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03-21-2007, 10:18 PM
Fucken Yea.. Trippin Out.. Made This Beat Just Right Now.. Oh I Forgot I Cant Type Sound.. Slept.. Am From L.a. . Not Your Everyday Town.. Shit.. We Dont Fuck Around.. No That Big. But Still Down.. Light The Joint And We Venture.. To A Certain Point.. Filled With Nothing But Illusional.. Voids.. >>as This Girl Approaches.. She Dropped Her Purses.. Then In An Instant .. She Was Caught.. What Luck.. She Had The Gat Tucked.. So I Assume She Wanted To Fuck.. After .. A . .. Laughing Matter. No Disaster.. Simply To My Persona.. Points. Plus.. In That .. Genre.. We Smoked .. Till Dawn.. Up.. Left As If Mere .. Ecstasy... Crept In Me.. I Mean.. Where Did My Phone. Go.. . This Bitch Is Crazy.. I Dont Want Her To Follow. Me.. Know Where I Live.. Visit My Crib.. Have A Kid No.. Too Young And Love Hoes.. Ladies.. I Meant That In A Good Way Though.. . Just Chillin.. Smoking And Living.. Preparing The Distortion.. To Make It Vintage.. Hi -hats. Running The Sentence.. Currently Crashes.. With A Tweeking Sound Demented.. As If It Were On A Mission.. Flowing Water Through Another District. Crossing The Bridge.. Algae.. Yeah.. Its Sickening.. To Us.. Not To Fish And.. What The Fuck . .am I Saying.. Call Me.. Donor.. I Love To Give.. Better Yet.. Have You With.. Articulate.. Memorandums.. Accept.. To Be . In Any Which.. Way.. Inept.. Lets.. Comprehend.. And Get Into Your Head.. Similar Styles.. Have You On Deck.. Cards.. Dont Have Wheels.. Mean Cars.. Came Back.. From A Place.. So Far.. Took Me. By Surprise.. Basketball. .. Is My Life.. Assists.: About Twelve A Night.. Influence.. Think .. Showtime.. Been A Fan.. Since '89.. Since Back Then.. They Used To Call Him.. Mike.. Jordan.. . U Know The One With The Jumpman... You All Are Just Bugging.. Bet You Thought Barefoot.. And Started Running.. Wait.. Made A Mistake.. Too Bad.. Cant Erase.. Was Going To Put Jones.. Who? .. Dont Remember Forgets.. His Face... He Has A Number On Shirt.. Friends.. Call.. Oh.. Fool.. With Paul.. Wall.. Screwing Every Thing Up.. Probably.. Chopping An Old.. Ball.. Change The Subject.. The Girls.. They Love It.. Hope To Say In Public.. So 5-0 Cummin.. Cat Be Ducking.. Since When Do You Rub.. It.. Good. . Work.. Had Her Blushing. This One.. Similar To A Tourney... Smelled Like Butter. Wasn't Churning.. She So Purdy.. Lost.. On A Deserted Island.. Coconuts.. Come From The Top.. Like Bullets On The Block.. Quick .. The Bush Right There. Stash The Glock.. Was Burned.. Needed A Spot.. To Write Not To Smoke. You Guys Are All Wrong.. What.. U Guys .. Bust.. Go Inside The Chamber.. Like .. My Favorite.. Fuck... ! Dont Got No Papers.. On The Swarm.. .dont Want To Go To Jail.. Barely Have Fun Signing .. Waivers.. Love Sweet Bread.. Thank The Baker.. Mexican.. To Be Exact.. With Glass. Of Milk.. You Be Intact.. Also In The Waist. You Feel Stacked... Do Not .. Mean Fat.. How You Say That.. The Words.. And Assume. . Rap.. This Just An Artform.. I Point.. And Form.. You Know.. Till Much Ink.. On Paper.. Punch A Hole. Or Till Artist Hit The Drawing.. Board.. {blows Candle} Not Bored.. Simply In The Dark.. To See How I Start.. Dont See Nothing My Mind Has Shut.. Down.. Wait A Minute.. There Is A Sound.. And Its Coming With A Force.. Loud.. Hang On.. Its The Ground.. Wow.. The Oscilloscope.. Lurking Bound.. Examples... Shout.. Irony Blends... Melodies.. Ahead.. Concluding The Rest. At 4:20.. Going To Smoke.. Sess' Think About It In Chest.. Quite A Test.. Meaning Have Eyes On Check.. They Do Not Turn Red.. Curiousity.. In Set.. Have Chosen On Own.. To Settle.. For Best. An Event.. Represent.. Not A Victim.. But A Suspect.. Will See That You Get Rest.. Not Too Late To Go To Bed.. . .. Jump.. . In..

{ This From.. 7/18/05// A Freestyle.. }

Sun Supreme
03-22-2007, 04:42 PM
Damn Kid!!!!!!!! That was prolly the best i have ever read from u. I liked that shit in a strange way, like i wasn't supposed to but i did anyway. 8/10

04-09-2007, 06:30 PM
Yeah this one is great 10/10 I just can't flow like you