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03-14-2007, 08:01 PM
Mattlocka was artist
Next I am hunting for these rappers ,Sick flows,
They hold together Sputters
You sat with monks
They have a sword weapon to hurt
Medical is Emergence
Although you are hoping for victory
We stated recognition gory
The MC sees in the Ultra violent
He is the pusher to a COM link reporter
Junction are recycle
As it is holographic image possible
They place drug smuggler
You eat fable midsection
He target preparation
High lord box cuter tension
The ones that Aztec with
Bombardment were covered
Although I am calculating for the data
They have to catch this blasted plasma
You bite hungrily substances
Mine shopping team go for the distance
Planetary was prolific
As I am hooding guts ya sack political
He fight uncontrolled orbital
You grimace lyrical
They were laying down itís critical
Self-destruct are explosion
Next I am coming from rebellion
You are putting damage in the transmission
Sucka free from chromes
He is feeling bottom nation
They push the tax information
Cylinder are plastic
As I am interbrain show eagerness
They donít really want the illness
He is fish Velcro beater
I give you finger it would be behind the trigger
They do anal play it loud copying down gild
Beast are Wild
He is connected business hostilities
Although I am posting fools partialities
They are shell shock
My rap underground news flash clock
You diss put on a hundred flock
Nemesis is enemy
Get the position are demy
It is the God move in God speed
They were flexible muscle indeed
Kay Slay are mixtape
They are bend over back like ape
I am entering the elements
We connect for the comment
You are on knees stable tare mics out the fame
This is Mattlocka nigga fuck what heard about the name
Thrown are champion
You are fronting on yap nominative fiction
I am fighting confederacy off an condition
Who hold down the ripper position
I drink heavy red bull improve lyrically leverage
Just stand there live and body average
Hardcore was airplay
Next I am gathering formula for x-ray
They updated small data bang nightly
You operate the touch of death hardly
They have a bags of El Monterey
Helicopter is stable
Although you are empty brain fragment left on the table
They are make second hand weed smoke out the lable

Sun Supreme
03-16-2007, 01:29 PM
it was alright. 6.5/10. I like your vocab, slang, references etc but that rhyme just did'nt draw me in. That shit would be great on some spoken word poetry shit.

03-16-2007, 01:39 PM
yeah same here dope written n vocab was there too much props 4 dis drop