB32.JPG

http://www.africancrisis.org/images/hb37.jpg HB37.JPG

http://www.africancrisis.org/images/hb38.jpg HB38

http://www.africancrisis.org/images/hb39.jpg HB39.JPG

http://www.africancrisis.org/images/hb43.jpg HB43.JPG

http://www.africancrisis.org/images/hb44.jpg HB44.JPG

http://www.africancrisis.org/images/HB83.jpg HB83.JPG

http://www.africancrisis.org/images/hb65.jpg HB65.JPG

http://www.africancrisis.org/images/hb67.jpg HB67.JPG

http://www.africancrisis.org/images/hb69.jpg HB69.JPG

http://www.africancrisis.org/images/DuncanCook.jpg DUNCANCOOK

http://www.africancrisis.org/images/hb72.jpg HB72.

03-19-2007, 04:50 PM
"Blackjack" the dog was beaten unconscious by war vets - his injuries were a fractured skull - fractured Tibia perforated ear and eye - A 12 inch axe cut behind his ear - he has made a good recovery, but will be blind for the rest of his life.

These horses on the Gourlays Ranch had their legs horribly hacked with a panga. They had to be put down afterwards (May 2002)

http://www.africancrisis.org/images/ZC0016.jpg ZC0016

Here we see two photos of baby Rhinos which were poached and skinned at the Bubiana Conservancy… Isn't this dreadful? These creatures are almost extinct…
http://www.africancrisis.org/images/ZC0019.jpg ZC0019.JPG http://www.africancrisis.org/images/ZC0020.jpg

Here we see an example of the terrible waste. This Zebra's limbs have been hacked off and the rest of the meat has been left to rot

This terrible photo shows the pregnant giraffe which was cut open by War Vets. The War Vets removed the still live foetus. The arrow points to the head of the foetus.
http://www.africancrisis.org/images/ZC0027.jpg ZC0027.JPG The baby giraffe can be seen lying among the remains of its mother.

http://www.africancrisis.org/images/ZC0033.jpg ZC0033

This is a government document ordering animals to be shot on various farms for the ZANU(PF) (Mugabe's ruling party) youth.
http://www.africancrisis.org/images/ZC0034.jpg ZC0034.JPG http://www.africancrisis.org/images/ZC0035.jpg

They're eating Warthog… Didn't Mugabe say that the blacks would all be growing maize?… This sure is a far cry from his lies…

Note the hand axes the writer refers to are the same ones I wrote about which were being used on the cattle.

A leopard caught in a neck snare…
http://www.africancrisis.org/images/ZC0050.jpg ZC0050.JPG A dead Cheetah. Cheetahs are now EXTINCT in Zimbabwe… So are Wild Dogs… Oh, I forgot, this is what Mugabe called "Land Reform"…
http://www.africancrisis.org/images/ZC0057.jpg ZC0057.JPG Isn't the photo below a refreshing sight to see? That is a lady at a Wildlife sanctuary here in South Africa. Just a few hundred miles to the north lies the destruction which you have witnessed on these pages. Will it come here also? Many of the photos you saw on the previous pages were from similar Wildlife sanctuaries and conservancies which were in Zimbabwe and which don't exist any more…
http://www.africancrisis.org/images/ZC0054.jpg ZC0054.JPG The headline in a South African environmental newspaper, telling of the destruction in Zimbabwe
http://www.africancrisis.org/images/ZC0046.jpg ZC0046.JPG This photo comes from the above newspaper. Read the story below of how this poor buck was disembowled by the War Vets…

(Note: This story below is reproduced from Biosphere, a South African newspaper)

Poaching Horror</B>
The full scale slaughter of game at farms and reserves is so severe that endangered species such as the Wild Dog and Cheetah have now become extinct in Zimbabwe. The national parks which used to be the pride of the country are being destroyed while pleas of help go unheeded worldwide. An investigating team reported that tons of ivory is being exported to Asia and lion to Nigeria. A ZCTF spokesperson said "it is an organised business and government officials and the police are involved." We present here a personal account of this tragedy. The authors name has been withheld to protect his/her identity.

To highlight the loss of wildlife in Zimbabwe, as things are at this time, through rampant poaching, illegal hunting and downright slaughter on a daily basis, I thought it proper to write down for the reader, who would take the time to read this article, some of my experiences on the ground. Since the land invasions started on the 10 March 2000, where wild animals were done awav with in the most horrendous and barbaric ways, all of these incidences in the course of my duty, which was to protect and care for the wild animals on our property.

Like all living things, none of us want to die, and every living species on this earth has its reasons for staying alive. God gave us humans dominion over all living things, and at the same time, because of our superiority, we were given the charge to be sensible and wise, and utilise our responsibilities properly toward them.

03-19-2007, 05:14 PM
Samson Munkuli, 48, a member of the Tonga people in Binga district, who says he has been surviving on a diet of salt and millet for months. Just so you do not forget that statistics have faces.

Here is a photo of President Mbeki & Robert Mugabe walking hand-in-hand

http://www.africancrisis.org/images/thabo_robert.gif THABO

03-19-2007, 05:22 PM
i showed you south africa & now we showed you zimbabwe what is the point of this? anger & fustration of not being able to do nothing about it