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03-17-2007, 03:08 AM
Does Xavior Mind?

obviously yes, he doesnt

Xavior is the fucking professor... The FUCKING PROFESSOR!

I Profess, I'll never regress
Yall get played like recess
while I peace like some recess
come check the thesis, my hypothisis concluding
were robin the world and im head looting
while inseach of the christ conscience, guaifenesin can make you nauseas
so be cautious when traveling on a two way road
I been told souls be drivin opposite on the right street light speed, nitely.
Check the methodolgy, confused by my pyschology?
Read the underlying message, a no zina
Female christ? thats christina.
Im a lucid dreamer de ja vu before the day
3am alarm clock, awaking morining rays.

The sun's an improved player, more cacey then spacey

Searching for the conscienceness, abolishing non sense

NO sense.. no cents = No Change

rearange mind frame, (re-a range My frame)

THe games lame, i dont play nomore. Most are steady whores, Glorified scores, brain? size pores. Want more?

Floating on heavens cloud, black guy three eyes...
two black( its true black or should i say brown, Ill tell you the rest when i come back in town (anozira))

Jails not pretty but not ugly too. Got to change yourself before you change you.

Who understands? CAN I GET SOME HANDS!? HAD eNOugH eVnY, eH KIN?

Simply the mind matters but time never can be.

Linear or non, Space moves clevery.
Universal, Cosmic, Atomic, Bionic


WE Search EXTERNAL for the INTERNAL when all R 1
. replace tech know (ledge) O.G with theology. science/ biology. spirituality is reality. when all are one
Positive mantra's, stanza's and poloroid cameras. (no pictures dont steal souls, they capture momments creating a butterfly effect for time travel.. really? you want to battle? ""REmember,YOU GOT TO THINKING!" I SAID")

Bring back the LP, EP's and MPC. They're stealthy, MP3 are shrinking the music, but also the image... (so its healthy?) ITS not VIVID. ITS LIVID!

dID you know nerves are stimulated by sound. not electricity (elect tri city? LA NY CHI)

You want psychic power? you got em! Its called MYSPACE. "Get into someone head"
You want the tower of babbel? you got it! Its called the Internet.
You know why? Cause I CARE (PERIOD)

03-17-2007, 03:32 PM
stream of consciousness is fun

but some people hate reading it

its usually more fun for the writer than it is for the reader

sort of like gizzing on a womans face

not many women enjoy it

Dirty Knowledge
03-18-2007, 02:01 PM
This cat needs rehabiliatation so he can order those thoughts correctly and do something with them.