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03-18-2007, 12:06 PM
this is the official intro to my new album called "The Shogun's Return"

Who Prays "Dear God" When Their Life Is In Danger?//
An MC Damaged By Liquid Spikes From My anger//
Anthropomorphic Ideologies Cover My Attitude//
A Rabid Untamed Animal When I Smother Savage Crews//
Who Wanna Get Hype And Taste Thier Blood In Battle Moods?//
I'm Too Advanced For The Simple, I Shove My Data Through//
Noone Is Safe, Noone Can Contend//
When We Turn Fierce Like Shogun At His End//
The 9th Letter Is Born, You Could Never Defeat I//
I'll Spit 3 Sonnets And You Still Couldn't Eat My Pie//
Put My Trajectory Aim On A Position Of The Earth And Blast The Area//
Right Where The Sell Was Standing When He Rapped Inferior//
A Hole In The Ozone Causeing The World's Last Hysteria//
Spit At Phenom, But Were One Atomic Mass, Just II Superior//
Half Of Your Darts Came From The Mind And Stuff/
Like Definitions And What Rhymes With What//
I'm Immortally Invincible, Too Divine To Touch//
Your Basic Punch Lines Do Nothing To My Shining Clutch//
I'm Impervious To Defeat, My Mind Could Never Be Penetrated//
Steel Swords, Nothing Of The Sort, Forever Be Generated//
By The Sun's Cosmic Rays, Getting Stronger With Each Glare//
I'm Your Savior, Iron Mystic, Conjure A Speech Flare//
Spit From The Orifice, Fluid Equipped With Lava Spit//
With Unatural Speed Fast And Quick Like Rocket Ships//
I've Been Writing Laws Of Poetry Since November 93//
Cold In The Heart, And You'll Never Get The Winter Out Of Me//
You Just Started Writing, Tryin To Swallow My Testosterones//
Even Wanted Me On "Viral Vibes" To Bless Lots Of Poems//
But Thats Like Me Holding Your Flesh Hostage, Cloned//
Murder You On your Own Album, Your Death's Logic Shown//
You've Wanted My Approval For Everything You Written//
Your Nothing To Me, I Bury Kings Forever Spittin//
My Sense Of Attack Will Put Multiple Dents In Your Back//
You Want To Hang, I'm Lyrically Lynching The Wack//
Go Ahead, Spit Your Punchlines, The Truth Has Been Told//
The Shogun Has Returned To Put A Boot In Your Flow//

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03-19-2007, 12:50 PM
uppin for feed people...

03-19-2007, 12:57 PM
Like the flow/vocabulary. Like this style of rapping, not gangsta yet has the street feel to it, wu-esque.

03-20-2007, 09:14 AM
thanks fam, uppin for more feed...