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03-16-2007, 01:31 AM
You know, Peepin out Taruo's thread abotu classic 2D fighting games got me thinking... Instead of remenicing about them, why not just play them? So I went and downloaded some of those classics and got down with some emulators but I realise that not everyone here has even the slightest idea on how to use them. So I figured I'd give ya a jumpstart. For those of you who already know the deal. Feel free to throw any tip and tricks you've learned along the way in too. But before we get into it...

DISCLAIMER: Bloo is not responsible for anything that might happen to your computer as a result of your fuck ups due to refusal to follow instructions!

Now with that said... Let's get to the gaming :)

The cornerstone of any emulation project is to have an emulator. I mean really, how you gonna emulate without an emulator? There are many out there, some have been hailed by the emu community as the best, but really you need to pick one that best suits what you're computer hardware can handle. With all the different settings out there I couldn't possibly give you all the tweaks to juice performance over image quality. But if you can run a game like WOW on your system then you should be more than able to get very good image quality while maintaining a solid framerate.

Emulation64 (http://emulation64.com/files/) is the site I usually frequent to download emulators. They keep a decent database up with older as well as newer verions of the emulators that are popular as well as those that aren't. I linked to the download page but they also have a news and forum section there too. The forum is probably the best place to look if you're having issues trying to get a certain emulator to work with a certain ROM.

ROM Images
Roms are the little files that make all this possible and criminal. Without Roms there are no emulators and vice versa. And for those of you out there who believe that owning the original game makes any copy you download off the net legal, you're wrong! Any rom image that is not obtained though legal purchace (Xbox Live Arcade, Wii Virtual Console, Playstation Store) is illegal. But good luck to the federal government in stopping us :)

There are hundreds of Rom site out there but my personal favorite is Rom Hustler (http://romhustler.net/). They have one of the biggest archives of roms and they all work :) Plus, while most sites just host the U.S. versions of roms, they zip all version roms into one file so that every country's respective version is available as to capture that nostalgia (Probotector instead of Contra... Robots instead of humans... funny europeans :lmao:) The possibilites are endless and free so as long as you invest time you'll be tripping down memory lane in no time.

I'll give a quick look into how to get started. Again, this is for noobies.

Let's say you started getting a jones to play some Contra III or Super Probotector for you Europeans (robots instead of humans :lmao:) so you go to download the rom. You can choose to leave it zipped or unzip the specific rom image for your country. I usually unzip it just to keep the emulator from getting confused. You'll also need an emulator. My emulator of choice for SNES games is ZSNES (http://www.emulation64.com/files/info/143/). It's been the best IMO over the years even back in the day when DOS emulators were faster and more stable than Windows emulators. But even it's current Windows version is very good and stable. The DOS version is still available but then you won't be able to use all the cool DirectX features that the Windows version supports. Besides, who still uses DOS anyway?

Well after you download and install your emulator. You wanna put your Roms is a spot where you can access them easily. People usually just throw the Roms into the same folder as the emulators. For this tutorial we'll do the same.


As you can see, when you open the zipped Rom file the different version of the same game are included. The letters in the parentheses indicate which region it's from. Just unzip it to the same directory you have the emulator installed in and then start the emulator.


If you're using ZSNES (as you should be!) then the first thing to do is go into the settings and configure your video. Afterall, you can't get that good ol SNES feeling playing in a window. Set the resolution to as high as your montior and video card will allow. The different letters on the side of each resolution determine different things as stated by the legend on the side.

Second thing to do is to configure controls.


ZSNES uses DirectInput so any keyboards or controllers you have connected to your PC will be recognized. For those of you without controllers, it is still very possible to play with a keyboard, awkward but possible, I did it for years. Or you can do like finally I did and go out and buy a cheap USB PC controller, or even better, if you have an Xbox 360, just plug it in and use that like I do (gotta install the drivers for it first though).

After that you're all set to get down!


To load a game just go to the Game button and click load on the drop down menu. It'll bring you to this screen. ZSNES defaults into it's own directory so if that's where you put your roms then they'll show up on the left hand side. Just double click and it'll boot up.

Funny Europeans :lmao:

There are more things you can do to pimp your classic gaming even more. Like filtering the graphics. If you have a decent graphics card you can do it with no loss in framerate. To get there just go back to the video section under options and click on the Filters tab.


The different options here determine how smooth you can get your graphics to look. Just play around with them to find which ones look the best but also give you the best framerate.

Well that's it for now. Hope that gave you all some insight as to how do go about this shit. Next time I'll dig into the wonderful art of Arcade emulation. Cause you don't wanna play the SNES version of Samurai Showdown when the arcade version is just a click away :Y

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thanx alot for the tread bloo actually i can't thank you enough for giving me this

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i'm busy playing dragon view on the snes it's a huge adventure game & really worth checking out