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Jet Set
03-14-2007, 03:08 AM
So far with blogs we are at the second revolution of the internet as we know it. If you don't fully understand it you could go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_2.0 to get some image of Web 2.0. Basics are that the users create content and participate. Eg. blogging, myspace, youtube, Digg.com, Flickr.

If was just wondering in the sense what would Web 3 or 3D be like. Now the first notion I'm taking here is that Web 3 is 3D. It may not be in the end, But I'll just run on the 3D web right now, what could well be Web 4.0.

So far I'm a little bit in the regulatory Second Life. This world is pretty much a virtual representation of the physical world. This I don't think is the future. What made the internet so great is hyperlinking, windows (in another sense than the program you are familiar with).

SL uses Teleports to get you fast from one point to the other, but you could also walk or fly. (For a more detailed view of the world, you coudl ask, or signup for free and check out how it works.) I got another vision.

What if you have a piece of land in that world. For this example I take the VDB hang out. This piece of land is situated on a main grid in SL. So it has borders to other pieces of land I don't know. Sort of like neighbours in the real world. But wouldn't it be nicer to choose your neighbours via hyperlinking and a sort of windows.

I haven't fully comprehended the idea. There are a few holes to fill like, landscape view and such. I was just wondering if this is a more fully approach to the virtual world instead of just copying the real world and TPing around it. Imagine 3D links you could see through with open doors or windows. Sort of like Stargate gates. Real windows to another world.

Just a thought.

Oyeah, this kinda transcends the KTL - DU barrier, Hahaha. I would like to see the view from both sides actually.

03-14-2007, 03:52 AM
So what you're saying is it'd be like a Myspace Islands kinda thing. Where instead of a buddy list you have a bridges linking to their respective spots. It's an idea, but really between Second Life and PS3's Home they're pretty much already moving in that direction. The only issue with a lot of that is regulating costs. People kinda get peturbed when they have to pay to access an online application on top of paying for internet service.